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The Flock

Flock Fondue

By Chris Foley, posted January 28th 1999 - Episode 9 Another Tournament winning deck from Chris...this is one mean hombre! Also, Chris has provided an excellent discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the deck at the end...take a look.

Type: Tournament


Lechery 5S

Buster Madison 4S

Avarice 4S

Idleness 3S

Cassidy Greene 2S


Foale's Folly†† KD

Wishing Well† KD

Henry's Hole† KD

Harlot's Haven Strike x2† QD

Pike's Puddle Mine x2† JD

Ike's Strike x2† 10D

King Willy's Mother Lode† 6D

Lonesome Willow Strike† 5D

Fish Ridge Mine† 4D


Rumors x4† JC

Snake Eyes x4† 9C

Run Outta Town x3† 7C


It Was a Mountain Lion x4† 8H

Los Diablos Stampede x4† QH


Calm x4† KH

Blood Curse x4† 10H

Mind Twist x4† AH

Babble On x4† QH

No Jokers

Notes:† OK.† This is the deck that I claimed this past week was complete broken tournament cheese.† I'm sure a lot of people are looking at it and thinking, "Big deal, it's just a combination It Was a Mountain Lion (IWAML)/influence-reducer deck". † No sir, and you're wrong too ma'am. This thing goes farther.† It's not just a clumsy event deck, or a random influence-reducer.† EVERY CARD HAS SYNERGY WITH EVERY OTHER CARD.† Every card here works to make another card in the deck do something. † I'm not just talking from the standpoint of value, either.† Take a look:

The Los Diablos and IWAML take out the high-value dudes my opponent has. My highest value dude is 5, so events will *always* take out my opponent's dudes at least in the first turn or 2 (fairly safe to say).

The Run Outta Towns then are there to take out the low-value dudes in lowball.† This card is SO much better than Jackelope in this deck that it's not even funny.† You cheat, you lose influence.† Every time.† There's always some random low-value 1 influence chumley on the table that just wants a Feather Suit =).

Now that the LDS and IWAML have done their jobs, it's likely that the high influence dudes are gone.† Now I have 16 different ways of reducing your influence, and since the >2 inf. dudes are likely gone my Babble On/Mind Twists are likely to require a *6* to succeed.† Almost impossible to miss in this deck.† I also have the *two* Blessed:1 so I don't care if one dies or is Stampeded.† However, I *do* keep them around (paying the 1upk on Idleness) since 2 Babble On is Good.

Plus I have the 4 Snake Eyes just in case I miss a spell pull, or to tweak LDS/IWAML pulls.

The Calms are completely huge in this deck and it needs 4 of them to avoid problems with decks like Micah's that use lots of Kidnapping, Ambush, Massacre, etc.† These also have synergy with the LDS and IWAML since if my opponent's high value dude is gone it's easy to Calm.† I say "high value *dude*" because most people can only afford to start with one dude over, a 7 or 8 or so, and don't usually get the resources to play more before I can win.

Note the key starting dude:† Avarice means I only need 3 CP strikes in the deck, and Avarice can go off and die once he's got one strike as far as I'm concerned.† It's nice to be able to use him all the time, or to get that second CP strike, but I find that if my opponent will tend to Kidnap/Ambush/Throw Down Avarice and by that time it's usually too late. I'll also hold back on playing spells if I know my opponent is likely to use one of the above tactics (ie. he's wandering through Town Square towards my home -- wonder if a Throw Down is coming?) because then I'll be able to put my spells down on whatever dude gets ignored.† Usually Lechery will go first, and Idleness and Lechery are identical as far as spells go. I've also noticed that most people ignore Buster, probably because he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio or something.† Take whatever advantages you can find... =)

The last bits of this deck are the strikes.† This deck likes a fairly stable production so it can get out a CP strike every turn for turn 1, 2, and 3.† So the little strikes are there to provide this production.† They are also there for (a) value and (b) so I NEVER EVER EVER hold a card in my hand, except Snake Eyes.† Never. † Well, the only time I ever would is if I end up with more than 1 CP strike in my hand =).† In most cases, I'm able to reduce influence and I *always* draw 6 new cards every turn!

6 cards!† How can you deal with SIX new cards coming at you every turn? When 1 or 2 of these cards is probably an influence reducer?† Oh and did I mention that your influence dudes have been stampeded into putty in any case?† And that every single turn I get another 2 CP, and will probably take your CP as well since your influence is so low?† IMO this deck just puts it all together and becomes the true Flock Fondue.† Every single time you play a card you look at your hand and the table and realize: "Wow, that play just gave me lots of new options, and it makes every other card better."

So how do you beat it?

1. Play low value dudes.† A deck starting very low value dudes will cause this deck to hose itself with its own events.† I'm tending towards this strategy in my newer decks in any case since I find low value dudes to be of much greater use at the start of the game and the higher value dudes to be better later on... this combines with:

2. Play with Den of Eastern Delights.† This only really works in combo with #1 though.† I don't care about a Den on turn 3 when your influence is a bloody mess already.† I also do not much care about that card that prevents an event from happening *again* -- I usually only need one IWAML or LDS to do the job.† But if you can minimize the effects of the first couple of turns events (don't forget there are EIGHT such events here, so I'm almost certain to see one or more in ten lowball cards) then later on you can get your good dudes out and I'm sweating.†

3. Kill off my dudes, and fast.† Win lowball turn 1 and kill Avarice.† Even drawing 6 cards a turn I'll still take a while to find that CP strike.† Massacre me turn 2 before I get a Calm -- wish I could have more than 4 of these.† This deck is stinko at shootouts

4. Play this deck against it, or play the Flock against it period. Playing against Flock was my main dread today.† This deck pulls high so I'm likely to lose starting pulls. † I lose Avarice and I'm going to have a tough time.† I lose Avarice and Lechery and things look a little worse still.† I lose Avarice, Lechery, and Buster Madison and I now have 1 influence, I'm unlikely to see CP for several turns, and there's no way I'm winning a shootout for control.

5. To a small extent, play 4 Jackelope Stampede.† The stats (below) show that this deck cheats about 52% of the time in lowball.† I'm hurt by a turn 1 Stampede that takes out more than two dudes (in case you're wondering, I'd usually go Cassidy, then Idleness, then start to worry and discard Lechery... I'd take Avarice 3rd if I had a CP strike in my hand, and a Babble On...) but it doesn't happen enough for me to concern myself -- I have a 1/8 chance of cheating 3 times in a row, and that's if you get the Stampede (under 50% chance with 4 in your deck).† After turn 1 I will either have mini strikes or spells to throw to the Stampede so I'm not concerned.

6. Play with things that hose low value dudes.† Ezzie.† Pox Walker.† Run Outta Town.† Yep, there are FIVE dudes total in this deck and they're all starting dudes.† Get rid of them and you're golden =).

So this deck has weaknesses.† I think this particular type of deck, by which I mean Avarice plus Events plus Influence Reducing should make a strong showing at very least in any tourney.† It also shows that event hosers in this game don't do their jobs as well as a lot of people would like to think.† Lastly, I feel that it's a lot more important to metagame around a deck like this than it is to metagame around one measly card like Jackelope.

Strike Out By Monkey, posted December 29th 1998 - Episode 9

Type: Fun









Bob Bidwell

Becky Henrick



Charlie Landers

may substitute Flam, C.L., and Bob Bidwell if you want to start with some shooters



rock ridge mine

the clock tower

colorado lode

knot mine

exchange office

photographer shop

smiley's shaft


jackelope stampede

snake eyes

take cover

his back was to me

caught with your pants down

burn 'em down

refuse to fall

quick draw

take ya with me

swapped decks

claim jumper

double time

yer all chicken

war paint

that'll leave a scar

ignore 'em


Pearl Handled Revolver x 2

quick draw holster


smite x 2

lay on hands x 2

sacrifice x 2


holy roller x 2

snake handlin

test of faith x 2

babble on

Notes:† After a few turns most draws should be able to get a straight flush with a good stud. † Drop deeds as soon as possible with Avarice to get an early win.† Keep the Jack Stampede in your hand once it gets there as it won't help with poker and you can really kill cheaters with it.† Give Wrath and Becky the PHRs and give Envy and Lechery the Sacrifices to give your self more moves.† This deck should fail very few miracle pulls.


A Secret Win By Ed Clifford, posted December 21st 1998 - Episode 9

Type: Tournament












Prof. Susan Franklin

Cassidy Greene

Pox Walker

Charlie Landers


Dragon's Nest Strike

Stuffed to the Gills

Smiley's Shaft

Hell's End Mine

Rock Ridge Mine

Lord Grimely's Manor x 2

Fish Ridge Mine

King Willey's Mother Lode

Den of Eastern Delights (Stupid Events)

Any other Control Point yielding Strike(7)



Crack Shot


Jacklope Stampede

A Secret Tunnel x 4


Heavy Rain x 4 (this rain only makes you happy)

Founders Day x 2


Pearl Handled Revolver


Babble On x 4

Lay on of Hands x 4

Notes:† To Follow

Greed Works By Geoff Smith, posted December 20th 1998 - Episode 9

Type: Fun









Pox Walker


Will O' The Wisp



King Willy's Mother Lode

Look Homeward Mine

Surveyor's Office

Rock Ridge Mine

Hell's End Mine

The Desert Rose Lode

Lonesome Willow Strike

Exchange Office

San Simeon Mine

Foale's Folley

Fish Ridge Mine

Ike's Strike



Claim Jumper


Snake Eyes




Pearl Handled Revolver (for Wrath)




Sacrifice x2

Snake Handling x2

Babble On x4

Test of Faith x4

Calm x3



Holy Roller x3

Notes:† This deck is quite new but has worked really well in play tests.† Start with Elijah and Avarice.† Avarice's ability will double your home's production so that you can pay their upkeep.† Use his ability in the first turn to get a control point strike from your deck and play it.† This gives you two control (thanks to your home card's ability) in the first turn every time.† Most opponents would have to be pretty tricky or brave to try to take contol of it so early.† Keep doing this every turn. you will eventually force your opponent to react.† If you get a Babble On on Elijah early, it could be over in the second or third turn.

Alot of the Miracles work well together.† If you get Holy Roller and Test of Faith on Elijah you can make him a four stud in a shootout, or a three stud that has to be beaten by three ranks.† Another point, if you play the deck out it should desinegrate to your action cards only, which make a straight flush.† Like I said its new, but so far pretty cool and a lot of fun.

A Flock And A Half

By Dominic Tringali, posted April 1st 1999 - Episode 9

Type: Fun





"Lucky" Ted (Cannon fodder)



Gluttony (No key importance)



Bob Bidwell (Cannon fodder)

Idleness (No key importance)



Smiley's Shafy

King Willy's Mother Lode

Stuffed to the gills strike

Knot Mine

Rock Ridge Mine

Hell's End Mine


Pistol Whip

Out of ammo

2x Warpaint

3x SnakeBite (I will replace with Jackalope Stampede)

Snake Eyes

3 Luck of the Draw

3 Double Dealin'


2x Christmas Day

Election Day (Can be Earthquake or Heavy Rain)


2x Roan

2x Kenny

Gatling Gun

2x Pearl-Handed Revolver


3x Test of Faith

2x Snake Handlin'

3x Smite

2x Lay on Hands

Joker x2


† †

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Sins

By Ken Kurpiel, posted March 16th 1999 - Episode 9

Type: Fun


4S† Avarice

5S† Lechery

6S† Envy

7S† Pride

9S† Flim

9S† KC Kara

10S† Flam

JS† Wrath

KS† Elijah


AD† Dragon Nest Strike

4D† Fish Ridge Mine

5D† Lonesome Willow Strike

6D† King willy's Mother Lode

8D† Green-Eye Saloon (R)

9D† Bathhouse

9D† Legal Offices Of _______

QD† The Tree

QD† Town Well

QD† The Undertakers

KD† the Clock Tower

KD† Henry's Hole

KD† Wishing Well


8C† Jackelope Stampede

9C† Shortcut

9C† Snake Eyes

9C† Take Cover

QC† Claim Jumper x2

KC† Ignore 'im

KC† Rooftop Sniper


9H† Spike Kills Eureka

QH† The 1st Bank is Robbed! x2


9H Pair of Six Shooters x2

9H† Pearl-Handled Revolver

10H† Colemans Badge

KH† Quick-Draw Holster x2

KH† Unholy Symbol x2


2H† Sanctify

4H† Lay on Hands

6H† Exorcism

10H† Test of Faith x2

JH† Inspiration x2

QH† Babble On x2

KH† Calm x2

Joker x2

Not to tell ya what to do but... First turn boot Avarice and get the Fish Ridge. FR is in your hand?† Get the Lonesome Willow.† Play it.† Next turn get (if needed) and play the Lonesome† Willow (or King Willy's).Turn three you now have cash and control points.†† Combo's to look for.† Six guns on a dude with Calm.† You know what both your hand and if the hand is no good, your pull for Calm.† If a good hand shoot it out.† If a bad hand or you are trying to send a dude home booted, use the calm and check your pull for the Calm.† If it is no good discard them for a second chance. Envy can be a mean woman. For whatever reason I have no problem getting Envy with a Test of Faith, A Quick-Draw Holster, and a Unholy Symbol.† So she is a 3 stud, ups her hand by a rank, and makes Kenny do your shooting for you. Ouch. Make sure you retain any dudes that get into your hand.† With only nine it might be a while before you see another one. If you get in a tight spot you can cheddar away in the late rounds with the Inspiration.

Brimstone & Treacle

By Hedley Coppock, posted February 16th 1999 -

Episode 9

Type: Fun


1 x Envy

1 x Lechery

1 x Avarice

1 x Elijah

2 x Wrath

1 x Pride

1 x Gluttony

1 x Idleness

1 x Flim

1 x Flam

1 x Maze Dragon

1 x Rails Richardson

1 x Hanging Judge Gabriel


1 x King Willyís Motherlode

1 x Lonesome Willow Strike

1 x Knot Mine

1 x Smileyís Shaft

1 x Lucky Dog Lode

1 x Red Hill Hotel

2 x Pikeís Puddle

2 x Drop in the Ocean Strike

1 x Deadlands


1 x Thatíll Leave A Scar

2 x Claim Jumper

1 x Swapped Decks

1 x Quickdraw

2 x Run Outta Town


2 x Temperance Army


1 x Pearl Handled Revolver (Wrath)


2 x Test of Faith

3 x Calm

2 x Lay On Hands

2 x Confession

4 x Babble On

2 x Sacrifice

2 x Snake Handling


Use Avarice to bring out the big strikes before he gets kidnapped.† Use blessed with Calm in defending posses to protect Avarice, use sacrifice to unboot him and send him to the big strike youíve just played.† Use Rails to move Avarice/Maze Dragon around for Claim Jumping.† The high probability of drawing multiple Babble Ons should aid in a speed victory, although if the game drags on Wrath with his PHR can shoot up the opposition with legal full houses or 4 of a kinds.† Also, make opponents wanted with confession (why canít it target Whateleys?) then use the Judge to ace them and save him with Lay on Hands (far superior to Helping Hands or Medicine).

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