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Sarah Ella White at 18
Oscar B. Boyd

The above picture is of William Arthur "Art" Boyd taken for his wedding, 27 Jan. 1908. (9 Oct. 1884-20 May 1942)

(A work in progress...additions on 21 Sept. 1999)

Elijah Boyd/Boyt was born in Emanuel County, Georgia in 1828 and died there in 1866. At this time we think we are close to tying him in with the other Boyds/Boyts there who were close neighbors and share many given names. I also discovered these surnames were used interchangeably during the early 1800s.

Elijah was a son of James Boyd/Boyt (1791-1858) and Rebecca Unk (1808-after 1870). (James Boyt is listed as "Will Testator" 8 December 1857 on pages 86, 87, 88 in Book A, Records of Wills, Administrations, Guardians, and Bond, etc.) The following are the known children of James and Rebecca.

  1. Arthur born 1827-unk

  2. Elijah born 1828-1866

  3. Benjamin born 1830-unk

  4. Stephen born 1831-unk

  5. Elizabeth born 1834-unk

  6. Amelia born 1836-unk

  7. Alice born 1841-unk

  8. Rebecca born 1844-unk

  9. Martha born 1847-unk

The above information for James Boyd and Rebecca and children is from the 1850 Burke Co., GA Census which list James as a Farmer worth 800 dollars.

Elijah married Elizabeth Martin daughter of James Martin and Harriet Unknown, 28 December 1856 in Emanuel County, GA. Elizabeth was born in 1832 according to the Emanuel County, GA Census. Her siblings are: Mary, 1824; Sarah, 1827; James, 1836; Susanah, 1837; Isaac, 1839; Nelson, 1845; Dennis, 1847; Dealpha, abt 1849; and William, abt 1849. James' birthdate is 1804 and Harriett's is 1809. Visit #598 from the 1850 Emanuel Co., Census.

They next appear on the 1860 Emanuel County Census with two sons: James J.V., born 1858, and Thomas Latimer, born 3 January 1860. In April 1856 we find Elijah Boyd listed as "Will Testator" in Book A Record of wills, administrations, Guardians, and Bonds, etc. on pages 74, 80-81. (This Elijah Boyd is the husband of Patience Ukn Boyd and possibly an uncle to my Elijah Boyt.) Then in 10 December 1866 we find Elizabeth Boyt and James H. Martin seeking custody for Anthony Boyt. On 7 January 1867 Elizabeth Boyt seeks 500.00 for James J.V., Thomas L., and Harriett H. C should be an R. for Rebecca) Boyt from their father's estate. Note that Anthony Boyt is not listed. (Emanuel Co. Book A Census. page 113.) The next time we find information on this family is in 1870 Ware County Census. Elizabeth is listed as the head of the household with the two sons and a daughter named Harriet R. Elizabeth is now spelling the sur name "BOYD". Elijah died in 1866 but at this time I don't know the cause.

This census has the following facts: Dwelling, 185, Means 189, Elizabeth listed as Farmer with 300 in real estate and 409 in personal property. Anthony Boyd is not listed with this family.

In the 1870 Emanuel Co., Census we find the following information: "(465) BOYD, Rebecca 62, wf [SC?]; Stephen 36, wm, FL; Elizabeth 33, wf; Allice 28, wf; Melissa 23, wf; Frances B. wm." (467) MARTIN, James A.J. 32, wm; Elizabeth 26, wf; John P. 4, wm; Mary 1, wf; Sarah 40, wf; Harriet 9, wf."

A Discovery? I feel that Elizabeth Martin's father, James H. Martin, is Treacy Martin's (She married David Jonathan Strickland [1780-1873].) brother. The similarity in the James Martins and their Harriet Unk wives and the dates and Emanuel Co., Ga seem to lead me to this conclusion. If this is the case then James Martin, Sr. is my gggg grand father on my Boyd side and gggg grand father on my Griffin side. Can anyone help me prove this further? (Note the following information from John Wise about our Martin family: James Martin, Sr. born 6 Oct 1756 in Orangeburg District, English Province of S.C. Died in Bulloch Co., GA married Mary Unknown in N.C. or S.C. Mary was born 12 August 1764 in english Province of N.C. or S.C. Their children: Treacy Martin born abt 1789 in Barnwell Co., S.C. ; John Asa Martin born abt 1790 in Barnwell Co., S.C. ; Tabitha Martin born about 1793 in Barnwell Co., S.C.; James Martin, Jr. born abt 1803 in Bulloch Co., GA , died after 1860 in Ware Co., GA married Harriett Unknown born abt 1824 in Emanuel Co., GA ; Nancy "Mercy" Martin born abt 1807 in Bulloch Co., GA; Delilah Martin born abt 1809 in Barnwell Co., S.C.) THIS HAS NOT BEEN PROVED YET BUT I FEEL STRONGLY IT WILL.

I am searching for Elizabeth, James J.V., and Harriet R. I believe this family moved from Emanuel County to Ware due to the Martin family connection there after Elizabeth won custody of her children in 1866. Elizabeth would be about 38 at this time and perhaps she remarried. Her son, Thomas Latimer, married Nancy Ann Corbitt, (daughter of Mary Ann Letitia "Pollie" Bennett daughter of John Bennett and Francis "Fannie Harris and Daniel Corbitt son of John Corbitt and Penny Unknown) in 12 February 1880 in Manor, Ware Co., GA.(Nancy and Thomas are buried in New Prospect Methodist cemetery. Her monument says MRS. NANCY BOYD JUNE 14, 1857 FEB. 24, 1941 A loving wife and Mother sleeps here. His monument says T. L. BOYD JAN. 3, 1860 JUNE 20, 1928 A loving husband and Father sleeps here.

Thomas Latimer and Nancy Ann Corbitt Boyd are my great grand parents; they produced 11 children.

The Children and their Spouses of Nancy Ann Corbitt and Thomas Latimer Boyd

  1. Polly Ann, 13 Jan 1881 - 27 July 1887

  2. Screven, 22 Nov 1881 - 7 Oct 1891

  3. James Daniel, 29 Jan 1883 - 23 June 1903, These 3 children are buried in New Prospect Methodist cemetery out of Manor, Ware Co., GA.

  4. William Arthur "Art", 9 Oct 1884 - 20 May 1942, mar. 27 Jan 1908, Sarah Ella White, 22 Aug 1889 - 5 Dec 1979 Art and Ella are buried in Camp Branch Holiness cemetery out of Manor, Ware Co., GA.

  5. Roxie Ann "Rockie", 13 Dec 1887 - 28 July 1984, mar. Charlie Clifford Ferrell, 11 May 1884 - 3 Apr 1926 Rockie and Charlie are buried in New Prospect Methodist cemetery.

  6. Thomas "Tom", 11 Mar 1890 - 4 Jan 1978, mar. 1st Jenny Revels, 4 Dec 1890 - 6 Feb 1922; 2nd Irene White, 5 Sept 1910 - 20 Apr 1982 (She was the dau of George White, brother to Sarah, Pearl, and Joseph) Tom, Jenny, and Irene are buried in New Prospect Methodist cemetery.

  7. Harley "Harle", 8 May 1893 - 4 Apr 1959, mar. Mattie Crews, 1897 - 1960

  8. Isaac "Ike", 12 Apr 1895 - 1976 (twin), mar. Pearl Mae White, 1901 - 1978 (sister to Sarah and Tom) Pearl and Ike are buried in Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  9. Rosa Leona "Rose", 12 Apr 1895 - 1982 (twin), mar. Joseph David White, 1884 - 1942 (brother to Sarah and Pearl)

  10. Richard "Dick", 10 Oct 1898 - 15 Feb 1981, mar. 1st Bessie Clinton, 2nd Aline Cribb, 2 Oct 1911 - 9 Nov 1947 (daughter of Sarah, Pearl,and Joseph's sister, Mary White), 3rd Mrs. Leona Thompson Henderson, 11 July 1915 - 8 May 1982 (widow of James Theron Henderson, 5 Aug 1913 - 4 May 1945)("J. T." and Leona are buried at Mt. Olive P B cemetery.)

  11. Emma "Em", 4 Mar 1900 - 17 Apr 1963, mar. Clifford S. Steedley, 4 Mar 1899 - 16 May 1975, Emma and Cliff are buried in New Prospect Methodist cemetery.

Children and their Spouses of William Arthur and Sarah Ella White Boyd

  1. Alvin Otto, 9 Sept 1909 - 14 Aug 1984, 1st wife mar. 23 Dec 1930, Ruby Aline James, 3 May 1907 - 3 May 1971 (She is sister to Little William, grand daughter of Martha Miller Henderson Thornton), 2nd wife, Mrs. Thelma Christain Strickland, (widow of Randall Jackson McQuaig) Aline and Alvin are buried in the Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  2. Oscar B. Boyd, 8 Jan 1912 - 23 June 1963, mar. 7 Apr 1938, Myrtle Loree Griffin, 27 Apr 1919, Oscar is buried in Booth cemetery in Manor, Ware Co., GA.

  3. Lottie, 6 July 1914-13 Feb 2002, mar. 10 Apr 1935, Colon Wesley James, 19 Aug 1915 (nephew to Aline and William)

  4. Edna Evelyn, 9 Oct 1917, mar. 1st Little William James,(brother to Aline and nephew to Wesley), 2nd J Curtis Lambert. Bill and J. C. are buried in Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  5. Clara Ruth, 4 Feb 192- 2 Oct 2001, mar. 24 Apr 1943, Jessie Mack Smith, 14 Dec 1921 - 12 Sept 1985 Clara and Jessie are buried in Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

Grand Children of William Arthur and Sarah Ella White Boyd

Alvin and Aline's Children:

  1. Robert Lamar born 9 Oct

  2. Charles Everett born 12 Sept 1933, died 27 August 1999. Charles is buried in the Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  3. Jack Dempsy born 25 Nov

  4. Jimmy Karl born 13 Apr

  5. Winton Lee born 10 Sept

  6. Raymond Otto born 11 Jan

  7. Infant Daughter stillborn 25 April 1945. She is buried in Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  8. Roger born 14 Feb

Oscar and Myrtle's Children:

  1. Terry Wayne Boyd born 7 January (Name officially changed to Christopher Henderson Griffin Boyd.) mar. Sarah Ellen Walters born 15 Dec. Son, Terry Wayne, Jr. born in Lufkin, Tex on 12 Aug. , married Anne Leach. Their son, Everett Keller Boyd was born 12 Sept. Daughter, Lisa Michelle born 2 Mar. in Commerce, GA, mar. Allan Pearson born 15 July. Children: Allison Nicole (Nikki) born 10 Mar. and Kassie Renee (Cassandra) born 2 Apr.

  2. Melanie Susanne born stillborn 13 July 1943, buried in Camp Branch Providence P. B. cemetery out of Manor, Ware Co., GA, next to her great-grandparents, Jacob Riley White and Cecilia Ann Corbitt White.

  3. William Arthur born 21 April mar. Phyllis Victoria Bennett born 6 Oct. Daughter, Pamela Denise born 22 January. mar. Scott Sorensen born 9 July. Parents of Parker David born 2 Sept. Son Brian Christopher born 8 Mar.

  4. Dennis Joe born 30 July mar 1st., Jennie Amanda Wilson born 22 Nov. Daughter, Nancy born 9 Dec. 2nd, Ms. Connie Augusta White Stokes born 16 Feb. Daughter, Melanee Alyssa born 7 Dec. Son, Joseph Daniel born 8 Mar. 3rd, Ms. Dorothy Joan Axon born 15 July.

  5. Peter Matthew stillborn 1949, buried in Camp Branch Providence P. B. cemetery next to his sister.

  6. Rhonda Genice born July mar. 1st, Joseph Felton Smith, Jr. born 15 Nov. Sons, Joseph Felton, III (Jody) born 14 Oct., and James Earnest (Jamie) born 18 April. 2nd, Michael Godbold born 17 Feb.

Lottie and Wesley's Children:

  1. Arthur Lavaughn born 22 Apr.

  2. Barry Lamar born 23 Sept.

  3. Bonnie Ray "Butch" born 28 Feb.

Edna and William's Children:

  1. Howard Glen, 1938 - 24 Jan 1994, Howard is buried in the Camp Branch Holiness cemetery.

  2. Jerry Waddell born 3 June.

  3. Linda Patricia born 4 April.

Clara and Jessie's Children:

  1. Jimmy Michael born 23 Jan.

  2. Travis Ronald 24 July.

  3. Brenda Sue born 6 Oct.

Spouses to be added...
Updated 12 July 2006