Johnsonís Island is located three miles north of Sandusky, Ohio, in Sandusky Bay. The island consists of 300 acres of clay and loam soil, two to eight feet deep, underneath which is solid limestone. The prison was located in the cleared area of fifteen acres on the southeast shore of the island. The area was surrounded by a plank stockade fourteen feet high. The prisonerís quarters were comprised of thirteen two-story barrack type frame buildings. Each building was 120 feet by 28 feet, designed to accommodate 250 men. There was a wood-burning stove in each building. Water was obtained from two surface wells, but pipes were installed later from the bay.
The first prisoners arrived in April 1862. The prison was an officerís prison. Over the period of 40 months the prison was open, at least 12,000 Confederate officers were imprisoned at Johnsonís Island.
All that remains today of Johnsonís Island prison is the cemetery where 206 Confederate soldiers and a few enlisted men are buried. At the entrance to the cemetery stands a statue of a Confederate soldier peering out over the waters of the bay. It is called ďThe Outlook.Ē