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Episode 7 spoiler list


Blackjacks, Starting GR: 19 Production: +2 Noon: Boot one of your Blackjacks dudes to gain 2 ghost rock. The dude becomes Wanted. This action can be performed any number of times per turn.

The Texas Rangers, Starting GR: 19 Production: +3 Noon: Boot one of your dudes to call out a Terror in the same or an adjacent location. Reaction: Boot when one of your dudes is moving (or joining a posse) to a location to which he or she is not allowed to move, to make the move legal.


Death's Head Joker, Death's Head Joker. This card is only useful for Draws. If it is pulled, ace it and redraw. Ace this card after it used in a draw. If it is revealed as part of a lowball Draw hand during the Gambling Phase, it is aced and replaced by the top card of your deck. If it is revealed in a shootout Draw hand, it can be any suit and value, and in addition to the lowest value dude in the opposing posse is aced before hand ranks are compared. This card does not count against your deck limit. You may not have more than two Jokers in your deck.


Derringer, Value: 10C Cost: 1 +1 Bullet. Shootout: One of your dudes in this gunfight has a Derringer. Attach this card to your dude. This card acts in all ways as if it were a +1 Bullet weapon good card. The Derringer can only be chosen as a weapon for one round of a Shootout per turn.

Friendly Game, Value: 7C Cost: 0 Noon: Boot one of your dudes who begins gambling with any non terror dude at the same location. Each player draws a draw hand, and the winner takes ghost rock equal to the difference between hands from the loser (up to the loser's entire stockpile of ghost rock).

Hired Guns, Value: 3C Cost: 3 Noon: Get any one dude from your discard pile and put it in your hand.

Marked Cards, Value: 6C Cost: 0 Shootout: Your opponent's draw hand is played face up on the table for this shootout. Your Draw Hand is automatically considered an illegal hand, regardless of its contents

Massacre at High Noon, Value: 3C Cost: 5 Noon Job: Boot one of your dudes to attack all dudes at a location. Unbooted dudes can join either posse, even if they cannot normally move to the target location. During the Shootout for this job, all dudes in the Shootout may pay 3 ghost rock and boot to leave the Shootout and move to an adjacent location. If the job is successful, your posse goes home, and all dudes at that location are aced. You may not perform this action on the first turn of the game.

Mimic, Value: 2C Cost: 0 Reaction: Play immediately after a dude is aced in a Shootout. Any one Harrowed dude at that Shootout permanently gains any one action printed on the aced dude.

Take Cover, Value: 9C Cost: 0 Shootout: Target one of your dudes. That dude cannot be aced in this round of the Shootout unless your hand is beaten by at least three ranks. Continue the Shootout if necessary. Your dude is a -1 Bullet for this round of the shootout.

That's Two Pair, Value: 5C Cost: 0 Reaction: Play immediately after a player reveals a Draw Hand that is a dead Man's Hand. That hand is considered to be just Two Pair (aces and eights) instead of a Dead Man's Hand.

Yellow Traitor, Value: JC Cost: 0 Cheatin!. Reaction: Play when another Player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Until the end of the game, that player is always considered to have one less control point towards victory (cumulative). Only one Cheatin' card can be played against a player per draw.


The Barber's Shop, Value: 10D Cost: 4, +1 Production, 1 Control Public.

The Bathhouse, Value: 9D Cost: 4 Public: Dudes in the Bathhouse cannot be targeted by action cards or by actions from dudes that are not in this location.

Den of Eastern Delights, Value: 2D Cost: 2 Public. Non-Unique. Owner Reaction: Boot to cancel the effects of an event immediately after it is revealed. The event is aced.

Flophouse, Value: KD Cost 3, +1 Production Public. The Flophouse's controller may bring dude's into play at the Flophouse instead of at home.

Lucky Horseshoe Lode, Value: 4D Cost: 8, +5 Production Private. Strike.

The Mission House, Value: 8D, +1 Production, 1 Control Public. Out of Town. Holy Ground. No Terrors may move to the Mission House or call out a dude within it.

Strike Experiment #1, Value: KD Cost: 2, +2 Production Private. Strike.

Tent City (Chinese Workers), Value: 5D Cost: 6, 2 Control Public. Tent City's cost is reduced by 2 if you have Captain Sim Yut-San in play.

Town Well, Value: QD Cost: 3, 1 Control Public.


Father Juan Navarro (Blackjacks), Value: 3S Cost: 4, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 2 Experienced. Blessed: 1. Father Juan may not boot to perform the Blackjack Outfit's ability. Hexes and Spirits cannot target Father Juan.

Envy (The Flock), Value: 6S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 2 Blessed: 0. Shootout: Target one dude. That dude may not be the shooter during this Shootout, if another dude is available.

Reverend Simon MacPherson (Law Dogs), Value: 6S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 1, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 3 Experienced. Blessed: 2. Harrowed dudes may not call MacPherson out. Shootout: Boot MacPherson to ace one Terror in this shootout.

Robert Northrop (Sweetrock), Value: 7S Cost: 6, Upkeep: 2, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 1 Experienced. Harrowed. Any strike where Northrop is present produces double its normal ghost rock when Northrop is unbooted. Reaction: Boot Northrop and move him to a strike that has just been aced. The strike is no longer aced.

Billy Iron Horse (Sioux), Value: 7S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 2 Noon: Boot Billy and discard up to three cards from your hand. Draw a number of cards equal to the number you discarded.

Little Running Bear (Sioux), Value: 6S Cost: 6, Upkeep: 1, Bullet: 2S, Inf.: 1 Experienced. Shaman: 0. Noon: Boot Bear to move him to any location with a Terror and begin a shootout between Bear and the Terror. No other dudes may join.

Bobo LeVeux (Texas Rangers), Value: 8S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 0S, Inf.: 1 Huckster: 2. Reaction: Boot Bobo immediately before a hex pull is made by a dude with a lower huckster rating than Bobo. The hex is automatically unsuccessful.

Joe Larson (Texas Rangers), Value: 2S Cost: 2, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 0S, Inf.: 0 Non-Unique.

Katie Karl (Texas Rangers), Value: QS Cost: 9, Upkeep: 3, Bullet: 3S, Inf.: 3 Any dude you are bringing into play has his or her cost reduced by their bullet rating while Katie is in play.

Los Ojos Del Dios (Texas Rangers), Value: 9S Cost: 4, Upkeep: 1, Bullet: 0D, Inf.: 1 Huckster: 0. Shaman: 0. Blessed: 0.

"Rails" Richardson, Value: 4S Cost: 3, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 2D, Inf.: 0 Noon: Move Rails and one other of your dudes at this location from one strike to another. This does not boot Rails or your other dude.

Zeke Beauchamp (Texas Rangers), Value: 5S Cost: 4, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 3D, Inf.: 0 Shootout: Zeke gets a +2 Bullet bonus if there is a Terror in the opposing posse.

Raymond Armstrong (U.S. Marshals), Value: 9S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 3D, Inf.: 1

Nicodemus Whateley (Whateley), Value: JS Cost: 11, Upkeep: 2, Bullet: 1D, Inf.: 2 Experienced. Huckster: 3. You can ignore the upkeep cost of one Abomination you control, each turn. Noon Pull: Target one hex attached to Nicodemus. Nicodemus can use that hex two times this turn. If the pull is greater than the hex's value, it is aced immediately after nightfall.

Cheyenne Bottoms (Drifter), Value: 10S Cost: 4, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 1D, Inf.: 0 Noon: Boot Bottoms and discard any number of cards. Bottoms loses one value for each card as it is discarded. Bottoms is aced if his value is ever an ace (or lower).

Kansas City Kara (Drifter), Value: 9S Cost: 5, Upkeep: 0, Bullet: 2S, Inf.: 0 Lycanthrope. Noon Pull: If the pull is red, put the Werewolf into play in this location. Put Kara in your hand with all of her goods. If a full moon has been played this turn, this pull is automatically red.


Jack Guns Down Spike, Value: 4H Until afternightfall, any action cards played from a player's hand are aced. Ace Spike Dougan. Ace this card.

Spike Kills Eureka, Value: 9H During nightfall this turn, dudes in their homes have their influence reduced by one. If "Eureka!" is in play, it is sent to the card owner's Boot Hill. Ace this card. This card does not affect "Eureka?!?".


Chrono Accelerator, Value: 10H Cost: 5 Gadget Difficulty: 8. Noon: Boot this gadget. You may immediately perform 2 additional noon actions before the next player's turn.

Holdout Knife, Value: 6H Cost: 0 Reaction Pull: Ace the Knife immediately when this dude is aced in a Shootout. Target one dude in the opposing posse. If the pull is equal to or greater than the target's value, the target is aced.

Hoyle's Book, 1769 Ed., Value: 10H Cost: 5 Unique. Mystical. Noon: Target any hex in play. The Book is considered to be an exact copy of that spell until after nightfall.

Nicodemus' Deck, Value: 10H Cost: 4 Unique. Mystical. The Deck can be attached to Nicodemus Whateley without cost. This dude's Huckster skill is increased by one while the Deck is attached. This will not give the Huckster skill to a Dude without the skill.

Quick-draw Holster, Value: KH Cost: 3 When this dude is the shooter in a Shootout, your hand is considered one rank higher (but considered the worst hand of that rank). Multiple Quick-draw holsters are not cumulative.

Stoker's Sabre, Value: 4H Cost: 6 Unique. Mystical. The Sabre can be attached to Austin Stoker without cost. This dude has a +1 Bullet bonus, a +1 Influence and a Huckster: 1 skill (or a +1 to his or her Huckster skill) while the Sabre is attached.

Unholy Symbol, Value: KH Cost: 4 Mystical. If this dude is a member of a posse that wins a shootout, the number of opposing dudes that must be aced is increased by one.


Apache Devil Dancers, Value: 10H Cost: 0 Reaction Spirit 6: Boot this Shaman immediately after an event is revealed in someone's lowball Draw hand. If this spirit is successful, that event is discarded without effect. Reaction Spirit 8: Boot this Shaman immediately after an event is revealed in someone's lowball Draw hand. If this spirit is successful, that event is aced without effect.

Ask the Spirits, Value: 6H Cost: 0 Noon Spirit 8: If this spirit is successful, you may immediately play an event from your hand and resolve it's effects as a noon action.

Puppet , Value: 9H Cost: 0 Noon Hex X: The difficulty of this Hex is equal to the value plus Influence plus bullets of a dude at this Huckster's location. If this Hex is successful, you take control of the dude until after nightfall.

Repel Manitou, Value: JH Cost: 0 Noon Hex X: The difficulty of this Spirit is the value of a Terror in this Shaman's location. If this Spirit is successful, the Terror is moved to a location of your choice, without booting.

Sacrifice, Value: 5H Cost: 0 Noon Mircale 6: Boot this blessed. If this Miracle is successful, straighten one dude in play.

Spirit Warrior, Value: 7H Cost: 0 Noon Spirit 3: If this Spirit is successful, give a +1 bullet bonus to any Sioux in play until after nightfall. Noon Spirit 7: If this Spirit is successful, give a +2 bullet bonus to any Sioux in play until after nightfall.

Summon Spirit, Value: 5H Cost: 0 Shootout Spirit 6: If this Spirit is successful, a Spirit (dude) is summoned as a member of this posse with a 1 Draw Bullet rating. The Spirit is removed from play at the end of this shootout. Shootout Spirit 9: As above, but the spirit has a 2 Stud Bullet rating.

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