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The Battle Begins

The Reunion: Part Four - The Battle Begins
Written by Mel, Pook and Jair


The thin blade whistled through the air slicing through the rope, and embedding in the tree with a satisfying "thunk".  According to Methos, a simple tug on the rope would have sufficed, but Caspian took great pleasure in feeling his blade bite deep into the wood.  He glanced across the canyon in time to see Silas pulling his ax out of a similar tree across the way.

<One of the few things we have in common.> Caspian thought.  The impending battle had lifted Caspian's spirit, allowing him to be generous in his thoughts towards Silas.  Over the thunder of hundreds of pounds of rocks and boulders crashing to the canyon floor, the two men took a second to exchange grins and a quick salute.

The rock slides careened down the hills, creating a devastating echo effect that spooked the horses below just as Methos had planned.  Caspian and Silas watched in silent satisfaction as the herd of horses stampeded into the canyon while the Cossacks tried in vain to stop their panicked flight.  The two rocks slides rumbled to the floor of the canyon, rolling into and over each other, effectively blocking the canyon entrance.  Caspian watched a moment longer just to be certain none of the Cossacks would be escaping back they way they came.

"Come on!," Caspian called across as he ran for Aja.  He didn't want to miss out on any of the fighting, if he could help it.  Swinging up onto his horse, he kicked her sides and took off around the canyon.  It was bad enough Methos had insisted on these silly traps and whatnot, but if he missed any of the fighting, it would be Methos' head rolling in the dirt.  On the other side of the canyon, Silas hurried to his own horse.


Ahead, Kronos and Methos heard the fall of the rockslide and waited in varying stages of anticipation for the Cossacks to appear.  From their vantage point amid the trees and sitting atop their horses, they saw the first of the frightened horses as they galloped their way.  The Cossacks followed a short distance behind, almost seeming to enjoy the chase.

Just as the first of the three Cossacks was about to pass in front of him, Methos pulled hard on the rope he'd strung between two trees.  A howl of excitement escaped from Kronos as the first Cossack was cut fiercely from his horse, hitting the ground hard.  Kris and the other one, following close behind the downed man, pulled their horses up so short in an attempt to avoid the rope that both were thrown off into the dirt also.  The Cossacks, strong warriors all, recovered quickly and braced for Methos and Kronos' attack.  The battle had begun!

Methos kneed his horse after Kris as Kronos's demon mount pounded after the other two men.  Kronos had slightly underestimated the strength of the Cossacks as the two men moved to prepare for his attack. The Cossack's took Kronos down quickly, pulling him off his horse as he swept past them.   Kronos was  severely outnumbered by these two powerful warriors, but he refused to surrender.  Kronos fought hard doing real damage.  It was only a matter of time until one of the Cossack's had him pinned while the other pounded away.

Methos was not having an easy time of it either, although he and Kris were more evenly matched in battle.  Kris planted his feet against Methos' charge, waiting until the last moment to  throw himself bodily at Methos, knocking him off the horse.  Kris pulled Methos down to the ground and the ensuing wrestling match was fierce.  Kris landing a solid blow to Methos' ribs just as Methos' fingers closed around a thick branch.  He swung around and drove it down hard into Kris' leg.  Kris screamed with pain, but that little distraction was short lived as Kris yanked the branch from his leg and threw himself atop Methos.  Kris forced the branch across Methos' throat, watching as  the other Immortal grabbed his wrists and tried to fight his way free, all the while gasping for breath.


Mel watched the battle below with a certain fascination.  She was waiting for the perfect moment to join in the attack.  Mel wanted the  boys to learn their lesson and take a little hurtin' before she saved them.  Caspian should never have tried to leave her behind.

A soft chuckle slipped past her lips when Mel noticed her "perfect" chance galloping it's way toward her.  One of the stray horses seemed to be headed directly underneath the tree she'd been watching from.  Mel got herself into position, wrapped her leather whip around her  shoulder and at just the right moment jumped down from the branch to land on the horse's back.  Grasping the horse's mane and using her knees to guide it, Mel headed the horse straight for Methos and Kris.
Mel took hold of the whip's handle as she rode and pulled it straight out in front of her,  the whip unraveling itself from her shoulder.  She swung the leather in a wide circle above her head and pulled back, letting it crack right on target.


Kris was holding a large rock over Methos' head, about to land a near fatal blow, when his hand exploded in pain.  He screamed and fell back off of Methos.  Methos sat up, a bit stunned, and scurried backwards away from Kris.  Blood was running from a deep split in Kris' hand.  Methos' head shot in all different directions to see where this newest attack was coming from. He could have sworn he heard the crack of a whip.

Mel jumped down from the horse as soon as without even looking at Kris - she new she hit her mark.  She turned her attention now to Kronos' attackers.  She swung the whip out to the right and managed to wrap it around one of the Cossack's legs.   Mel braced herself and with both hands pulled back hard on the whip, yanking the Cossack off his feet.  The blond man flew backwards into a tree and was knocked out cold.  Kronos, realizing that it was now one on one, scowled at the dark man above him and threw up a  handful of dirt right into the Cossack's eyes.  The Cossack howled in pain and fury as he reached for his face, giving Kronos the chance to jump to his feet.

Kronos took the dark-haired Cossack, who had been pummeling him with blows for the past several minutes, and vengefully bashed the man's face his own knee.  The man fell to the ground and Kronos proceeded to kick the man in the ribs and head.  Mel smiled as she allowed Kronos his little revenge for a long minute.  At the loud crack of a bone breaking, Mel quickly stepped between Kronos and the beaten Cossack.

"That's Enough!," she screamed.  Mel lightly cracked the whip on the ground in front of Kronos as a warning.  "Tie him up.  NOW Kronos!"

Kronos tossed her a glance that would have petrified most.  Mel just cracked her long bullwhip and laughed.

"Do you think you could get to your sword before I can hit you?" She asked him sweetly.  "Just tie them up.. there are more coming, and we still need to get the horses back."

~ End of Part Four ~

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