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The Wait is Over

The Reunion - Part Two:  The Wait Is Over
Written by Jair, Mel, and Pook
WARNING:  This one has "violence" in it... It's the Four Horsemen, what did you expect? <grin>

Note:  Thanks to Pook for talking me out of a "stuck" spot, and to both of them for the kick *ss fight scene.


"What make's you think he's gonna show?" Caspian challenged Kronos.  "Are you forgetting he left us?  He conspired with Duncan to have you killed."

They had been waiting for nearly two days now, and Methos hadn't shown up as Kronos had promised.  Two days of doing nothing but watching Silas groom the damn horses.  Two days of wasted time, without anything to show.  No raids, no plunder, no fights.. not even a decent meal - just the flies buzzing in the yard and the horses munching on hay.  This was after two days of nothing but hard riding to get to Silas's cabin in the woods.  Four days and not a single drop of blood spilled.  Caspian was agitated, pacing back and forth waving his arms to emphasize his points.

"I'm telling you he's gone soft.  To much time with that fan club of his." Caspian spat.  "What do we need him for anyway??"

Kronos never even looked up from the book he was reading.

"To plan the raids" Caspian mimicked in a falsetto voice.  "Like we couldn't do that our selves." He grumbled.

"Methos will be here."  Kronos said.

Calm conviction blended with steel in his voice and set Caspian back a bit.  It was difficult to argue with such absolute faith.  Besides, Caspian wasn't so bored that he was ready to openly fight with Kronos.

<Not when there are easier pickings.>  Caspian thought with a wild snarl as he looked over at Silas gently brushing one of the large horses in the yard.

All of Caspian's frustration with himself, with the wait, with Methos' failure to appear focused on Silas's happy humming as he soothed the gelding in front of him with long slow strokes of the brush.

Caspian had always despised Silas with his tremendous bulk and seemingly tiny brain.  The giant lumbered through life, using his shear size to ram his way through almost any situation.

<What a waste of such strength.>  Caspian thought derisively.  <If his strength were coupled with my brains, I would lead this group, not Kronos.>

Devious cunning had been Caspian's trademark for as long as he could remember.  People feared and revered him because of his extreme nature.  While people were instantly afraid of Silas's size, they inevitably sensed his gentle side.  Caspian had seen people trustingly turn their back on Silas.  No one ever made that mistake with him, and Caspian was proud of that fact.  No one relaxed in his presence.

<Except Mel.>  Caspian admitted, wondering briefly if she had undone the ropes binding her yet.  Quickly he thrust the errant thought aside.  Now was the time for fighting, for battle, for bloodshed - not for analyzing Mel.

The wait had not been easy for Silas either.  It had been years since the big man had hefted his ax in battle.  Unlike the others, Silas didn't crave the random destruction and mayhem.  He just loved the weight of his ax in his hand, the force of it slicing through the air, and thud of it impacting against an opponent.  For Silas, it wasn't the chaos and fear that he thrived on.  It was facing an opponent one on one, pitting his strength against theirs, testing his own limits and coming through the battle still standing that made his spirit swell.  After a battle, Silas always felt so alive, so renewed.  That was what he had missed.

When his brothers had appeared outside his cabin dressed in their old armor, Silas had instantly heard the song his ax sings just before battle.  All of the intervening years had fallen away when Kronos has uttered the sacred words.

"Brother, we ride."

In that moment, Silas had even been happy to see Caspian.  The prospect of riding into battle had so overwhelmed him that for a moment, Silas hadn't noticed Methos' absence.  The moment was short lived, and now, days later, Silas was beginning to fear his last brother may not join them for this ride, or ever again.  It was a crushing thought.  Battle would not be the same without Methos covering his back.

Silas brushed the gelding before him with slow, firm strokes using the mindless rhythm to calm his own disquieting thoughts.  When Caspian started his whining again, Silas took to humming to drown out the little weasel's voice.

Caspian was the one member of their band that Silas never trusted.  Always, there was a sense that Caspian was conspiring behind his back.  Of course Caspian's thieving tendencies didn't help to put Silas at ease.

<You just don't steal stuff from your own brothers.> Silas rumbled to himself. <Not blankets, not slaves.. nothing.  You take from your enemies not your brothers.>


Silas hesitated when he felt the stone hit him.   Without a word, he continued his humming, picking up the volume just a hair, and brushing the horse with a bit firmer stroke.


Caspian had squatted down, taking long deep breaths to try to calm himself.  Chucking the rock at Silas hadn't helped much, and now the fool was humming even louder. Angry thoughts just kept running through his mind. Caspian frowned, then took up another stone and whipped it a bit harder at the other man.  Once again, another direct hit to the head.

Silas turned around, slightly dazed, and saw Caspian just sitting there crouched down and looking around aimlessly.  He appeared to be drawing something in the dirt with his finger.  Silas watched him a bit speculatively for a moment before turning back to grooming.

Caspian reached down and picked up another slightly larger pebble and again hit Silas in the head, but this time Silas caught the act from the corner of his eye.

"Can't you think of something better to do, Brother?" Silas asked calmly.

As Silas yet again went back to grooming and humming, Caspian picked up a handful of small rocks and just started chucking them at the other man's back.  Silas instantly swung sharply towards Caspian, having had enough of his games.

"It's about time, idiot!" Caspian told him, rising to his feet to face him.

Silas just growled at his scheming, devious Brother.  They slowly walked toward each other never losing eye contact.

"I'm gonna enjoy this," Cas growled, while cracking his knuckles in preparation for the fight.

"Not as much as I," Silas replied.

Caspian lunged at Silas, kicking him in the ribs.  The large man stumbled backwards slightly, then steadied himself and lunged back at Caspian. Caspian tried to duck out of his way just as Silas' strong, heavy arm landed directly on his shoulder, sending him to his knees.  Cas quickly clasped his hands together and brought them up hard between Silas's thighs.  Silas doubled over in pain with a gasp.

Caspian rose to his feet now and, with a confident grin, moved in closer to Silas for the next attack.  Silas picked up his head just as he neared, gave Cas a sly little mischievous grin and landed a bone-crushing blow of the fist to Cas's jaw.

Cas was caught completely off guard at Silas' tactic of playing 'bird with a broken wing' and cursed himself for falling for it.  He tried to get his bearings as he stumbled backwards, his hand instinctively rising to feel the blood pouring from his bottom lip.  Cas's eyes filled once again with fury and he hurled his body at Silas.  They tumbled to the ground and went on with their wrestling match.

Kronos glanced up at the shouts to see his two brothers fighting yet again.  He watched for a moment to insure they weren't going to kill each other.  When the fight settled into just solid punching and wrestling, Kronos calmly went back to his book, waiting on Methos.


"Breaking you two apart has become rather tedious.  Do you think you might reschedule this lover's spat for another day?" Methos asked casually as he stepped between the two combatants.

Caspian looked up from the dirt and scowled, spitting blood at the ground, narrowly missing Methos' booted foot.

Methos raised an eyebrow.

"Did you miss me brother?"  He asked Caspian sweetly, just as Silas pulled him off his feet in a bear hug.

"Brother!  You have come!"  A toothy grin spread across the giant's face as his pleasure at seeing Methos shone in his eyes.  "Now we ride, eh?"

Over Silas's shoulder, Kronos caught Methos' eye and nodded sharply.  Methos inclined his head in agreement.

"Silas, brother!"  Methos laughed, "Could you leave a few of my ribs intact please."

Kronos slowly rose and walked across the yard to where the other three were.  Silently, he held out his arm, fist closed.  One by one, each of the men extended their arms until they were joined in a handshake, each fist locking over another wrist to form the corners of a square.  The four men's eyes blazed in renewed commitment and anticipation.

~ end of The Reunion: Part Two ~

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