As in the Badges, many of the same reasons that this one is not genuine. Andersonville was known by this name only in Union terms. This site was officially known as Camp SUMTER in ALL Confederate referance, documents, and calling by the CSA. You will notice that the letters are EXACTLY as they are on the guard badges, The 2 LL in Andersonville are slightly higher than the rest of the letters and others have the same tipped letters. LIke the guard badges which are easily proven to be fake,, this late is also. This plate was obviously made either from a guards badge,,, and modified.. or at least made with the same tool stamp die.

The Gun

I am far from an expert of the firearms used during the war, but I have talked to friends who are. They tell me that the lenght of the barrel is what would have been used by Cavalry and if this gun could be period,,, but cant comferm unless they could actually handle the piece.