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Charlie landers top five crappiest doomtown cards

Welcome to the bar. Take the spur outta yer pants and have a seat. Ime gunna tell you about the worst five cards in Gommora. Thats right, this hear is CL's cream of the crap

5 .

Landin at the bottom of the list is your favorite and mine Seductress. Although the ability to boot any dude in play is cool its five ghost rock cost is steep. Besides a deck that revolves around booting should use the tree/texas twister combo. This one is cool however because it features a choice peice of art.


Friendly game?!? come on. This game is all about shootin each other over bad poker hands, not Friendly games!!! I personaly ripped every copy i had!!


This card really sucks. Any one who plays with ted needs to get drunk so they can wise up. Oh check me out im gonna boot all goverment deeds and ace lucky ted,YESSSS!! Nuff said.


Hey look at me im gunna take over the game by becoming the dealer. I personaly play on a no ally bases. Why would you wanna help your opponent!!


This is the crappiest crap that ever crapped a crap. When they print a decent horse then I might consider using this card. The only cool thing about this card is the art.

Well there you have it, the top five crappiest cards to ever enter Gommora. I would make it a point to steer clear of em if I was you.

Cream of the crap

  • Tastes like Chicken
  • I got the pistols
  • Independence day
  • Friendly game
  • Seductress

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