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Charleston Naval Shipyard Memorial
RIP 1901-1996

I've seen web pages for OTHER closed naval shipyards, but NOT one for Charleston - so here is one. Needless to say, this page is under construction - so send any comments or suggestions or ideas or links to me, please - you can click on the email address just above the counter at the bottom of the page! And FEEL FREE to sign the guestbook or leave a comment on the message board...I'd like to see this site bcome as active as some of the other shipyard RIP pages on the WWW.

I've gotten some articles from the Charleston paper that I will add soon, but they were unable to give me any pictures to use if you have any, please send them to the email address at the bottom of the page! Sorry, but the guestbook I was using went kaput, so everything in it vanished. If I haven't gotten back to you, try the NEW feedback or NEW guestbook oremail me.

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