Allen Fuller Adjutant-General - Illinois

I was the one that sent thousands of our youngest and best off to THE WAR.

Off to preserve the Union.

Off to fight for tradition.

What tradition is formed in less than a hundred years?

What did we know of tradition?

Of what value was Fort Donelson?

Was it so terribly important in the over-all scheme of things?

Was it important to Abner Jupp?

His mother?

His father?

How was that mound of dirt by that Southern river Important to Miss Mary Ann Ketchum?

She only loved young Abner.

Was Pittsburg Landing important to John Ashmore from Coles County?

His mother?

His father?

I was respected in the community for years.

An important state official.

The people - they remember.

Or do they?

Who remembers Abner Jupp?

Who remembers John Ashmore?

I do.

I remember them all.

Lucian Hathaway. Bernard McLaughlin

They died at Andersonville.

There are others from Boone County still there.

I remember.

Elisha Strong.

George Taylor.

Hiram Coleman.

And ... and ...

Who was that other lad?

Written by Frank Crawford