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Hoyles book of strategy

Howdy folks! My names Hoyle and Im here to teach you a little strategy.

In Gommora you got to know your poker, so learn up before you go ridden out. If you dont you might just find your self on a one way trip to hell, or worse!

I have decks for most of the outfits!I borowed some of these decks from The Crows nest. If you would like to visit that site just follow the doomtown dispatch sign on my home page. New decks will be coming soon so come back often!

If you have a deck you want me to post please send it to me. All submissions will be posted. Thanks and enjoy your stay! -CL

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The lawdogs 8
The collegium 13
Sweetrock Mining 4
The Blackjacks 14
The Sioux Union 6
The Whatleys 9
The Flock 7