Confederate Hill

[This page contains some historic background and highlights about Confederate Hill and a roster of those interred here.]


In Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland, on a shade covered hill, overlooking a stream, rest the remains of hundreds of Confederate soldiers and veterans. This place is known as Confederate Hill.

Those buried here are soldiers who died in Baltimore hospitals during the war, or were brought here from nearby battlefields. At the close of the war over two hundred Confederate soldiers were buried on the hill. During the 1870's, Maryland soldiers were brought here from battlefields in the South; and, as years passed, veterans wishing to rest among their comrades were buried on this hallowed ground.

Today over six hundred graves are on Confederate Hill.

Confederate Memorial Day is an annual event at Loudon Park Cemetery. The observances here were started by the Maryland Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States. Today the services are held under the auspices of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Harry W. Gilmor #1388 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In 1873, the first monument was erected upon the hill. Known as the "Stonewall" Jackson monument, it continues to watch vigil over the dead and serves as the center of activity on special occasions.

In 1874 the state of Maryland paid for the removal of Maryland dead from Virginia battlefields for interment on Confederate Hill. At the June 6th meeting of the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States, "The special committee appointed to disburse the $5,000 appropriated by the Maryland Legislature for the proper interment of the bodies of Confederate dead at Loudon Park Cemetery reported the arrangements they had made to get the money."

The committee reported that a contract was arranged to surround the soldiers' lot with a granite curb and that "James H. Smith, late a sergeant of artillery, was engaged to disinter and forward the bodies of Marylanders that had fallen upon the battle fields of Virginia."

The Society further concluded that the amount appropriated by the Legislature "...though sufficient to put the lot in order and remove the bodies of the dead, will not admit of placing tombstones at the graves.

It is desired to put a plain marble headstone, engraved with the name rank and command of each fallen soldier at his grave. To do this will cost a great deal, and to obtain the funds an appeal will be made on memorial day."

Because the foul weather on Confederate Memorial Day in 1874 shortened the event, the collection of money to mark the graves was not executed. The work, however, continued with the 1877 Memorial Day account reporting a committee was appointed "to take up subscriptions to raise money for the sixty headstones yet needed." And "Rev. W. W. Walker made an appeal for aid in procuring these headstones. They are for men whose names history cannot let die. About $500 was needed. The committee collected $200 on the ground."

Nearly every year, a collection was made to help pay for the upkeep of Confederate Hill and for the purchase of headstones. And while these stones have worn with time, they stand as a great tribute to the dedication of Marylanders and Baltimoreans in the preservation of the Confederate soldiers' memory. These old stones, paid for by the people who attended services on this hill and who witnessed the burial of Confederate soldiers over one hundred and twenty years ago, are what give Confederate Hill its unique beauty.

The burial of Maryland soldiers brought from Virginia were an impressive part of Confederate Memorial Day services.

On June 10, 1874, Confederate Memorial Day, the paper reported:

"...the remains of several Confederate soldiers, which had been brought from the battle fields of Virginia, were reinterred in the Confederate inclosure. These comprised the remains of Lieut. Nicholas M. Snowden, company D, Wm. E. [S]immons, J. Daugherty, John H. Baden, and J. Picke[t], company C, First Maryland regiment; James Owens, Baltimore light cavalry; J. R. Hardesty, Chesapeake artillery; J. T. Dutton, third battery; [Lt.] B. G. Roberts, Chesapeake artillery, and one unknown.

The procession after reaching the place of burial marched around the lots, and after forming around the newly made graves in which the remains had already been deposited, but not filled up, the funeral services took place. Rev. T. U. Dudley, of Christ Episcopal Church, read the impressive burial service of that church, during which he threw a small quantity of dirt into each grave, repeating the words "dust to dust, ashes to ashes, earth to earth." In one of the graves the remains of two persons were buried. After the conclusion of the obsequies the flowers not already placed upon the graves were distributed, the band in the meantime playing a dirge. The lots containing the Confederate dead have been inclosed with a substantial granite curbing, and the graves put in good condition. The remains of 247 persons are buried in the inclosure, most of whom are known."

On June 8, 1877, the Confederate Memorial Day article reads:

"The bands played dirges as the procession marched in column of fours, from the gate to the Confederate cemetery, and after passing around it formed a hollow square, inclosing the western portion, where the remains of privates Wm. Norfolk and Wm. Rinehart were to be interred. The deceased had been members of company C, First Maryland Infantry, and the remains brought to this city by the society some months ago and placed in a vault in Loudon Park Cemetery. Graves had been dug about thirty paces west of the Confederate monument, and the remains, inclosed in wooden boxes, deposited in them. The burial service of the Protestant Episcopal Church was read by Rev. Mr. Peterkin, assisted by Rev. T. Lewis Banister, after which the bones were consigned to a resting place among comrades. After the graves had been filled the gray clods were hidden by flowers, some of the choicest having been reserved for that purpose."

Roster of Burials

In 1884, Mrs. Gustavus Brown carried a banner to Confederate Hill while leading a group of young girls to the ceremony there. She left the banner at the base of the Jackson statue, which had a Confederate flag made of roses in its hand and a crown of roses and honeysuckles upon its head. The banner read:

"We keep memorial day in order that
the dust of time may not blind the eyes of our children
to the blaze of glory that arises
from the grave of every Confederate soldier."

In the vain of Mrs. Brown's proclamation, the following is a list of those buried within the granite curbed lot on Confederate Hill, as well as some buried nearby the enclosure. It has been compiled from many different sources, but it is primarily from a list published by the Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388, SCV in the early 1980's.

Corrections and inquiries about the names on this list
should be directed to the Gilmor Camp.

The format of the records is:

Last Name, First Name, rank, unit, date of death or burial. row and grave number. age and comments.




ABBAND, W. H., Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MD, --.--.--. E-39. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

ADAMS, Blake B., --, 5th NC, buried 5.20.1862. C-54.

ADAMS, Henry S., Pvt., Co. E, 1st MD Inf., died 8.21.1893. F-20. Age 72.

ADAMS, John G., --, Co. A, 17th VA, died 2.08.1911. C-55. Age 71.

AISQUITH, Hobart, --, Co. B, 1st MD Cav., died 8.17.1937. D-21. Age 92.

ALBRESCH, Jacob, --, 40th VA Inf., died 11.04.1918. C-44. Age 94.

ALDRIDGE, George W., Sgt., Co. F, 30th NC Inf., died 11.02.1910. C-67. Age 68.

ALL, S. D., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-65. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

ALLEN, G. A., --, Co. G, 22nd VA, buried 10.18.1864. D-24.

APPLING, W., --, 19th AK, buried 7.10.1863. B-72.

ASHBUR, David, --, Co. H, 24th MS, buried 4.24.1863. A-37.

ASHBURN, T. J., --, 30th MS, buried 11.--.1864. C-37.

ATKINSON, Elizah, --, Co. C, 5th NC, buried 5.28.1862. B-58.

AUSTIN, M. G., --, Co. B, 21st VA, died 12.03.1863. B-84. Age 34.


BADEN, J. H., --, Co. C, 1st MD, buried 6.09.1874. E-51. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BAILEY, Sydnor, Sgt. Maj., 40th VA, died 12.22.1908. B-63. Age 66.

BAKER, J., --, -- MD, --.--.--. F-70. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BALES, J. K., --, Co. E, 2nd KY Cav., died 5.08.1902. J-13. Age 65.

BANDS, J. O., --, Co. B, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-52. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BARRETT, George W., Pvt., Co. H, 3rd VA Cav., died 3.07.1905. J-09. Age 69.

BARTHOLOMEW, Thomas J., Pvt., Co. E, 7th TN Inf., died 7.19.1906. J-02. Age 64.

BASS, John B., --, Phillips Legion, buried 1.15.1865. C-03.

BATESWORTH, O. F., --, Co. B, 1st MD, --.--.--. F-51. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BAXELY, J. D., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. E-03a.

BAXTER, George O., Pvt., Coopers Bty., died 5.04.1895. F-05.

BEAN, Hezekiah H., Lt., Co. I, 1st MD Inf., died 3.18.1903. H-21. Age 83.

BEASELY, Richard, --, Co. K, 15th VA, buried 10.21.1864. A-13.

BECKMAN, C. B., --, --, buried 7.07.1865. D-41. (Name could be Ruckman.)

BELLINGTON, N. T., --, Co. I, 42nd VA, buried 10.13.1864. B-86.

BERRY, Geo. W., Lt., Co. H, 15th VA Inf., died 10.19.1907. B-80. Age 68.

BERRY, M., --, Co. E, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-71. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BEVANS, E. S., --, Co. F, 4th NC, buried 4.--.1863. A-36.

BEVEN, Stephen, --, -- NC, buried 9.--.1862. A-28.

BIRCKHEAD, Oliver, Pvt., Co. D, 2nd VA Inf., died 9.11.1896. A-54. Age 54.

BIRD, Charles D., --, Co. C, 12th VA Inf., died 10.02.1912. D-38. Age 73.

BLUMENAUR, Michael, --, 1st MD Art., died 12.01.1889. E-14. Age 65.

BLUNT, G. P., --, Co. K, --, buried 12.23.1864. A-08.

BOND, Frank A., Capt., 1st MD Cav., died 1923.

BONN, Henry R., Sgt., Co. H, 1st VA Inf., died 2.06.1909. B-53. Age 72.

BOULER, D. W., --, Co. G, 34th VA, buried 7.20.1863. C-68.

BOWEN, Henry Bell, --, Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 11.08.1930. D-27. Age 83.

BOYCE, John, --, Co. G, 1st SC Inf., died 9.22.1902. J-17. Age 62.

BOYD, John A., --, Co. D, 13th NC, buried 7.20.1863. C-66.

BOYD, Thomas H. S., Pvt., Co. I, 17th VA Cav., died 12.12.1907. B-78. Age 70.

BOYETT, C. D., --, Co. B, 2nd NC, buried 1.02.1865. A-09.

BRACKLEY, John, --, Co. E, 5th VA, buried 12.18.1864. D-06.

BRADFORD, T., --, 1st MD Art., --.--.--. F-48. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BRADSHAW, D. J., --, Co. B, 51st NC, buried 10.27.1864. B-49.

BRATTAN, John L., Lt., Co. A, 1st NC Inf., died 6.30.1893. F-19. Age 75.

BRATTON, James G., Mus., 1st VA Inf., died 6.13.1896. G-02.

BRATTON, John L., --, Co. A, 1st NC Troop, died 9.02.1912. D-40. Age 65.

BRAWNER, Wm. B., --, Co. F, 2nd MD Inf., died 6.15.1917. B-12.

BREED, Lawrence H., Pvt., Co. F, 1st MD Cav., died 9.03.1893. F-21. Age 52.

BREENBURG, G. Waters, --, --, --.--.--. G-22. Reburied from Ft. McHenry, 1895.

BREHM, John P., Pvt., Co. C, 1st MD Cav. Died 1.18.1902. J-11. Age 66.

BREZENDINE, Arthur, --, Co. A, 35th VA Inf., died 3.24.1909. C-90.

BRIGHTAUPT, George, Lt., Co. C, 2nd MD Inf., died 9.30.1864. F-39. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BRIGHTWELL, Joseph W., Pvt., Co. D, 2nd MD Cav., died 10.03.1904. H-07. Age 57.

BRISCOE, John H., Pvt., 1st MD Art., died 2.16.1894. G-13.

BRISCOE, John L., Capt., AQM, Mahones Division, died 4.22.1900. F-73. Age 64.

BRISCOE, M., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-49. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BRISCOE, Richard C., Pvt., 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 1.12.1894. G-11. Age 60.

BROCKENBROUGH, J. B., Col., 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 11.15.1901. H-01.

BROOKS, Robert S., Pvt., 27th SC Inf., died 8.09.1898. C-98. Age 88.

BROWN, George H., --, Co. G, Arsenal Bn., died 2.05.1911. C-57. Age 80.

BROWN, James F., Pvt., Breatheds Bty.- Stuarts Horse Art., died 12.27.1898. D-76. Age 57.

BROWN, James W., --, Co. K, Colonel Kitchens, buried 2.25.1865. C-beneath monument.

BROWN, John, --, Co. A, Louisiana Tigers, died 9.02.1913. B-46. Age 83.

BROWN, Martin D., --, Co. H, 4th VA Cav., died 3.20.1911. C-51. Age 67.

BROWN, Thomas J., Cpl., Hamden Art., died 12.19.1901. H-32. Age 72.

BRYANT, J. C., --, Co. B, 18th GA, buried 11.--.1864. B-09.

BUNSTON, Thomas, --, 16th VA, buried 9.--.1862. A-29.

BURGESS, --, --, MD, --.--.--, F-34. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

BURMAN, W. A., --, Co. G, 8th LA, buried 11.15.1864. B-29.

BURNHAM, James H., Pvt., Co. B, 45th VA Cav., died 5.29.1901. H-26. Age 76.

BUTTS, Shannon F., Chaplain, 12th VA Cav., died 4.26.1903. H-20. Age 64.

BYER, Wm., --, Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 6.12.1908. B-71. Age 73.

BYERS, Wm. R., --, Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 7.26.1910. C-73. Age 70.


CAHILL, Joseph A., --, Co. F, 7th VA Cav., died 10.31.1902. H-25. Age 64.

CAHILL, William H., --, Co. F, 7th VA Cav., died 12.06.1914. B-40. Age 74.

CALDWELL, W. W., --, Co. C, 37th NC, buried 10.22.1864. D-26.

CAMP, N., --, Co. C, 5th NC, buried 12.23.1864. A-04.

CAMP, Noah, --, Co. G, 5th NC, buried 11.20.1864. A-23.

CAMPBELL, G. Lawson, Capt., 6th VA Inf., died 3.23.1909. C-92. Age 69.

CAMPBELL, R. A., Pvt., Co. K, 1st VA Cav., died 8.18.1895. G-25. Age 49.

CANNETT, Benjamin, --, Co. K, 8th NC Cav., buried 10.14.1864. B-89.

CARLILE, J. M., --, Co. E, 5th AL, buried 1.08.1865. B-15.

CARPENTER, E., --, Co. B, 64th GA, buried 11.01.1864. B-35.

CARPENTER, H., Pvt., Co. F, 14th NC, buried 7.31.1863. C-76. Age 51.

CARR, J. Randolph, --, Quartermaster Dept., CSA, died 3.09.1898. B-102. Age 51.

CARTER, George W., Pvt., 21st TN Cav., died 5.11.1901. G-34. Age 75.

CASTLE, James L., --, Co. C, 2nd MD Inf., died 10.04.1907. B-82. Age 67.

CAVANAUGH, John, Pvt., Co. I, 17th MS Inf., died 1.18.1901. F-79. Age 61.

CHAMBERS, Robt. M., Jr., --, Co. C, 1st MD Cav - Co. A, 1st MD Inf., --.--.--. F-01a.

CHANDLER, Wm. S. J., --, Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., --.--.--. E-06a. Killed at Gettysburg, PA.

CHAPMAN, H. Z., --, Co. F, 20th SC, buried 11.10.1864. B-27.

CHEW, Robert B., Sgt., 1st MD Art., died 1.18.1919. C-38. Age 77.

CHILCUTT, Joshua, --, 11th AL Inf. - Co. D, 2nd MD Inf., died 12.27.1886. E-20. Age 66.

CHUNN, John H., Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MD Inf., died 10.31.1905. J-05. Age 76.

CHURCH, Thomas, --, Co. C, 34th VA, buried 10.29.1863. A-42.

CLARK, James L., Capt., Co. E, 2nd MD Cav., died 9.04.1910. C-69. Age 69.

CLARK, Joseph B., --, 43rd VA Cav., died 8.11.1921. C-22. Age 75.

CLARK, W. O., --, Co. F, 4th NC, buried 3.--.1863. A-35.

CLARK, Whitmill, --, NC, buried 6.11.1862. B-60.

CLARK, Wm. J., --, MS, buried 12.--.1862. A-31.

CLARKE, J. Lyle, Lt. Col., 30th VA Inf. Bn., died 1.05.1898. B-101. Age 61.

CLEMENS, John C., --, Co. G, 24th GA, buried 11.05.1864. D-07.

COCHRAN, J. S., --, Co. D, 5th FL, buried 10.29.1863. A-43. Age 26.

COCHRANE, A. J., --, Co. E, 41st GA, buried 12.--.1862. B-66.

COLEMAN, John, Pvt., 2nd MD Art., died 3.08.1897. A-56. Age 63.

COLLY, Lorenzo, --, Co. G, 25th NC, buried 10.25.1864. D-20.

COLSTON, Wm. E, --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf. - and aide to Mosby, died 1.10.1864. E-01a. Moved from Martinsburg, VA, 1881.

COMPTON, Wm. P., --, 1st MD Art., died 7.13.1908. B-67. Age 69.

CONLEY, Wm., --, Co. H, 9th VA Inf., died 3.15.1921. C-24. Age 84.

CONWAY, Wm. H., --, Co. B, Whites Cav. (35th Bn.) , died 1.19.1901. G-30. Age 67.

COOK, Wm. S., Pvt., Co. E, 5th VA Cav., died 1.02.1894. F-24. Age 55.

COOKE, Robert Corbin, --, Co. G, 24th NC, buried 10.15.1928. C-04.

COOMB, George, --, 1st MD Art., died 4.04.1912. D-52. Age 84.

COPES, W. W., --, NC, buried 12.23.1864. A-05.

COTTER, J. C., --, Co. C, 92nd GA, buried 11.--.1864. B-05.

COTTINGHAM, James J., 1st Lt., Co. A, 5th GA Res., died 1.04.1930. C-02. Age 87.

COX, Thomas, --, Co. A, 21st VA, buried 8.13.1864. D-69. Age 33.

CRABTREE, J. B., --, Co. D, 44th TN, buried 10.23.1864. C-47.

CRAIG, John H., --, 5th AL, buried 7.29.1863. D-53. Age 26.

CRANE, Robert Brent, --, Co. A, 1st MD Cav., died 1.09.1913. D-32. Age 70.

CRASK, Seldon F., Pvt., Co. C, 9th VA Cav., died 6.20.1893. F-18.

CRAWFORD, J. R., --, --, buried 12.--.1862. B-64.

CROSS, James W., Pvt., Co. B, 1st TN Inf., died 10.09.1899. E-59. Age 91.

CROUCH, Frederick Nicholls, Bugler, 1st Richmond Howitzers, died 8.18.1896. A-52. Age 88.

CULBRETH, John, --, Breatheds Bty., died 2.20.1912. D-60. Age 74.


DALY, John, --, --, died 3.05.1884. E-24. Age 49.

DAMAR, John S., Pvt., 1st MD Art., died 8.01.1897. B-98. Age 55.

DANDY, Daniel, --, Co. C, Holcombe Legion, SC, buried 10.14.1864. B-51.

DANIEL, J. W., --, Co. H, 3rd NC, buried 7.23.1863. D-51. Age 22.

DANIELS, R. M., --, Archers Bty., buried 12.23.1864. D-05.

DAVIDSON, J. E., Pvt., Co. A, Davis Cav. Bn., died 1.05.1896. G-08.

DAVIES, Wm. H., --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf., died 3.20.1899. D-79. Age 77. (Name could be Davis.)

DAVIS, Jacob N., --, Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., --.--.--. E-34. Reburied from Gettsyburg, 1874.

DAVIS, John J., Pvt., 12th VA Inf., died 4.21.1904. H-11. Age 66.

DAVIS, John R., --, Co. H, 1st VA Inf., died 7.05.1911. D-74. Age 69.

DAVIS, Robert, --, --, died 2.02.1870. B-41. Age 36.

DAVIS, Wm. H., --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf., died 3.20.1899. D-79. Age 77. (Name could be Davies.)

DAWSON, R. H., --, Co. E, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-40. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

DEAN, Dudley, --, 32nd AL, buried 6.07.1863. A-39.

DEARBECK, Charles, Pvt., 14th SC Inf., died 12.24.1900. F-78. Age 52.

DeGOURNEY, Paul F. J. B., Lt. Col., Artillery, died 7.23.1904. H-08. Age 76.

DEMPSEY, Austin N., Pvt., Letchers Bty., died 10.04.1906. I-02. Age 65.

DITTUS, J. Frederick, --, Co. C, 1st MD Cav., died 4.17.1907. C-87. Age 67.

DOFFLEMYER, George, --, Co. D, 7th VA Cav., died 6.13.1916. B-28. Age 78.

DONOHUE, Wm., --, Co. A, 27th NC Inf., died 5.01.1912. D-50. Age 72.

DONOVAN, T. J., --, --, died 7.24.1879. F-02. Age 51.

DORSEY, Andrew, Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Cav., died 10.07.1906, J-03. Age 72.

DORSEY, Charles W., Ord. Sgt., Co. A, 1st MD Cav., died 12.10.1908. B-55. Age 76.

DORSEY, J. T. B., Capt., A. Q. M., CSA, died 6.30.1898. C-97. Age 77.

DOUGHERTY, J., --, Co. C, 1st MD, buried 6.09.1874 E-48. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

DOWNS, B. J., --, Co. D, 17th MS, buried 11.02.1864. B-45.

DUDLEY, Hamilton M., --, Co. B, 40th VA Inf., died 7.13.1902. J-15. Age 57.

DURHAM, James S., --, Co. G, 28th NC, died 3.18.1925. C-10. Age 82.

DUTTON, J. T., --, 3rd MD Art., buried 6.09.1874. E-47. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

DUTTON, Thomas W., Sgt., Co. C, 15th KY Cav., died 9.29.1898. C-100. Age 68.

DUVALL, Frank M., --, Co. C, 2nd MD Inf., died 6.26.1908. B-69. Age 69.

DUVALL, P. B., --, 1st MD Art., --.--.--. E-31. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

DYSER, Luke J., --, Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 4.24.1916. B-30. Age 79.


ECKMAN, John G., --, Co. A, 12th GA Inf., died 4.23.1897. B-96. Age 75.

EDMONDS, John J., Pvt., Co. C, 47th NC Inf., died 1.06.1893. F-15. Age 50.

EDWARDS, A. R., --, 26th NC, buried 8.03.1863. D-57. Age 23.

EDWARDS, Archibald, --, 21st VA, buried 8.01.1864. C-93. Age 14.

ELLIOTT, George R., --, Co. D, 53rd GA, buried 11.05.1864. C-23.

ELLIS, John, --, Co. D, 28th MS Cav., died 11.02.1888. E-16. Age 68.

ELTA, F. T., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. E-49. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

EMORY, W. W., --, Co. A, 57th NC, died 1.22.1899. D-78. Age 71.

ENGLAND, William W., 2nd Lt., Co. E, 35th NC, --.--.--.

ENGLISH, B., --, MD, --.--.--. F-33. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

EZELL, Malachia, --, Co. B, 13th MS Inf., died 11.25.1888. E-15. Age 48.


FAHERTY, Wm. J., Lt., Co. F, 23rd Bn., VA Cav., died 5.19.1908. B-73. Age 67.

FEBREY, Moses A., Lt., Breatheds Bty., died 8.12.1892. F-10. Age 62.

FERRELL, J. Thomas, --, Co. B, 1st MD Cav., died 2.18.1919. C-34. Age 78.

FIELD, Charles W., Maj. Gen., Lees Div. Commander, --.--.--.

FIELD, Eugene, --, 2nd MD Cav., buried 7.16.1864. C-91. Age 34.

FITZGERALD, Thomas, Pvt., Co. D, 1st MD Cav., buried 6.24.1882. Unknown. Age 41.

FOLEY, David R., Pvt., Co. C, 1st MD Cav., died 11.27.1897. B-100. Age 60.

FOOT, J. G., --, Co. K, 42nd VA, buried 3.02.1865. D-04. (Name could be Wood.)

FORREST, J. M., --, Co. G, 12th Bn., VA, died 7.31.1866. G-21. Reburied from Ft. McHenry, 1895.

FORT, W. E., --, 1st M. C. Militia, --.--.--. E-29. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

FOSTER, A. B., --, Co. K, 64th GA, buried 10.19.1864. A-49.

FOUTE, Augustus M., Lt. Col., General Pembertons Staff, died 10.24.1894. G-17. Age 75.

FOWLER, J. D., --, --, --.--.--. F-38. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

FRAZER, John, --, Co. K, 6th NC, buried 12.07.1864. B-17.

FREDERICK, W., --, 3rd GA, buried 11.--.1864. C-35.

FREDERICK, Wm., --, 3rd GA, buried 12.--.1862. A-30.

FRICK, J. D., --, Co. C, 1st SC, buried 9.11.1863. A-41. Age 27.

FRONTON, Caleb M., --, Co. B, 5th NC, buried 10.28.1864. D-14.

FUNK, Charles D., --, Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 5.12.1912. D-44. Age 75.


GARDEN, Alexander, --, Co. G, 56th VA Inf., died 8.09.1909. C-85. Age 78.

GARDEN, E. B., --, Co. J, 47th AL, buried 12.23.1864. A-01.

GARDNER, H. W., --, Co. C, 1st SC, buried 11.--.1864. B-03.

GARDNER, Thomas J., --, Co. D, Whites Bn. Cav., died 1.08.1906. J-01. Age 82.

GARRET, W. B., --, Co. D, 18th SC, buried 10.15.1864. B-23.

GATCH, Joseph A. Ross, Pvt., Cobbs KY Bty., died 3.28.1892. F-07. Age 68.

GAVIN, Michael, --, Co. K, 12th VA Cav., died 4.18.1889. E-10. Age 56.

GENTREE, E. B., --, --, buried 12.23.1864. A-03.

GENTRY, Albert J., --, Nelson Bty., died 4.18.1907. B-94. Age 72.

GEPHART, Solomon A., --, Co. A, 1st MD Cav., died 3.14.1904. H-12. Age 83.

GIBBINS, --, --, --, buried 12.30.1863. A-45.

GIBSON, Beverly, --, --, died 1.12.1880. F-03. Age 51.

GIBSON, Fayette, --, Breatheds Bty., died 12.28.1903. H-15. Age 73.

GIBSON, H. T., --, Co. H, 56th VA, buried 8.20.1863. A-40. Age 27.

GIBSON, R. W., --, Co. I, 21st SC, buried 10.17.1864. A-51.

GILMOR, Harry W., Lt. Col., Commander, 2nd MD Cav., died 3.04.1883. Age 45.

GILMOR, Hoffman, Pvt., Co. F, 2nd MD Cav., died 12.21.1912. Age 68.

GILMOR, Mentoria N., --, --, died 12.13.1879. Wife of Lt. Col. Gilmor.

GILMOR, Richard C., Capt., Co. C, 2nd MD Cav., died 8.23.1908.

GILPIN, John, --, Co. F, 22nd VA, buried 10.15.1864. C-17.

GIVANS, George H., --, 25th VA, buried 5.18.1862. C-52.

GLASS, R. C., --, 1st MD Art., --.--.--. F-58. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

GLENN, Samuel T., --, Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., died 9.14.1919. C-32. Age 81.

GODWIN, Dennis L., --, --, buried 5.15.1862. D-37.

GOLDSBOROUGH, Wm. W., Maj., --, 2nd MD Inf., died 12.25.1901. H-02. Age 67.

GOLDSMITH, Wm., Sgt.-, Co. E, 54th NC Inf., died 10.19.1898. C-101. Age 75.

GOODWIN, Frank, --, 8th GA, buried 7.21.1863. C-70. Age 19.

GOODWIN, R. W., --, Co. A, 11th MS, buried 12.30.1863. A-44.

GOUGH, Dr. Benjamin, --, Co. I, 4th VA Cav., died 3.14.1912. D-58. Age 78.

GRAHAM, --, --, buried 5.11.1862. D-29.

GRAHAM, Israel, --, Co. A, 1st MD Cav., buried 12.01.1908. B-57. Age 75.

GREEN, James W., --, 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), died 6.29.1903. Unknown. Age 61.

GREEN, Matthew, Pvt., Co. D, 1st MD Inf. - Mosbys Cav., died 12.21.1904. H-05. Age 69.

GREEN, Vincent, --, 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), died 2.16.1919. C-36. Age 77.

GREEN, Wm. O., --, Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 6.05.1918. B-50. Age 76.

GREENFIELD, Wm. H., Pvt., Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 3.29.1897. A-58. Age 55.

GRIDLIN, Jacob H., Lt., Co. A, 30th VA Inf., died 4.19.1896. G-05.


HACK, J. W., Capt., --, died 3.07.1885. F-04. Age 46.

HACKNEY, Benjamin S., Pvt., Co. A, 34th VA Inf., died 2.09.1892. F-06.

HAGAN, J. A., --, --, buried 2.28.1865. D-01.

HAGGARTY, Patrick, --, Co. E, 5th NC, buried 5.23.1862. B-54.

HALBIG, J. S., --, Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 12.26.1918. C-40.

HALL, Martin Y., Sgt., Co. A, 31st VA Inf., died 9.11.1891. E-02. Age 47.

HALLMAN, Martin, --, Co. K, 13th SC Inf., died 5.02.1901. G-33.

HALTON, R. H. S., --, Maryland Flying Art., --.--.--. F-63. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HAMES, Zelos H., --, Co. H, 6th NC, buried 11.12.1864. D-16.

HAMILL, Henry T., Pvt., Co. H, 1st VA Inf., died 9.01.1899. E-57. Age 65.

HAMMETT, J. T., --, Co. A, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-37. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HAMMETT, John T., --, Co. A, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-05a.

HAMMOND, E., --, Co. C, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-57. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HANCE, Wm. H. C., --, Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., died 12.12.1888. E-13. Age 45.

HANCOCK, H. D., --, Co. G, 12th AL, buried 10.16.1864. D-73.

HANCOCK, Hartwell P., --, Co. D, 14th VA Inf., died 11.03.1892. F-13. Sgt.

HANDY, John T., --, Washington Art., died 11.02.1916. B-20. Age 78.

HANKS, Hyatt, --, --, buried 4.10.1863. B-75.

HARDAWAY, B. H., --, Co. A, 1st TN, --.--.--.B-07.

HARDESTY, J. R., --, 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), buried 6.09.1874. E-45. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HARDING, W. M. B., Pvt., Co. A, 5th VA Inf., died 8.15.1894. G-15. Age 53.

HARRELL, Edward R., --, 23rd NC, --.--.--.

HARRIS, E. H., Maj., AL Inf., died 7.15.1878. F-30. Age 57.

HARRIS, Marcellus, --, Thomas Art., died 8.26.1912. D-42. Age 80.

HART, Wm., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 5.02.1912. D-48. Age 67.

HARTMAN, --, --, --, buried 7.04.1873. A-33. (Name could be Hattman).

HASLETT, R. E., Capt., Wise Legion, --.--.--. F-46. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HASLEY, John, --, Co. C, 21st VA, buried 10.28.1864. A-14.

HATTMAN, --, --, --, buried 7.04.1873. A-33. (Name could be Hartman).

HAWKINS, Joseph J., Pvt., Co. H, 7th NC Inf., died 4.28.1896. G-04. Age 70.

HEAD, Wm. E., Pvt., Co. A, 60th TN Inf., died 4.14.1906. I-01. Age 70.

HEBB, Thomas A., --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf., Reburied from VA, 1874.

HEDGES, Enoch George, Pvt., Co. F, 7th VA Cav., died 2.18.1901. G-29. Age 86.

HEFFNER, C. R., --, Co. F, 38th NC, buried 10.14.1864. B-87.

HENDERSON, Ladson M., Musician, Co. H, 25th NC Inf., died 10.28.1898. C-102. Age 54.

HERGESHEIMER, David L., Pvt., Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 8.22.1899. E-56. Age 80.

HIGDON, Francis L., Ord. Sgt., 2nd MD Inf., died 3.18.1896. G-06. Age 61.

HILLARY, Dr. W. M., --, 1st MD Art., --.--.--. F-64. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HILLERY, J., --, Co. C, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-40. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HIPKINS, John, --, Co. F, 34th VA Cav., died 3.02.1903. H-22. Age 67.

HITCHCOCK, Robert F., --, Co. D, 1st VA Inf., died 3.28.1915. B-36. Age 67.

HOBB, Thomas A., --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf., --.--.--. E-28. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HOBBS, J., --, Co. H, 1st MD, --.--.--. F-72. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HODGES, Thomas E., --, Co. B, 7th GA, buried 11.15.1864. A-19.

HOFF, George W., Pvt., Chews Bty., died 5.06.1898. C-96. Age 62.

HOFFMAN, C. S., --, --, died 3.15.1878. Unknown. Age 51.

HOFFMAN, George H., --, Co. F, 1st MD Inf., died 10.28.1916. B-24. Age 79.

HOLLAND, Michael, Pvt., 6th VA Inf., died 10.14.1891. E-01. Age 50.

HOLLAND, Wm. J. C., Pvt., Co. K, 1st VA Cav., died 3.02.1900. E-62. Age 77.

HOLLAND, William W., --, Co. I, 26th NC, buried 11.09.1864. D-17.

HOLLIDAY, Wm. H., --, Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 6.02.1864. E-04a. Killed at Cold Harbor, VA.

HOLMES, M. H., --, Co. C, 1st NC, buried 10.22.1864. C-43.

HOPKINS, A. J., --, Co. B, 15th VA Inf., died 5.12.1909. C-88. Age 78.

HOPKINS, A. R., Cpl., 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), --.--.--. E-30. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

HORTON, Lewis, --, Co. K, Hawkins, TN, buried 3.03.1865. C-beneath monument.

HOUGH, Gresham, --, Co. A, 1st MD Cav. - Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 10.04.1894. F-28. Age 50.

HOWARD, B., --, Co. H, 52nd NC, buried 10.15.1864. B-21.

HOWARD, Carvel G., --, Co. C, 1st MD Cav., buried 12.18.1919. C-42. Age 73.

HUBBARD, Alexander J., Musician, 1st MD Inf., died 2.18.1911. C-53. Age 88.

HUBBARD, John, --, Co. I, 5th NC, buried 5.13.1862. D-33.

HUBBARD, T. J, --, Co. B, 7th TN, buried 8.03.1863. C-78.

HUCKLEY, Robert A., --, Co. I, 53rd VA, buried 10.27.1864. A-11.

HUDGENS, C., --, Co. C, 3rd SC, buried 11.09.1864. B-47.

HUMMER, Joseph, --, Co. B, 1st MD Inf. - Co. F, 1st MD Cav., died 12.22.1897. Unknown. Age 56.

HURTT, Cornelius, --, --, died 5.13.1871. B-39. Age 21.


INGALLS, David, --, Co. D, 14th NC, buried 7.20.1863. D-47.

IRONES, C., --, --, buried 12.23.1864. A-07.

IRVIN, J., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), --.--.--. E-43. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.


JAMES, Alfred R., Lt., Co. D, 28th VA, died 11.10.1892. F-12.

JARROLL, F. H., --, Co. I, 13th GA, buried 11.07.1864. D-15.

JENKINS, J. C., --, Co. K, 1st MD Cav., --.--.--. F-69. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

JENNINGS, Benjamin R., --, Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., died 7.02.1910. C-75. Age 68.

JESTER, --, --, Co. D, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-61. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

JETT, John, --, --, died 12.25.1893. Unknown. Age 65.

JOHNSON, Bradley T., Brig. Gen., MD, died 12.05.1903. Age 73.

JOHNSON, Jane Claudia, --, --, --.--.--. Wife of Brig. Gen. Johnson.

JOHNSON, Thomas S., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 12.23.1903. H-16. Age 61.

JOHNSTON, J. M., --, Co. K, 44th VA, buried 11.01.1864. C-15.

JOHNSTON, John J., --, Co. F, 1st MD Inf., died 10.08.1907. B-88. Age 67.

JONES, Charles T., Pvt., 3rd Rgt. Richmond Defenses, died 6.21.1905. I-05. Age 86.

JONES, George W., --, Co. H, 18th VA Cav., died 1.03.1899. D-77. Age 62.

JONES, James E., --, Co. C, 8th MS, buried 4.27.1863. A-38.

JONES, M. M., --, Co. E, 13th MS, buried 10.29.1864. D-13.

JONES, Thomas J., --, Co. H, 5th NC Inf., buried 5.22.1862. C-58.


KEATS, Dr. J. F., Act. Asst. Surgeon., MD Art., died 6.19.1905. J-07. Age 70.

KEECH, Chilton A., Pvt., Co. I, 3rd VA Cav. - Co. B, 21st VA Inf., died 4.15.1894. G-14. Age 57.

KEELING, John L., Pvt., Norfolk Light Art., died 9.07.1898.

KELLY, Francis P., --, Co. B, 12th VA Inf. - Pegrams Bty., died 6.12.1902. J-14. Age 74.

KELLY, H. G., --, Co. K, 49th VA, buried 11.--.1864. B-10.

KEMP, Thomas E., Cpl., Co. E, 5th VA Cav., died 8.17.1892. F-11.

KENNEDY, Eugene, --, Co. E, 13th VA, buried 2.18.1865. C-01.

KEY, Clarence, --, Co. E, 26th TN, died 8.13.1911. D-68. Age 75.

KEY, D. Murray, --, Co. D, 1st MD,died 4.20.1913. D-30. Age 72.

KEY, John F., --, Co. D, 1st MD Inf., died 8.02.1920. C-30. Age 92.

KEY, R. H., --, Co. K, 1st MD, --.--.--. F-66. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

KILLMAN, Richard G., --, Co. D, 2nd MD Inf., died 3.15.1897. A-57. Age 61.

KING, Edward S., --, Co. D, 1st MD Inf., died 1.07.1913. D-34. Age 78.

KINGSBURY, Charles F., --, Co. B, 2nd NC Inf., died 1.11.1911. Age 73.

KIRBY, James R., Pvt., SC Art., died 10.07.1897. B-99. Age 72.

KIRKLAND, Edward P., Engineer, Steamer Boston, CS Navy, died 12.15.1894. G-18. Age 71.

KNAUF, George W., --, Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 9.27.1884. F-29. Age 39.

KNOX, Wm. F., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 12.21.1907. B-76. Age 71.

KONIG, Hy S., --, Co. F, 1st MD Cav., died 2.09.1889. E-12. Age 60.

KOONS, Abram, Pvt., 1st MD Art., died 5.26.1899. D-82. Age 72.

KRAUSE, Charles A., --, Co. E, 1st MD Cav., buried 6.23.1913. B-48. Age 73.


LACKLAND, Wm. L., Sgt., Co. E, 6th LA Inf., died 12.19.1899. E-60. Age 70.

LANCASTER, W. T., --, Co. F, 3rd VA, buried 8.11.1863. D-61. Age 30.

LANE, Benjamin A., Pvt., Co. A, 30th VA Inf., died 10.30.1893. F-25. Age 56.

LANE, Wm. B., --, Co. C, 2nd MD Inf., died 4.05.1884. E.23. Age 46.

LATHAM, J. W., Cpl., Co. F, 1st MD Cav., died 3.29.1890. E-07.

LAWSON, Campbell G., Capt., 6th VA Inf., died 3.23.1909.

LAWSON, C. M., --, Co. K, 50th VA, buried 10.19.1864. B-91.

LAWSON, S., --, Co. E, 22nd GA, buried 9.16.1863. B-79. Age 41.

LECHLIDER, Thomas G., Pvt., Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 1.23.1901. G-28. Age 85.

LEE, J. M., --, TX, buried 2.--.1863. A-34.

LEELING, John L., Pvt., Norfolk Light Artillery, died 9.07.1898. C-99. Age 69.

LEIGH, John H., Pvt., Co. A, 5th VA Cav., died 1.24.1905. I-08. Age 70.

LEMATES, James, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 4.20.1901. G-32. Age 69.

LESTERE, Jonathan J., --, 5th NC, buried 5.--.1862. B-56.

LEWIS, G. S., --, Co. H, 4th VA, buried 10.18.1864. D-19.

LICKER, W., --, Co. G, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-36. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

LIGHT, George W., --, Co. H, 14th VA, buried 7.10.1863. C-64.

LIVELY, James A., --, Co. H, 26th VA Inf., buried 10.21.1864. C-45.

LOCKETT, John B., --, 4th NC, died 12.07.1911. D-64. Age 74.

LOMAX, Thomas L., Pvt., Co. K, 30th VA Inf., died 2.28.1907. I-03. Age 71.

LOVE, J. E., --, Co. A, 5th TX, buried 8.23.1863. B-77. Age 31.

LOW, James S., --, Co. G, 24th NC, buried 2.24.1865. C-05.

LOWTHROP, W. H., --, Co. F, 28th NC, buried 12.20.1864. C-11.

LUCAS, Wm. H., --, Co. C, 1st SC Inf., died 3.21.1911. C-49. Age 83.

LUMSDEN, Drury L., Pvt., 2nd SC Cav. (Hamptons Legion), died 6.05.1905. I-06. Age 61.

LUSBY, James, --, Co. E, 1st MD Inf., buried 12.05.1908. B-59. Age 73.


MacCUBBIN, Clarence H., --, Co. K, 1st VA Cav., died 7.06.1918. B-02.

MAHONEY, John D., Pvt., Co. G, 1st SC Art., died 1.11.1906. J-10. Age 86.

MAHORNEY, James, Pvt., Purcells Bty., MD,died 6.17.1906. H-29. Age 69.

MANNING, Tobias M., --, 5th NC, buried 5.17.1862. C-48.

MARRIOT, J. G. W., Lt., Gilmors Bn. Cav., VA, --.--.--. E-54. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

MARTIN, John N., Pvt., Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 10.11.1895. G-09. Age 52.

MARTIN, Patrick H., Capt., Co. B, 21st VA Inf., --.--.--. Died 10.16.1900. F-77. Age 67.

MATHERLY, George N., --, Co. F, 42nd VA, buried 11.06.1864. B-19.

MATTBIA, James R., Pvt., 4th TN Inf., died 9.22.1899. E-58. Age 76.

MATTHEWS, F. H., --, Co. I, 12th NC, buried 11.15.1864. A-16.

MATTHEWS, James W., Pvt., Co. D, 9th VA Inf., died 11.15.1901. H-31. Age 76.

McAVOY, Jos. V., --, Co. D, 22nd MS Inf., died 5.28.1907. B-92. Age 72.

McCAULEY, Daniel, --, Staunton Hill Art., died 4.14.1910. C-77. Age 86.

McCLURE, George D., Pvt., 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), died 7.19.1905. J-06. Age 65.

McCLURY, Peter H., --, Co. C, 1st MD Cav., died 3.15.1912. D-56. Age 75.

McDONALD, Stephen, Pvt., Co. A, 10th Bn., Hvy. Art., died 10.11.1901. H-30. Age 70.

McDOWELL, James, --, Teals Art., TX, died 2.12.1910. C-79. Age 79.

McGASKILL, Daniel, --, Co. H, 26th NC, buried 11.20.1863. B-81. Age 24.

McGINNIS, J. B., --, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-44. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

McGUIRE, George L., Pvt., Co. A, 8th GA Inf., died 2.24.1907. J-04. Age 65.

McINTOFF, R. F., --, Co. D, Thomas Legion, buried 11.02.1864. C-33.

McKEE, James, Pvt., Co. C, 1st MD Cav., died 1.30.1894. G-12. Age 61.

McLAUGHLIN, B. A., --, 1st MD Cav., --.--.--. F-54. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

McMURRY, --, Maj., --, died 9.--.1862. G-03. Reburied from Antietam to Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, 8.31.1863. Reburied to Loudon Park, 6.03.1896.

MESSICK, James H., --, --, died 7.24.1902. Unknown. Age 53.

METTEE, Charles H., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 6.21.1916. B-34. Age 70.

MEYERS, Charles, --, 1st SC Art., died 4.12.1912. D-54. Age 84.

MICHALL, --, --, buried 11.--.1864. B-11.

MILLER, Lynn Franklin, --, Co. C, 5th VA Cav., died 2.14.1925. C-12. Age 79.

MINS, John K., --, Co. E, 11th MS, buried 3.13.1864. D-65. Age 24.

MITCHELL, James, --, Co. F, VA Cav., died 1.26.1911. C-61.

MOORE, Aaron, --, Co. A, 5th NC, buried 5.24.1862. B-52.

MOORE, William Martin V. B., --, Poages Bty., died 3.12.1932. D-23. Age 89.

MOORE, Wm. H., Pvt., Co. H, 3rd VA Cav., died 10.09.1894. G-16. Age 52.

MORAN, F., --, MD,died 10.09.1894. F-67. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

MORGAN, James O., --, --, buried 2.24.1865. C-09.

MORGAN, Wm. T., Cpl., Co. A, Armistead Bty., died 1.03.1911. C-65. Age 72.

MOTHERSHEAD, S. D., Pvt., Co. B, 10th VA Inf., died 7.30.1901. H-27. Age 74.

MOWBRAY, J. E., --, Co. G, 52nd NC, buried 7.27.1863. C-74.

MULLIN, Cornelius Saxton, --, Co. E, 1st MD Cav., --.--.--. C-06. Age 84.

MULLIN, Joseph, Cpl., Co. F, 27th NC, died 3.01.1903. H-24.

MUNGO, E. M., --, Co. H, 1st SC, buried 10.23.1864. D-28.


NELSON, T. R., --, Co. K, 50th VA, buried 11.10.1864. A-15.

NEWBREY, John W., Pvt., Co. H, 17th NC, died 5.03.1900. F-74. Age 56.

NEWTON, Doggett, --, Co. B, 12th NC, buried 11.19.1862. B-33.

NICHOLAS, Robert Carter, Cpl., Co. E, 53rd VA Inf., died 7.02.1904. H-10. Age 65.

NOLAN, J. M., --, Jeff Davis Art., buried 2.21.1865. B-13.

NOLAND, George W., Sgt., Co. A, 2nd VA Inf., died 6.13.1895. G-23.

NOLAND, J. M., --, Jeff Davis Art., buried 2.21.1865. B-13.

NOMEY, John H., --, NC, buried 5.14.1862. D-35.

NORFOLK, Wm., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD, buried 6.07.1877. F-31. Reburied from Virginia, 1877.


OGLETREE, B. F., --, Co. I, 13th GA, buried 8.15.1864. D-71. Age 37.

OLDNER, Philip E., Sgt., 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), --.--.--. F-43. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

OLIVER, Franklin, --, Co. C, 26th VA, buried 10.27.1864. B-25.

ORLIFF, H. J., --, Co. D, 11th GA, buried 10.15.1864. C-21.

OSBOURNE, J. W., --, Co. A, 14th LA, buried 7.25.1863. C-72.

OWENS, J. P., --, MS --.--.--. C-86. (Name could be Towens.)

OWENS, B. Welsh, --, 1st MD Art., died 8.19.1917. B-08. Age 72.

OWENS, J. F., --, 2nd MD Art (Baltimore Light), --.--.--. E-53. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

OWENS, J. S., --, MD, --.--.--. F-62. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.


PARKER, --, --, --, buried 7.04.1873. A-32. Reburied from Gettysburg, PA.

PARKES, --, --, --, buried 7.04.1873. A-32. Reburied from Gettysburg, PA.

PATRICK, James Thomas, --, Co. G, 1st MD Inf. - Co. G, 12th VA Cav., died 2.17.1893. Unknown. Age 56.

PATTERSON, J., --, MD, --.--.--. F-56. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

PATTON, H. H., --, 4th Jeff Davis Art., buried 11.01.01864. A-18.

PAYNE, Joseph F., --, --, died 11.18.1885. E-22. Age 46.

PEARSON, L. D., Sgt., Co. F, 28th GA, buried 10.21.1864. D-09.

PERKINS, J. W., --, Co. E, 11th VA Inf., died 8.25.1891. E-03.

PERKINSON, Robert W., --, Co. B, Hoods Bn., buried 10.14.1864. A-48.

PHILIPS, Benjamin, --, Co. E, 5th FL, buried 10.13.1864. A-46.

PICKET, J., --, 1st MD, buried 6.09.1874 E-46. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

PILKER, Michael, Pvt., Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 2.07.1896. G-07. Age 55.

PITTARD, James W., --, Co. K, 6th NC, buried 11.11.1864. C-25.

PITTMAN, Alonzo J., --, Co. D, 67th NC Inf., died 5.06.1903. H-18. Age 59.

PITTS, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. F, 7th VA Inf., died 1.11.1905. I-09. Age 79.

PLANTZ, George E., --, Co. K, 15th VA Inf., died 1.18.1900. E-61. Age 65. (Name could be Plautz).

PLAUTZ, George E., --, Co. K, 15th VA Inf., died 1.18.1900. E-61. Age 65. (Name could be Plantz).

POPE, D. E., --, Co. I, Holcombe Legion, buried 10.14.1864. C-39.

PORTER, Hugh, --, Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 1.29.1886. E-21. Age 48.

PORTER, Wallace D., Pvt., Richmond Howitzers, died 11.30.1893. F-26. Age 48.

POWELL, Robert, Pvt., Co. A, 17th GA Inf., died 5.29.1900. F-75. Age 53.

POWERS, N. F., --, MD, --.--.--. F-44. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

PREECE, Edward V., Pvt., Co. K, 7th VA Cav. - Co. C, 1st MD Inf., died 10.04.1893. F-23. Age 59.

PRICE, A. D., --, MD, --.--.--. F-35. Reburied from Virginia, 1874. (Name could be Rice).

PRICE, Charles R., --, Co. H, 17th VA Inf., died 3.09.1917. B-16. Age 72.

PRICE, Hugh, --, --, buried 5.11.1864. C-89.

PRICE, James E., --, Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 8.11.1916. B-26. Age 72.

PULLY, John, --, Co. E, 1st AL, buried 2.28.1865. C-beneath monument.

PURT, E., --, MD, --.--.--. F-50. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

PYFER, W. H., --, MD, --.--.--. F-60. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.


QUENSENBERRY, James G., --, 22nd VA, died 8.13.1914. B-42. Age 69.

QUYNN, John H. S., --, Co. E, 1st MD Cav., died 10.28.1916. B-22. Age 74.


RABER, H. L., --, Co. A, 8th VA, buried 8.14.1863. C-82.

RANCH, N. N., --, Co. C, 20th SC, buried 11.06.1864. C-31.

RANDOLL, A., --, Co. I, 1st MD, --.--.--. F-36. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

RAY, J. P., --, Co. E, 8th FL, buried 10.15.1864. A-20.

REEVES, J. N., --, Co. G, 31st GA, buried 11.27.1864. A-12.

REHWINKLE, Henry, Pvt., Co. K, 1st LA Inf., died 9.24.1895. G-10. Age 64.

REYNOLDS, Richard T., --, Co. C, 40th VA Inf., died 5.10.1912. D-46. Age 68.

RHETT, Albert, --, Stuart Bty., died 8.10.1895. G-24. Age 62.

RHETT, Thomas Grimke, Maj., Trans-Missippi Dept., CSA, died 7.28.1878. F-01. Reburied from Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, 8.01.1878.

RHOADS, George M., --, Co. E, 1st MD Inf., died 1.23.1912. D-62. Age 73.

RICE, A. D., --, MD, --.--.--. F-35. Reburied from Virginia, 1874. (Name could be Price.)

RICE, F. W., --, Co. A, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-07a.

RICE, J. R., --, Co. H, 38th VA, buried 1.14.1864. B-83. Age 39.

RICE, T. C., --, Co. C, 58th VA, buried 11.03.1864. B-37.

RICHARDSON, H. G., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 12.26.1902. H-23. Age 61.

RIDGLEY, Samuel, --, Co. A, 1st VA Cav., died 7.17.1897. B-97. Age 57.

RILEY, John, Pvt., Co. G, 5th LA Inf., died 6.04.1900. F-76. Age 66.

RINEHART, Wm., Pvt., Co. C, 1st MD Inf., buried 6.07.1877. F-32. Reburied from Virginia, 1877.

ROBERTS, Benjamin, Lt., 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), buried 6.09.1874. E-50. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

ROBERTSON, Dr. Fenwick, Asst. Surgeon, Jackson Hospital, died 1.31.1911. C-59. Age 82.

ROBINSON, H. G., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. E-33. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

ROBINSON, J. R., --, Co. G, 30th NC, buried 12.16.1864. C-13.

ROBINSON, Wm. C., Lt., Co. H, 55th VA Inf., died 5.19.1918. B-04.

ROBY, W., --, 1st MD Art., --.--.--. E-32. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

RODGERS, John M., --, Co. H, 12th Inf., Mahones Bgd., died 2.16.1921. C-26. Age 71.

ROLPH, George W., --, Co. E, 1st MD Cav., died 7.12.1911. D-70. Age 75.

ROSS, George L., Sgt., Co. G, 1st MD Inf., died 2.20.1888. E-19.

ROSS, James A., --, Co. A, 8th FL, buried 7.18.1863. D-45.

ROWE, Hews T., --, Co. K, 5th NC, buried 7.10.1863. C-62.

ROWE, James F., --, Co. E, 5th VA Cav., died 12.09.1889. E-09. Age 60.

ROWLAND, John N., --, Co. I, 1st SC, buried 11.10.1864. A-26.

RUCKMAN, C. B., --, --, buried 7.07.1865. D-41. (Name could be Beckman.)

RUSSELL, E. T., --, Stuarts Horse Art., --.--.--. E-38. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

RUSSELL, M. B., --, Co. F, 12th SC, buried 7.31.1863. D-55. Age 25.

RYAN, James A., Pvt., Co. H, 1st MD Inf., died 6.20.1888. E-17.


S. A., --, --, MD, --.--.--, F-55. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SARGENT, Harry D. G., --, 1st MD Art., died 3.08.1915. B-38. Age 73.

SATINAS, J., --, MD, --.--.--. F-41. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SAVAGE, George, --, Otey Bty., died 11.09.1910. C-81. Age 65.

SCHOOLS, James G., --, Co. C, 49th VA Inf., died 1.19.1917. B-18. Age 90.

SCHULTZ, Henry, Sgt., Co. D, 1st SC Inf., died 12.01.1903. H-17. Age 66.

SCOTT, Channing M., Sgt., Co. B, 2nd MD Cav., died 6.28.1892. F-08. Age 49.

SCOTT, John, --, --, buried 5.11.1862. D-31.

SCOTT, T. S., --, Co. B, 54th VA, buried 12.23.1864. A-02.

SCURGS, W., --, Co. K, Watkins SC Legion, buried 3.02.1865. C-07. (Name could be Sturgess.)

SEAMAN, Wm., --, --, --.--.--. E-25.

SELLMAN, Wm., --, Co. A, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-35. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SETTLE, Josiah T., --, Kirkpatricks VA Bn., died 12.14.1925. C-08.

SHALTON, R. H., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), --.--.--. E-41. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SHANNON, Saml D., Capt., SC Cav., died 9.09.1896. A-53. Age 62.

SHAW, John A., --, Co. D, 51st NC, buried 10.04.1864. B-93.

SHAW, T. W., --, Co. H, 11th AL, buried 3.03.1864. C-84. Age 25.

SHEED, D., --, 2nd MD, --.--.--. F-42. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SHEEHAN, Edward, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd MD Inf., died 9.03.1895. G-26. Age 62.

SHEETS, Edw. A., --, Co. D, 2nd KY Cav., died 1.03.1908. B-74. Age 71.

SHELLMAN, George K., Lt., Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 5.25.1891. E-04. Age 70.

SHEPERD, Thomas R., Pvt., Co. I, 10th VA Cav., died 8.10.1901. H-28. Age 61.

SHINNING, R. P., --, Co. B, 14th VA, buried 10.14.1864. A-50.

SHOEMAKER, Dr. N., --, MD, --.--.--. F-53. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SIMMONS, W. E., --, Co. C, 1st MD, buried 6.09.1874. E-52. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SIMONS, M. H., --, Co. H, 21st GA, --.--.--. B-31.

SIMPSON, John A., --, Co. D, 1st MD Inf., died 12.30.1904. H-03. Age 64.

SIMS, John J., Cpl., Co. D, 1st MD Inf., died 4.11.1889. E-11. Age 49.

SKIPPER, M., --, Co. D, 46th NC, buried 10.13.1864. A-47.

SLEEPACK, Henry F., --, Co. H, 1st MD Inf., died 9.05.1918. C-46.

SMITH, Augustine Jaqualine, Capt., 31st VA Inf., died 4.23.1899. D-80. Age 67.

SMITH, David J., --, Co. I, 11th NC, buried 7.20.1863. D-49.

SMITH, E. C., --, 2nd VA Inf., died 12.03.1917. B-06.

SMITH, H. Fillard, Cpl., Co. A, 2nd MD Inf., died 5.28.1881. E-09a.

SMITH, Henry H., --, Co. F, 6th AL, buried 11.02.1864. C-19.

SMITH, Joseph, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd VA Inf., died 12.14.1896. A-55. Age 50.

SMITH, Samuel P., Pvt., Baltimore Heavy Art., MD,died 5.11.1895. G-19. Age 53.

SMITH, W. B., --, Co.M, 8th SC, buried 11.06.1864. C-27.

SMITH, W. B., --, Co. A, 7th GA, buried 10.16.1864. D-75.

SMITH, W. J., --, 12th TN Cav., died 3.04.1865. G-20. Reburied from Ft. McHenry, 1895.

SNOWDEN, Nicholas, --, Co. D, 1st MD Inf., died 6.06.1862. E-55. Age 33. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

SOCIESKI, Isadore S., --, 2nd MD Cav., Gilmores Bn., died 5.10.1917. B-14.

SOLLERS, Wm. O., --, Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 6.02.1924. C-14. Age 87.

SPIER, Theodore, --, --, buried 5.15.1862. D-39.

STANSBURY, E., --, 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), --.--.--. F-37. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

STARK, A., Drummer, 4th TN, buried 12.23.1864. A-06.

STARK, Adam, --, --, died 9.17.1878. Unknown. Age 47. (Name could be Stork.)

STEELE, John M., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Inf. - Co. D, 1st MD Cav., died 12.16.1890. E-05. Age 72.

STEVENSON, S. N., --, Co. H, 5th TX, buried 8.07.1863. C-80.

STEWART, Septimus H., Capt., AQM, MD Line, died 1.06.1893. F-16.

STEWART, Thomas R., Capt., Co. G, 2nd MD Inf., died 11.26.1908. B-61. Age 78.

STIEGER, T. E., --, MS, buried 4.21.1864. D-67.

STONER, H. D., --, MD, --.--.--. F-59. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

STONER, J. D., --, MD, --.--.--. F-47. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

STORK, Adam, --, --, died 9.17.1878. Unknown. Age 47. (Name could be Stark.)

STRAIN, George, Pvt., 18th VA Bn. Inf., died 10.24.1904. H-06. Age 72.

STREET, John H., --, Co. A, 1st MD Inf., died 5.05.1903. H-19. Age 64.

STROEMER, Alfonso, Bugler, 2nd GA Art., died 10.18.1890. E-06. Age 54.

STUBBS, R. B., --, Co. C, 18th TN, died 7.29.1914. B-44. Age 78.

STURGESS, W., --, Co. K, Watkins SC Legion, buried 3.02.1865. C-07. (Name could be Scurgs.)

SULLIVAN, M. R., --, Co. D, 4th SC, buried 11.20.1864. A-17. Age 81.

SUNDERLAND, Thomas, Pvt., 1st MD Art., died 1.20.1902. J-12. Age 72.

SWANN, James Monroe, --, Co. E, 14th VA Art., died 4.07.1924. C-16. Age 81.

SYDNOR, A. Judson, Capt., Co. D, 40th VA Inf., died 7.08.1896. G-01. Age 63.


TANERA, Frank, Pvt., Co. H, 47th VA Inf., died 9.08.1895. G-27. Age 96.

TANIER, Wm. A., --, Co. D, 5th AL, buried 11.18.1864. A-24.

TAYLOR, Algernon S., Col., CS Marine Corps, died 5.26.1899. D-81. Age 82.

TAYLOR, Charles, --, Co. F, 66th NC, buried 10.21.1864. C-41.

TAYLOR, George B. P., --, Co. A, Hamptons Legion, SC, buried 7.20.1908. B-65. Age 68.

TAYLOR, H. P., --, Co. E, 7th GA, buried 10.15.1864. D-10.

TEEMS, Daniel, --, Co. G, 28th GA, buried 10.30.1864. D-08.

TERRES, Charles E., Lt., 5th NC, died 7.12.1911. D-72. Age 74.

THIRGETT, W. H., --, Co. C, 7th GA, buried 10.23.1864. D-22. (Name could be Wingett.)

THOMAS, John H., --, Co. H, 1st MD,died 1.09.1924. C-18.

THOMPSON, E. J., --, 8th LA, buried 8.29.1864. C-95. Age 32.

THOMPSON, John W., --, Co. G, 2nd MD Inf., died 2.24.1904. H-14. Age 73.

THOMPSON, Thomas H., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 7.30.1915. B-32. Age 79.

THOMPSON, Winfield S., Chief Engineer, CS Navy, died 9.26.1890. F-27. Age 52.

TILLEY, John B., --, --, buried 6.20.1863. C-60.

TIPPETT, M. A. K., --, Co. B, 1st MD Cav., died 5.30.1907. B-90. Age 71.

TODD, Joseph, Hosp. Stwrd., --, died 11.29.1892. F-14.

TOLBY, George W., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Cav., died 6.13.1893. F-17.

TOMLINSON, James, --, 5th NC, buried 5.17.1862. C-50.

TOWENS, J. P., --, MS --.--.--. C-86. (Name could be Owens.)

TYES, J. M., --, Co. G, 1st AL, buried 10.26.1864. D-18.


UNKNOWN, --, --, --.--.--. A-21.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried 6.28.1881. A-22. Reburied from Gettysburg, PA.

UNKNOWN, --, --, --.--.--. B-01.

UNKNOWN, --, --, --.--.--. B-43.

UNKNOWN, --, --, --.--.--. B-68.

UNKNOWN, --, --, --.--.--. B-85.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. C-beneath monument.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. C-beneath monument.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. C-beneath monument.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. C-beneath monument.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.

UNKNOWN, --, --, buried between 2.--.1865 and 3.--.1865. D-beneath platform.


VESH, Wm. M., --, Co. C, 57th VA, buried 8.19.1863. D-63. Age 21.

VIERS, Wm. Hezekiah, Pvt., Co. B, 35th VA Cav., died 8.16.1905. I-04.


WADDELL, James A., Sgt., Co. B, 23rd VA, died 3.11.1890. E-08. Age 51.

WAGNER, John G., --, Co. A., 2nd MD Inf., died 6.13.1864. E-08a. Killed at White Oak Swamp.

WAITES, N., --, Co. A, 38th GA, buried 3.12.1865. C-beneath monument.

WALBACH, John J. B., Lt., Stonewall Bgd. Art., died 8.06.1892. F-09. Age 81.

WALKER, Benjamin F., --, Co. B, 59th VA., buried 2.04.1865. D-02.

WALKER, Charles, --, Co. K, 49th GA, buried 10.17.1864. B-95.

WALKER, Thomas M., Pvt., Co. A, VA Inf., died 7.04.1904. H-09. Age 63.

WALTON, C. J., --, GA, buried 11.27.1864. A-27.

WANZER, P., --, --, buried 1.--.1863. B-70.

WARFIELD, C. A., --, 1st MD Cav., --.--.--. E-27. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

WARNER, B., --, Co. H, 5th NC, buried 9.--.1862. B-62. Age 35.

WARNICK, John B., --, Co. D, Lucas Bty., died 10.16.1920. C-28.

WARREN, T. S., --, Co. I, 11th SC, buried 12.11.1864. A-10.

WATERS, John H., --, Co. E, 1st MD Cav., died 4.14.1905. D-25. Age 63.

WATSON, Joseph Edward, --, Co. C, 19th Bty., VA Hvy. Art., died 8.15.1902. J-16. Age 63.

WATTS, O. L., --, Co. C, 21st GA, buried 11.03.1864. D-12.

WEATHERS, R. P., --, Co. E, 12th NC, buried 10.27.1864. D-11.

WEEMS, James N., Pvt., 1st MD Art., died 12.06.1885. E-26.

WELLER, J. B., --, GA, buried 2.28.1865. D-03.

WELLER, James, --, --, buried 5.22.1862. C-56.

WENTWORTH, George W., Sgt., Co. G, 1st MD Inf. - Co. C, 2nd MD,died 2.26.1888. E-18.

WEST, Benjamin S., Pvt., Co. A, 9th VA Cav., died 4.25.1905. J-08. Age 76.

WEST, E. S., --, Co. H, 1st MD, --.--.--. E-42. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

WHEELEY, John F., --, Co. D, 5th VA Inf., died 2.29.1909. C-94. Age 61.

WHEELEY, Thomas N., --, Co. B, 25th VA Bn., died 12.15.1904. H-04. Age 61. Reburied at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore, 8.29.1907.

WHITE, J. W. , --, Co. F, 11th NC, died 7.10.1863. D-43.

WILKINSON, W. A., --, Co. F, 1st MD, --.--.--. F-68. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

WILLIAMS, John, --, 47th NC, buried 8.17.1863. D-59.

WILLIAMS, Sewell T., --, Co. A, 13th VA Cav., died 3.02.1904. H-13. Age 64.

WILLIAMSON, S. A., 2nd Lt., Co. E, 21st NC, died 9.13.1909. C-83. Age 69.

WILLIAMSON, G., Capt., Gen. Steuarts Staff, MD, --.--.--. E-02a.

WILSON, James H., --, 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), died 5.17.1923. C-20. Age 82.

WILSON, James W., Pvt., Co. B, 25th VA Inf., died 9.11.1893. F-22. Age 66.

WILSON, Wm. E., --, Co. C, 22nd SC, buried 11.12.1864. A-25.

WINDSOR, C. Hall, Pvt., 2nd Co., Independent Signal Corps, died 4.12.1907. Unknown. Age 63.

WINGETT, W. H., --, Co. C, 7th GA, buried 10.23.1864. D-22. (Name could be Thirgett.)

WISEMAN, H. H., --, Co. B, 1st TN, buried 2.17.1865. C-beneath monument.

WITHERS, Douglas A., --, Co. C, 47th VA Inf., died 11.02.1912. D-36. Age 82.

WOOD, J. G., --, Co. K, 42nd VA, buried 3.02.1865. D-04. (Name could be Foot.)

WOOLEN, S. J., --, Co. E, 45th NC, buried 11.01.1864. C-29.

WRIGHT, Dr. F., --, MD, --.--.--. F-45. Reburied from Virginia, 1874.

WRIGHT, Wm. N., Pvt., Co. K, 1st VA Cav., died 3.19.1901. G-31. Age 63.


YERBY, Wm. H., Cpl., Co. C, 32nd VA Inf., died 8.04.1910. C-71. Age 67.

YINGLING, John D., --, Co. K, 3rd VA Inf., died 10.30.1911. D-66. Age 81.

YOUNG, Benjamin, Pvt., 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake), died 3.31.1905. I-07. Age 86.

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