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I am aware that those are chickens,they just looked cool,so I put them there..

Think you have a better picture than my chickens? see if you can beat me..

Hideley ho neighboroonie..

Hello folks..alot of you are probably really pissed because I haven't updated in forever..well I'm sorry and I may or may not have more time in the future so just keep checking back,Suggestions are welcome,complaints are punishible only by death. so enjoy your stay and tell a few friends..

A new message from everybodys favorite mental paitent Just a note to let you all know how I'm doing

If you want you can take a look at my links..I'm not done with them yet though..

..Top 10 reasons why you shouldn't eat cat food...

..Top 10 reasons why you SHOULD eat cat food...

coming soon (maybe) the story of the wild duck (written by another duck and myself)...and be paitent it could be a while..but it will get done..

....Why I hate posers..

.. ok guess what we have a new addition to my little page,well I actually wrote it so it's mine..

The Euphonium and Baritone Homepage
finally someone has a good page up about that kind of stuff, and understands that they are real instruments..

I'm a proud member of the I hate frames club..

I also support free is a right you know..

This just looked cool and it's true thought I'd stick it here..

...and now what you've all been waiting for.. The official Angela worship page ...

well this here would be the traditional spot for the "sign my guest book,leave sugestions" crap..well I'm not going to tell you to sign my
guest book because I don't have one..HA..and you can leave me suggestions if you want,weather or not I'll listen to you is another I'll take it to consideration,and maybe even answer you back..

send me mail send me mail..

Since I can't think of anything really smart assed to say here,just,well let me know what number visitor you were,everyone is special around here

Every Millionth visitor gets a free gift..of my choice..he he he..