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The LawDogs

Law Dogs Decks


1 Bob Bidwell

1 Hector Casparo (starting)

1 Jessie Freemont (starting)

1 Lucky Ted

1 Arizona Jane

1 Tao Cheng - "T.C." (starting)

1 Deputy John Templeton

1 Cordelia "Corky" Hendricks

1 Nate Hunter (starting)


1 The Slaughterhouse

1 Blacksmith

1 Pike's Puddle Mine

1 San Simeon Mine

1 Drop in the Ocean Strike

1 The Desert Rose Lode

1 The Undertaker's

1 Foale's Folly

1 Henry's Hole

1 Tombstone Dispatch Branch Office


2 Cheatin' Varmint

2 Out of Ammo

2 Crack Shot

4 Sun in yer Eyes

2 Double Dealin'

1 Dust Devil

2 Warrant

1 Extortion

2 Framed

3 Lynch Mob

1 Caught with yer Pants Down

1 Quickdraw

1 Grave Robbin'

2 Claim Jumper

1 Yer All Chicken!

2 Clean up the Town


2 New Hat

2 Pearl Handed Revolver

1 The Joker

The object is to gain victory points for acing wanted dudes in shootout or with the Lynch Mobs. It's easy to declare a dude as wanted with Warrant and Framed. As you will see, no deed in this deck has Control point on it. So, just take the deeds of your opponent ! Don't be affraid to put your own deeds in play even if you can't protect all of them : They're almost all out of town and your opponent will think twice before going and boot there. For Draw Hands, you're normally able to build a flush with clubs (29 in the deck !) with little help of Pearl Handed Revolver and Crack Shot. In Other cases, you will have a full house or at least two pairs.

Judgin' The Unworthy

By Wrath, posted February 16th 1999 - Episode 9

Type: Fun


Corky hendricks

Judge henry Warwick

Charlie flatbush

charlie landers

pierre fontaine

william olson

eagle rock

ian spencer whitney


nash bliton

austin stoker

prof. susan franklin

billy no neck

jim macneil

nate hunter

arizona jane

tao cheng "TC"


rock ridge mine

knot mine

hell's end mine

1st bank of gomorra

desert rose lode

dragons nest strike

nasty doc's

stuffed to the gills strike

smiley's shaft

water's edge strike

callahan's ditch

top of the world lode

spirit of kentucky shaft

on the side strike

king willy"s mother lode

the dentist's office

the docks


2x clean up the town


2x take ya with me

2x just a graze

2x warrant


founders day

los diablos stampede

a coach comes to town


dynamite launcher

bowie knife

bullet proof vest

2x pearl handled revolver

miracle elixir

Joker x 2

Notes: Simple. Make someone wanted with warrant , use Judge Henry Warwick to go after them. With nine studs in the deck you usally win shoot outs. If you get a pearl revolver and bowie knife on nate hunter .WOHOO!! go to town. This deck has a huge amount of cp in it(19). With the ones for wanted dudes , all the better. Just sit back and ace as many high influence wanted dudes as you can while pileing up the cp and ghost rock . Then go for the win . Also nasty doc's helps you turn you cannon foder into one of you high stud dudes harrowment . Don't worry about ghost rock with all the cheap deeds you will make plenty.

  Respect my Authority!

By Shane Tilton, posted February 12th 1999 - Episode


Type: Tournament


Deputy John Templeton

Nate Hunter

Charlie Landers x 2

Cordelia "Corky" Hendricks X 2

Hector Casparo

J.P Coleman

Judge Henry Warwick

Tao Cheng ("TC")


Dispatch Office

Foale's Folly

Fu Leng's Laundry & Tailoring

Jail x 2

LAD Saloon

Sam Simeon's Mine x 3

The 1st Bank of Gomorra

Top of the World Lode

Town Hall


A Price on His Head x 2

Dead Man's Hand x 2

Get a Rope! x 2

Warrant x 4

Lady Luck x 2

Lynch Mob x 2


Yellow Traitor x 2


A Coach Comes to Town x 2


Founder's Day x 4


New Hat x 2

Pearl-Handled Revolver

Shotgun x 2

Winchester Rifle

Joker x 2

Notes: Cartman would be proud of this deck! Use the warrants to make your opponents wanted and then blast them out of the water with Shotguns. Ghostrock is easy to get with Founder's Day and A Coach is Coming to Town. Good Hunting!


By Streicher Andreas, posted December 15th 1998 -

Episode 7

Type: Tournament


Charlie Flatbush

Charlie Landers

Xiong "Wendy" Cheng

Cordelia Hendricks

Werner Braun

Nate Hunter

Nash Bilton

Tao Cheng

Becky Hendrick

Nelson Roberts

Judge Henry Warwick

Reverend Simon MacPherson

Cassidy Greene

Deputy John Templeton


The Lucky Dog Lode

Spirit of Kentucky Shaft

Fish Ridge Mine

The Docks

Miner`s Union House

Green-Eye Saloon

Golden Mare Hotel

Sunnyside Hotel

Top of the World Lode

Callahan`s Ditch

Hell`s End Mine

Water`s Edge Strike

King Willy`s Mother Lode

Rock Ridge Mine

Sam`s General Store


Framed x 3

Bounty-Hounter x 3

Bad Tequilla x 4

Pistol Whip x 3

Take Ya with me x 3

No Funny Stuff x 3


Founder’s day x 4

Joker x 2

Notes: Combo:Framed+Bounty Hunter+Take ya with me...well you have enough Ghost Rock in this Deck

  In Loving Memory

By Hedley Coppock, posted October 9th 1998 -

Episode 6

N.B. This deck came second at the UK SELWG


Cards marked in Red are those used to make the Dead Man's Hand during shootouts.

Dudes (17)

Nate Hunter

Rev Simon McPherson

Charlie Flatbush

Elizabeth King

2x Cordelia “Corky” Hendricks

2x Marco Muskovich

1x Tao Cheng

1x Xiong “Wendy” Cheng

1x Nash Bilton

1x Deputy John Templeton

1x Sheila Mirabella

1x Cassidy Green

1x Jessie Freemont

1x Bob Bidwell

1x Bronco Bjork Gutmansen

1x Lucky Ted


1x Courthouse

1x Jail

1x Fu Leng’s Laundry

1x Pony Express

1x Alright corral

2x San Simeon mine

1x Pike’s Puddle mine

1x Drop in the Ocean strike

1x Ike’s strike

1x Clocktower


1x Pearl handled revolver

3x Roan

2x New Hat


1x Total eclipse

1x Founder’s day

4x Easter Sunday


1x Human shield

1x Lynch mob

2x Warrant

1x Clean up the town

1x A price on his head

1x Foreclosure

4x It’s just coal

Elizabeth King is essential for powering the Lynch Mob, most turns you can bring in a free or very cheap, non-unique weenie, if they have zero influence use them in the mob.  The new hats are mainly for the Reverend and Charlie F so they can make 2-influence dudes wanted for VPs.  I’d also say that It’s just coal is essential for a disintegrating DMH deck because a) it’s free, b) it slows your opponent down (unless they’re Sweetrock) and c) you ace it after playing it.  I dropped one CUTT from the original version of the deck to reduce the chance of cheating during lowball and having the Jail/Courthouse foreclosed.  Bronco Bjork and the Corral are also great for getting free roans into play to ride to those out of town deeds to arrest perps.  The Cort and Jail combo worked brilliantly, the most memorable occaision was a 3-strong lynch mob taking out a wanted Nicodemus W, putting him in Jail for the bounty, which gave me enough GR to play the Courthouse and ace him, voila, 2 VPs!  Why In Loving Memory?  JP Coleman is dead!  It’s too easy to kill JP these days, so why play with him?

The Hangin' Tree

By Sean Meek, posted October 5th 1998 - Episode 6

Dudes (17)

   -Cordelia Hendricks

   -Reverend Simon MacPherson

   -Elizabeth King

   -Charlie Landers

   -Deputy John Templeton

   -Wendy Cheng

   -Tao Cheng

   -Hector Casparo

   -Charlie Flatbush

   -Clell Miller

   -Lilith Vandekamp

   -Hank Gallagher

   -Jessie Freemont

   -"Lucky" Ted

   -Bob Bidwell

   -Humphrey Walters

   -Cassidy Greene


   -Top of the World Lode

   -Spirit of Kentucky Shaft

   -Pony Express

   -Miss Coutreau's

   -The Lucky Dog Lode

   -King Willy's Motherlode

   -Jail x3


   -The Courthouse x2


   -Lynch Mob x4

   -Framed x4

   -Snakebite x2

   -Bounty Hunter x4

   -Foreclosure x2

   -Pistol Whip x4

   -Warrant x4

Joker x2

This deck is a basic Law Dogs lynching deck.  Stay at home and start making people wanted.  Then play locations and wait for people to move so you can lynch'em!  I've never played in a tournament so I don't know how this deck would fare but it's done well for me.  The only thing thats this deck needs to be careful about is ghost rock.  It doesn't produce a lot and it has a fair amount of upkeep, but careful play will avoid any problems.  Use Elizabeth to get drifters out and quickly empty your hand to draw some wanted cards or a lynch mob or bounty hunter.  When you need to, go get in a gunfight and pistol whip those outlaws home.

The Hunter

By Nathan Miller, posted October 5th 1998 - Episode



1 Nate Hunter

1 Charlie Flatbush

1 Charlie Landers

1 J.P. Coleman

1 Hector Casparo

1 Nash Bilton

1 Judge Henry Warwick

1 Deputy John Templeton

1 Austin Stroker

1 Elizabeth King

1 Jesse Fremont

Deeds (10)

1 Henry's Hole

1 Pike's Puddle Mine

1 On the side strike

1 Courthouse

1 Jail

1 Old Moon Saloon

1 Red Hill Hotel

1 Casino Moregue

1 One Eyed Ike's Weapon locker

1 Fu leng's Laundry

Actions (25):

4 Ace in the Hole

3 Warrant

2 Framed

4 Lynch Mob

2 Run out of Town

4 Cheatin' Varmint

2 Fanning the Hammer

2 Snake bite

2 Sun in yer Eyes

Goods (4)

2 Shotgun

2 Pearl Handled Revolver

Events (2)

2 Coach comes to town

Just start with Hunter, Flatbush, and Landers and you will prevent an early victory then use your warrants with lynch mob's to gain victory.

Nash Bilton's Reign of Terror

By David Underwood, posted September 17th 1998 -

Episode 6

Cards marked in Red are those used to make the Dead Man's Hands during shootouts.


Nash Bilton

Charlie Flatbush

Reverend Simon MacPherson

3x Charlie Landers

The Amazing Xemo

Red Crow

Saul Whateley

Marko Muscovich

4x Corky Hendricks

"Gordo" Andrade

Meredith Singleton


4x Warrant

3x Clean up The Town

2x Bum Rush (Nash is a bum)

4x Ace in the Hole

3x Cheatin' Varmint

2x Human Shield (Nash believes that a sacrifice to

protect him will in the end, save the town. )

Lady Luck

Out of Ammo

2x Dead Man's Hand

2x Sheriff's Watchin

Pinned Down


Lynch Mob


4x San Simeon Mine

3x Pike's Puddle Mine


The Courthouse

2x Joker

The Purpose of this deck is to have Charlie Flatbush and the Reverend put out Warrants, then have Nash Walk all over them with CUTT, his action, Dead Man's Hand. When you get in the shootout, Rush like the Bum Nash is, then proceed to pull a Dead Man's Hand a good 80% of the time with the assistance of Ace in The Hole.

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