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Thanks for stopping by. Here is a little look at where my heart and souls journeys. It may be erotic, spiritual, inspirational or just general....but it is me. And like the seasons...I am every changing. Enjoy and come back.


As I watch the sunlight spill through the venetian blinds, I can not surpress the thoughts that are running across my mind. I could share these thoughts with you now, but sleeping ears couldn't hear...just how much pleasure I derive from simply having you near. How beautiful it is, to me, to see you relax in this way. I am consumed with your tranquillity and there is nothing I could say. If you could see me smiling through the lids of your resting eyes, would unlock my emotions...and there you would unlock a pleasant surprise. Your soft lips pressed together....Your breathing so sensual. But I lay silently, as you blow it out. I see you twitch a bit... And I wonder what you dreamed, just now. Was it a vision that came to you, memories of our first love or perhaps one that has come since. I imagine for a second that your dream was only of me. And though it may not have been today...tomorrow it will be. I approach a silent that I promise to keep. One day I'll share my secret, but today I'll watch you sleep.