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The Honorable Roy Barnes, Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Room 111
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

FAX the Governor at 404-657-7332

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about the Battle of Resaca - II

A Brief History of the Battle in May 1864
Announcement of the acquisition in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The Official Press Release on the acquisition from the DNR.
An Open Letter From the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc.
A letter to Governor Barnes by distinguished historian Albert Castel.
Excerpts from the diary kept on negotiations with Scott Fletcher by Jim Langford.
Photos and highlights from the Atlanta Campaign Reunion/Rally - August 21, 1999
An Article in the August 14, 1999 Atlanta Journal-Constitution by O.J. Keller
An Article in the July 31, 1999 Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Don Wesley-Brown
A detailed response by the webmaster to the Wesley-Brown article
An Announcement of the Atlanta Campaign Reunion/Rally
A Letter from Atlanta Campaign historian Bill Scaife
"Effort to save battlefield bogs down" from the July 4, 1999 Atlanta-Journal Constitution
A letter to Governor Barnes from William Stark of Fairview Park, Ohio that brings a very human touch to this controversy.
An interesting article from the May 29, 1999 Calhoun Times regarding burial of the dead on Civil War battlefield sites.
The Official Offer by the Georgia DNR for the Battlefield Property
An Offical Statement by the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc., dated May 12, 1999
Editorials Printed in The Atlanta Constitution & The Atlanta Journal on May 3, 1999 & March 24, 1999
A Resolution by the Georgia Civil War Commission
An Editorial Printed in The Augusta Chronicle on April 7, 1999
An Editorial Printed in The Marietta Daily Journal on April 19, 1999
A Letter to Governor Barnes from a historian of the Battle
A Proclamation issued by the local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp

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