Notes and Disclaimers

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A Fantasy Trip is a non-profit endeavor; hence, no copyright infringement is meant or implied. It occurs after Missy Good's 'Hurricane Watch' and before Kerry's Carolina trip (see 'Eye of the Storm', Part 1, Section 8). No sequel is presently planned.

"Ana McHara," the name Dar and Kerry use on the internet, is also a respelling of anamchara ("soul friend"). The concept ties into their relationship.

Dar's appearance in DC is inspired by/based on two 1998 messages which Leigh-Leigh posted on the *old* 'Xena' Net Forum. They dealt with Hillary asking Xena for help concerning Bill. Not knowing Dar's thoughts on Monica, et al, I decided to keep the political side restricted to Y2K and Senator Stuart.

Tale written during 1999. Revised, redesigned, and reformatted between 2000 and 2002.

VESSELS OF CLAY has a nine-part serialization and a message thread called "Drafts and Comments on 'A Fantasy Trip'." Click here to return to *Bard's Scrolls*.


Dar Roberts and Kerry Stuart--and their world (characters and settings alike)--belong to Melissa Good and Ladyhawke Productions. Eleanor Morgan belongs to herself, as does her world and some of her words, and everyone else either belongs to me or are borrowed from "real life."

Computer hacking is the only violent act committed.

"Drat" is the strongest curse word used.

Soulmates equal romantic friendship on the subtext scale.

Comments, not insults, are appreciated. With many thanks to CC and Eleanor for their thoughts and impressions.

Robert Dubh Nianque

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