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Chapter Nine

Obi-Wan was escorted out of the room by two men in robes and taken back to Di-Mane, who was told of Obi-Wan's success. He was proud of the fact that the boy he'd discovered had passed the Council's tests. It was now his duty to see that Obi-Wan was registered with the record keepers and assigned a room. Obi-Wan's entire family history would be obtained and kept on record for future reference and for Obi-Wan to explore once he became older. Though it sounded cruel, one of the more unpleasant jobs of the Jedi Masters was to help to seperate the children from their families and control the memories they had of them. The Jedi would become their family. Obi-Wan had not yet asked for his family. That was a good sign. The first thing Di-Mane saw to was the official change of Obi-Wan's name. Unless there was a special circumstance, apprentices were allowed to keep their first names, as those are probably the ones they are most comfortable with. Last names are changed immediately, for security and privacy. He took him to to the advisors and after some discussions and consideration, came up with a suitable last name: Kenobi.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back on Cress, Obidan and Owen had just arrived from their journey. They all grieved over the ''loss'' of Obi-Wan. They had received word that he had passed the test and was fitting in well. His new last name was now "Kenobi". His parents rejoiced over the fact that the meaningful first name they'd chosen remained. Owen was having trouble understanding the situation. He had never heard of these Jedi and didn't understand why Obi-Wan must become one of them. They received word about 4 days after Obi-Wan's departure that they were to come and visit him at the Temple. A Republic transport would be sent for them. They needed only to pack their things for 2 days. They would leave tomorrow. The purpose of a short visit is not to confuse child and his place in the society and the family structure. He is Jedi - in- training now.

Snowan could think of nothing but the visit. She would see her darling child again. She happily packed her things.

"Mother" Owen said as he entered the room.

"What is it, Owen" she said, seeing the clouds in his eyes.

"What'll we see when we get there. Will I be frightened?"

She drew her son near her and held him.

"Oh, no no son. There is nothing to be afraid of. They are taking very good care of your brother." she told him gently.

"Then why are you so sad?" he asked.

"I just missed him. " she sighed, "That's all."

She then gave him a reassuring smile and sent him along to pack. She thought about it for a moment. They were taking good care of her son...weren't they?

Chapter Ten

The Lars' transport arrived on Coruscant shortly after dawn. Cress knew much of this city, but she'd never actually seen it. It amazed her. She looked back to find Owen and Obidan, and she found them peering over the edge of the rain, Obidan pointing to different ships and building and identifying them to Owen. She knew Owen would love this. The pilot of their ship introduced them to the Jedi escort sent to accompany them to the temple. He was a small, hooded man, and that is all she ever knew about him. A shuttle got them to the grand and gleaming Jedi Temple within ten minutes. In the front courtyard, Master Yoda and Master Windu themselves came to greet them. Snowan was flustered: she'd never seen anything quite like Yoda before. Still, the wisdom he radiated and his calm presence put her completely at ease. "Welcome good people." Master Windu said as he approached them.

"No, we welcome your generosity in giving us this transport.]." Obidan said.

"The pleasure is ours. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mace Windu, Jedi Master, and this is Yoda, Jedi Master. We are senior Council Members and here to make sure you are cared for."

"Thank you very much" Obidan said. "I am Obidan Lars of Cress, and this is my wife, Snowan, and our son, Owen. "

"Only a good family such as this their son to be a Jedi gives." Yoda complimented.

Snowan blushed to the core.

The family followed the two Jedi up the big marble steps and into the Temple. They were taken to the second level.

"Here" Master Windu said "is where you'll be staying. Our guest quarters.

They began to put their bags away.

"Please,"Master Windu said "Make yourselves comfortable here. You may settle in while we ready Obi-Wan for this visit."

Snowan was stung by these words. Though these Jedi seemed kind, she couldn't bear the thought of anyone preparing a son to visit his own mother. She tried to push these thoughts out of her mind. She wouldn't be selfish. Not now.

"Father!" Owen exclaimed. "Look at this place!" He pressed his nose to the glass of their window and watched the ships fly by. "Did you see that!" he exclaimed as the biggest transport he'd ever seen lumbered by.

"No,Owen. Never" he laughed.

"Can I go down to the courtyard and look around?"

"No, Owen, not alone." Snowan said.

"Why not. I can take care of myself. I'm 7 years old." he said, puffing out his chest.

"Just wait a little while and I'll take you myself." said Obidan.

This seemed to satisfy Owen and he went back to pressing his face to the window.

About a half hour later, another escort appeared and led them to a large, high-ceilinged waiting area with two large couches, several high metal chairs, and a low table in the center. The three of them sat there for several minutes alone. Snowan heard a noise to the right. She saw three figures walking towards her. She recognized Mace Windu and the diminutive Yoda. And walking between them was Obi-Wan. She jumped up and rushed to him. Obidan and Owen were on their feet also.

"Mother!" Obi-Wan squealed as she picked him up. She immediately noticed that her son had undergone some phiscal changed since she sent him away. He no longer wore the blue jumper she'd made for him, but a simple, loose, tan tunic. Part of his wispy brown hair had been pulled back into a small ponytail. He looked different.

She and Obidan cradled him together and then sat him down to greet Owen, whom he chattered to excitedly. The two Jedi they now knew nodded graciously and excused themselves. Snowan bounced Obi-Wan on her knee. He seemed as happy as ever. This partly made her sad. She'd almost wished to find her little Obi-Wan sick with want for her. She saw now that his happiness anywhere was all that mattered. She looked up to see another familiar figure enter the room. He bowed and turned to her husband.

"Hello. I am Di-Mane Farr. I have already met your wife. I am the one who discovered your son's great talent." he said.

"That you have." Obidan said politely. "I am Obidan Lars."

"I must tell you." Di-Mane started. "Your son is a great gift to us. "

"I am glad to hear that." Obidan said greatfully.

"He is intelligent, willing, and brave. The Force is strong in him."

Obidan nodded, though he didn't fully understand.

"A meal is about to be served." Di-Mane said. "I would love for you to join Obi-Wan and myself."

They followed Di-Mane into a large dining hall filled with boys about Obi-Wans age. Several Masters were scattered among them. They passed the room and sat down in a smaller kitchen area. "I thought you could have more pricacy here." Di-Mane explained.

The cooks came in and served them their meal. They ate in silence. Obi-Wan seemed to have his appetite. Snowan could find nothing amiss with her son.

After they finished, Di-Mane took them to see Obi-Wan's room. Snowan must admit that she was impressed. He had a double bed all to himself, nightstand, and a large wooden chest a huge wardrobe for his clothes. Two long widows ran the lenghth of the other wall, allowing Obi-Wan to see the back courtyard and greehouse. She could feel the thick blue carpet beneath her feet. Everything in his room was a rich dark blue, from the window covers to the bed spread. A table in the corner was covered in blocks. Obi-Wan had obviously been having fun here. Di-Mane excused himself with a promise to return and left the room. Obi-Wan showed them different things in his new room. One drawer was filled with picture books. Another with a stack of fresh tan tunics he'd been given. He even called it "my room." He truly was at home here.

Chapter Eleven

Snowan stood on the Coruscant docking bay once again. Obidan and Owen were at her side. Just as quickly as their visit to the Temple had begun, it had ended. Now here she stood, saying goodbye to Obi-Wan again. This time for good. Mace Windu and Yoda were with them again. All of their bags had been loaded onto the transport for the voyage back to Cress. She and Obidan knelt by Obi-Wan and gave him their final hugs and told them how much they loved him.

He seemed to understand.

"I love you, my little boy. Always remember that. Do everything the Masters tell you." she whispered.

"I will mother." he whispered back.

"You behave Obi-Wan. Oh, I love you." Obidan said, embracing Obi-Wan again.

"I love you" Obi-Wan cooed to them.

Owen came up to say goodbye. Trying to be older like he always did, he struggled to pick Obi-Wan up, as he always did, though he was too small.

"Bye, Obi-Wan." He said while struggling to support his brother. "I'll miss you."

"Bye bye, O-wen." Obi-Wan said.

Owen let him down and moved closer to Snowan. He was afraid.

She couldn't help but think of her grandfather, Tam. Was Obi-Wan's fate end up that way? Was he really strong enough to lead a Jedi's life? She was afraid too.

Master Windu stepped forward and took Obi-Wan's hand. Yoda gave them a final, reverent nod as if to tell them not to worry, Obi-Wan was in good hands.

Snowan stole one final glance at her son as she forced herself towards the ship. 'My son,' she thought. She stopped in her tracks. She sensed her son's reply. ' I love you, mother. ' A sigh escaped. She then took Owen by the hand and walked up the boarding platform.

The End