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Most of you probably think that blacks were the only slaves in the United States but until 1865 not only blacks but whites,indians,irish,etc were legal slaves in the U.S. Slavery was particularly prevalent with women. Below is a documented instance of white slavery, although in Franklin county, Ga., this buyer and seller later became a Forsyth county resident. "Franklin county, Ga., book B,page 261, bill of sale dated 29 April, 1825, Franklin county, Ga. from Wyatt Allen to Thomas Hervill in cons. of $25.00, conveys all his right, title and claim to a certain white woman named Hannah Norman, hformerly Hannah Andrews, who sold to said Allen by her husband, Sherwood Norman, 21 April 1824 .wit.Nimrod Andrews,William Hughes,J.P." Wyatt Allen later moved to Forsyth county and had a large family which prospered here. For comments or updates email

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