To praise the Lord for the good he has given!
To remember what he as done for all.
The unlitimate scarifice in his son.

To praise those whom we love .
To remember that they have given much.
The unlitimate scarifices of love, time and money
that were bestowed to us.

To praise those whom we don't know that have given to us.
To remember that many of these have given their lives.
To thank the men and women in military garb is a hard task to do.
For we so take for granted what they have offered to give.

Whether if by lottery they walked the lines or by freewill they signed up for the task.
It makes little difference in both cases they had the choice whether to go or stay.
Many walk amoung us and we've not a clue because civilan life is the perfect mask.
That covers what the past has to say.

If you are blessed to know such as these please stop and thank them today!
For each soul that was given in battle a thousand more were saved from the fray!
So that I could sit here in freedom and write this day.
My thoughts, my prayers and freely send them on to you.

I Thank God for his eternal scarifice.
I Thank God for my family for the scarifice of Love.
I Thank the Soilder for his scarifice of life.
Whether it was a grave, or 6mos of their life or 20 years.
My acknowledgement of these can never be fully expressed.

The words I don't have.
So I just Give Thanks!

Julia K. Hogston November 8 2004