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Hoage House: This is my home here in Rutherford, NJ which we have been restoring. It is one of the signifcant historic homes in this area. "Not only is this one of the oldest dwellings in Rutherford but one of the best preserved, and a fine example of an L-shaped, two storied structure with excellent proportions and restrained detail, set on its original lot with a two storied barn. This definitely merits inclusion in state/national regististers." BCOC&HA It was built by Lafayette and Harriette Elizabeth "Hettie" Henon Hoage in 1872. During renovations on the houseHome.jpg (41103 bytes) we discovered over 30 items which had belonged to the Hoages. They had been sealed up behind a trap door in the ceiling. (One of the items which is very special is a little mantel clock which still works after all those years of being hidden away.) This was plastered over and forgotten. The red barn behind the house is where he kept his horse and his carriage.