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Welcome to C Boyd's Wiregrass Roots XIII

(The above picture is of James, Nancy, and Mattie Henderson)


James Monroe Henderson, the eldest child of Lewis Jarrell and Martha Ann Miller, was born 28 January 1854 in Ware County, Georgia and died 3 October 1928 of a heart attack in Manor, Ware County, Georgia. He married Nancy Ann Bennett, a daughter of John Bennett, a son of Henry Bennett and Nancy Corbitt and his wife Sarah Wilson, a daughter of Jesse Wilson and Mary Snowden, on 1 March 1877 in Clinch County, Georgia. Nancy was born 13 September 1860 in Clay County, Florida and died 14 December 1957, in Waycross, Ware County, Georgia. (He was sitting on the front porch of the farm writing a letter to his sister, Martha Ann Victoria "Mattie" Byrd in Mississippi when he had the attack. Mattie was married to Jehu Byrd--pronounced G Hugh--) To Nancy and James were born eleven children.

1. Premature son born 1878. He is buried on Billy's Island, Okefenokee Swamp, Clinch County, Georgia.

2. Isabelle Mae born 24 October 1879, died 17 December 1912, due to complications in childbirth. Belle married John Perry Strickland 23 April 1896. John Perry was born 6 March 1874 and died 22 October 1953. John Perry was a son of Samuel C. and Mary Ann Bennett, and a grandson of William Strickland and Rebecca Hyatt. (Belle lifted a large pot of water at a hog killing and went into labor and lost the baby and bled to death. They are buried side by side in the Screven Cemetery.)

3. Leon Thomas born 1 March 1882, died 20 November 1940. Leon married Zelpha Lee Barber 25 August 1907. Zelpha was born 4 April 1887 and died 17 February 1921.

4. Minnie Jane born 18 August 1884, died 18 July 1981. Minnie married Joseph Daniel Griffin 20 November 1902. Joe was born 25 September 1882 and died 2 April 1964. He was a son of Peter Griffin and Margaret "Margie" Thrift.

5. Annie Eliza born 26 February 1887, died 17 September 1980. Annie married William Harley Hickox 8 April 1906. Harley was born 4 August 1884 and died 9 January 1960. He was a son of David Eugene Hickox and Sina Thrift.(Sina was the niece of Margaret.)

6. Mae Clara born 13 September 1889, died 23 January 1983. Mae married Carey Cornelius McQuaig 15 January 1908. Carey was born 16 January 1888 and died 29 March 1969.

7. James Martin born 13 September 1892, died 24 April 1957. James married Eliza Beverly 11 January 1911. Eliza was born 11 January 1888 and died 16 December 1963. She was a daughter of Newton Beverly and Nancy Thomas.

8. Nora Bessie born 28 January 1895, died 6 April 1972. Nora married James Walter Aldridge 20 November 1912. Walter was born 12 September 1890 and died 4 May 1919.

9. Harvey Owen born 18 August 1898, died of tuberculosis 11 months later on 1 July 1899. Harvey was buried in the James Cemetery on the Randall McQuaig farm in Manor, Ware County, Georgia. In the 1980s his headstone was moved and placed between his mother's and father's monuments in Mt.Olive Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Manor, Ware County, Georgia. The picture of his monument on this page has a lamb on it and it reads, "He carries the lamb in His bosom."

10. Mattie Eleanor born 30 July 1901, died 24 July 1996. Mattie married James Walter Evans 12 April 1919. Walter was born 16 October 1898 and died 29 March 1931. He was a son of Benjamin Franklin Evans and Margaret Lane. Mattie married William Patrick Underwood 25 January 1933. Pat was born 10 March 1893 and died 20 April 1966. Mattie married J. Crolus Paul 8 April 1971. I do not have his dates at this time.(A large birthday party was planned for Aunt Mattie and the family had come from various places to celebrate when she died suddenly before her birthday.)

11. John Franklin born 3 October 1905, died 20 October 1971. John married Nora Pearl Howard 5 February 1926. Pearl was born 8 September 1909 and died 1987. She was a daughter of Aaron Christopher Howard and Nora Riggins.

Updated 9 September 1998. If you have information for me regarding these kin please email me. If you find any errors, please let me know.

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