Bard's Scrolls

*Bard's Scrolls* is a collection of 'Xena'-related stories for your reading pleasure. It's an ongoing 'work in progress,' due to me being a nitpicking editor, a change not made during one visit may be made during the next.

Each tale has links to earlier versions and sources which inspired or assisted it. Hope you like them!!!

Robert Dubh Nianque

Author's notes: On sex and violence...they'll appear for a reason and they won't be graphic. I'll defer to your imagination regarding more details.

On subtext...I lean towards Xena and Gabrielle as soulmates who are in a 'romantic friendship.' Their relationship, as always, remains open to interpretation.


'Not Quite a Queen'
'Mask or Dagger' (under construction)
'Return of *The Maiden*' (under construction)

Xena and Gabrielle

'Temptations' (under construction)
'Shark Island Revisited' (under construction)
'Sacrifice/Aftermath' (under construction)
'Warrior, Bard, She-Devil, Goddess' (under construction)
'Sword or Crown' (under construction)
'Untitled' (under construction)
'Valley of No Return' (under construction)


'A Fantasy Trip'
'Remembrance' (under construction)
'Hunt for the Lion's Daughter' (under construction)
'Retribution' (under construction)
'Within Five Days' (screenplay/under construction)