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Misdirected Passion

Misdirected Passion?
Written by Jair


"Computer, Arch."  Kristov commanded, amazed when a doorway materialized in the middle of the blood soaked, frozen field.  Inhaling the sharp air, heavy with the various scents of battle, he found it difficult to accept all this was an illusion.   The blood that had splattered all over him had been warm and sticky like all other times.  It was amazing how realistic these holograms were.

It had been an exhilarating afternoon. He and the others in his command had found Napoleon's army to the southwest, not the southeast as Jair had mentioned.

<No wonder the river had been "misplaced">.  It had not turned up either, but he rather suspected that she hadn't lost it, but that it really was to the north where it belonged and she had merely misjudged the point they entered the hologram.

Either way, he was touched by the entire gesture.  To think a woman had actually thought of, created and given him a gift that encouraged him to delve into the darker, more primal, violent aspects of his soul.  Violence was something most modern women abhorred, but Jair ... Well, he really didn't know her well enough to guess at what her motivation for this program might have been.

It did not matter, the battle had been fierce, and Kristov had revelled in the opportunity to once again defend Mother Russia from Napoleon Army.  For a while, he had forgotten the whole thing was a fake.  Now, with the day's battle over, Kristov thought it amusing that he could just end this "program" and go home.  No roughing it in camp, wondering if there were enough rations, wondering when the next attack would come.  Smiling, Kristov issued the final command.

"Computer, end program."  Instantly, the world around him dissolved and was replaced by strange black walls with golden lines.  It was a disconcerting moment.  The only remaining evidence of the battle was the rips and tears in the great coat Jair had given him upon entering the room.  Even the blood that had matted in the fur of his coat vanished.  The room rapidly warmed up from the frozen temperatures of the Russian countryside, making the great coat uncomfortable.  Shrugging out of it, Kristov walked through the still visible arch.  Lost in his thoughts, Kristov didn't see the immortal lounging against the wall.

"So what's the program like?"  Methos asked him casually.

Spinning around, instinctively reaching for his sword, Kristov eyed the stranger warily, "I don't believe we've met."  With so many immortals in SIM City, there was a near constant buzz.  Kristov was finding it difficult to adjust to not having the advance warning when other immortals approached.

Chuckling, Methos answered, "Relax, I'm not here to challenge you.  I have no quarrel with you, and even if I did, it wouldn't apply within the boundaries of SIM City.  I'm Methos."

Kristov's eyes narrowed at the realization that he was speaking with the world's oldest immortal.  From what Kronos had told him, this man ran SIM City, and knew everything that happened.  What was worse, he had some truly bizarre ideas for punishing infractions of the few rules that were enforced in the city.  Kristov wasn't ready to test the man's patience or control yet.

"I am Kristov."

"Yes, I know.  I even have a few words on your encounter with MacLeod and Ryan in my Chronicles." Methos continued wryly, "I'm curious about the holo-suite.  How did you like the program?  When I heard about this idea, I must admit to being fascinated.  I was going to try it myself, but Jair informed me first run goes to you - even I had to wait."   From his tone, Kristov could tell Methos found this both amusing and mildly irritating.

"The program was … pleasurable. I'm sure you will see for yourself.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go see Jair."

"Kristov, you are aware it's 2am… Jair went home hours ago, and she isn't one to stay up all night."

The Russian just stared at him, his expression clearly asking what difference that made.  Then he shrugged and walked away, the duffel bag slung over his shoulder.  Methos watched him depart, mentally reminding himself to have Adam stop in and check on Jair in the morning.


Pausing at Jair's door, Kristov hesitated realizing that she probably was asleep as Methos had said.  He wondered briefly if waking her up in the middle of the night was truly a wise idea.

<Some women are notoriously shrewish when first woken up>.  Kristov thought, but quickly decided she would get over it once she woke up all the way.  He reached for the doorknob, expecting it to be locked, but was surprised to find it open.  Even more surprising was the amount of light inside the apartment.  There were numerous lamps left on a low, dimmed setting.  So much light made walking through the maze of boxes a relatively easy task.  Looking around, Kristov quickly decided the stairs must lead to the bedroom.  Pausing briefly, he wondered where the dog was.

<Not much of a guard dog if he's let me in this far without any warning.>  Kristov thought with disdain.

For all the lower floor was fairly well lit, the upstairs was completely dark.  Noting that he would have to move with more caution to avoid crashing into things, Kristov mounted the stairs.  At the top, the landing opened into a large space.  Kristov could barely make out the outline of a tremendous four poster bed.  The bed seemed to be elevated, and Kristov assumed there were steps leading up to it.  Still vaguely wondering about the dog, Kristov cautiously made his way to the bed. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Kristov could just make out a lump on the bed.  Guessing it would be Jair; he reached out and shook the lump.

Jair was enjoying one of those dreams where you know you are dreaming, and can laugh at the whole thing.  Dream-Jair was in a house somewhere, and of course she knew where everything was even though neither Dream-Jair nor Real-Jair had any recollection of this house.  Dream-Jair was cooking something that actually smelled edible.

<Hah!  Fantasy number three there.  I can't cook anything someone would want to eat. Just add that to the blond hair that's only about two feet longer now and the nearly invisible waist!>  Jair mentally snorted at her dream.

Dream-Jair was calmly and competently finishing up whatever was being done in the kitchen and setting the table.  Suddenly, her outfit changed to frothy, lacy gown as she glanced at the clock.

<Ohmygod, what the *hell* is that outfit?  I wouldn't be caught dead  in something so, so, so frilly!> Jair thought with a snort.  <(gasp) I'm having company.  Wonder who it will be?  And he's almost here... three... two... one - and knock on the door mystery man! > Jair said in running commentary as a sense of inescapable anticipation built to near unbearable levels.

Dream-Jair turned to the door in expectantly just as Kristov, in real life, reached out and shook Jair's sleeping figure.  The combination of the knock on the door in the dream, and the shaking in reality was enough to shock Jair into a panic reaction.  In a flurry of arms, legs and blanket, Jair was up and on the other side of the bed with a shriek.

Something large jumped at Kristov from behind, knocking him across the bed.  Face down in the mattress, Kristov had just enough time to turn his head to allow for breathing before he felt the jaws closed around his throat.

<Well, it took you long enough.>  Kristov thought sarcastically.  Still, he didn't make any movement as he felt the teeth close a little tighter.  If the dog had grabbed him in any other location, Kristov might have tried to fight.  However, Taz's mouth easily encompassed the entire back half of his neck, and Kristov couldn't be certain the dog wasn't capable of biting his head off.

Jair reached over and turned on a light without thinking.  "Ahh shit," Jair cursed as the light burned into her eyes.  Burying her face in her hands, Jair called out,  "Taz, hold him there, but don't hurt him."

Taz whined in response, and Kristov almost laughed at the way it tickled.  The dog hadn't moved once since sitting on his back.  There had been no warning bark, and there was no playing around now.  Kristov did not doubt Taz would hold him immobile until Jair instructed otherwise.

Trying once more to open her eyes, Jair swore again at the stabbing sensation in her eyes.  She knew logically this was just the sensation her mind gave to the chemical reaction taking place in her eyes.  The light literally burned away rhodopsin in the rods of her retina.  She also knew if she just opened her eyes and let it happen, it would hurt for a minute or two, and then the cones in her retina would be able to "see" in the light.  However, none of this knowledge managed to convince her brain that it wasn't really "pain" or made it any easier to deal with - especially when it was such a shock.

"I'm really sorry whoever you are, but I shouldn't have turned on the light.  Hang on a sec - Taz you be nice now!"  She said as she reached back over and turned the light off, sighing as the pressure behind her eyes immediately ceased.

<Who the hell has Taz got pinned to my bed?  It's the middle of the night, and somone's in my room - someone just touched me.> Jair realized as she started shaking.  She made a mental note to get Taz a steak for dinner - just for being there.

Her breathing was slowly returning to normal, and she couldn't feel her heart in her throat anymore.  Jair opened her eyes, but what ever night vision she would have possessed had been burned out of her eyes when she turned on the light.   Needing more light to identify the stranger on her bed, but not wanting to deal with the brightness of the bedside lamp, Jair decided to turn on the bathroom light and close the door most of the way.

Kristov felt Jair climbed off the bed.  His head was turned the wrong way to see where she was going, but heard her stumble over something that yelped in surprise, followed by a string of curses directed at "damn little furball".    A light was turned on, and Kristov heard another muffled oath before he heard a door close, and Jair muttering something about getting different light bulbs.  Then he felt Taz dig his teeth a little deeper to maintain his grip as Jair leaned over to look down at him.

"Kristov!  Ohmygosh.. Taz, get off him!" Jair growled at the dog.

"I am sooo sorry.  You scared the hell out of me.  Is your neck ok?"  She asked him worriedly.

"Taz, get down, you aren't supposed to be up here anyway.  It's ok baby," Jair crooned as she kissed the dog on the head.  "Now go lay down, I'll be fine."  Jair added as she forcibly shoved the dog off the bed.

Rubbing the back of his neck as he sat up, Kristov managed to croak, "He's impressive… strong."

"I really am sorry Kristov.  I didn't know it was you, or I wouldn't have screamed.  Hang on again, let me turn the light back on so I can look at your neck."  Covering her eyes with her hands, and turning away from the lamp, Jair turned it on again.  Sitting still, she waited patiently for few seconds before slowly spreading her fingers apart and letting some light seep between them.

"Are you all right?" Kristov asked curiously, watching her reaction to the light for the second time.

"Yah", she said as she flinched, closing her fingers again. "My eyes are just really sensitive to the light.  That's why there are always lights on down stairs.  Enough of it comes up the hallway that I can see when I wake up.  I'll be okay in a minute."

Jair felt the bed shift and she gasped as Kristov's arm brushed across her breast as he reached across her.  Then she sighed in relief as the light was once again shut off.  Even through her hands, she could feel the loss of intensity.

"Jair, I'm immortal.  I will be fine." Kristov said, the sardonic smile evident in his voice as he whispered in her ear.  "If the light hurts your eyes, leave it off."

Feeling suddenly claustrophobic, Jair rolled off the bed.  "Uh, I guess I forgot about the healing thing.  Let me just go get a wash cloth to at least wipe the slobber off."  It was just too much to deal with before she was fully awake.  First the panic of an intruder, then finding out it was Kristov, and then that kind of physical proximity - he whispered in her ear again, damn it!  Her stomach was doing little flip-flops all on it's own, and her legs felt even shakier than they had the first time she crossed the room.

<What I wouldn't give for an ice cold can of Dew right now! > Jair thought as she ran warm water over the washcloth.  <On second thought, I think it would take something stronger to bring any form of clarity to this.>

When she returned with the cloth, she found Kristov reclining on the bed, absently stroking Mikki.  "Mikki" Jair growled, "You aren't supposed to be up here any more that Taz. "  When the dog didn't move, Jair glared at Kristov.

"Quit petting her, you're encouraging her!"

"Are you going to take her place?  I'll bet your hair is even softer."

"That is about the most pathetic line I have ever heard.  Is comparing me to my dog meant to be flattering?" Jair asked with a scowl.

"Only a statement of fact." Kristov answered as he gently set the small dog on the floor.

<Yep, definitely need something stronger.>  Jair thought wistfully.

"Why are you here in the middle of the night, Kristov?  I was having pleasant dreams before you so rudely interrupted me." Jair asked as she climbed back up on the bed and began cleaning off his neck.

"I wanted to thank you."  The light pressure of her hands against his neck was almost hypnotic.  Kristov realized he wasn't being completely truthful.  There was something else that had compelled him to come here, but he couldn't completely identify what it was.

"And this couldn't wait until a more reasonable hour?" Jair asked dryly, as she sat back.

"What, and miss the pleasure of becoming intimately acquainted with your dog?" Kristov grinned.

Jair chuckled, and started to apologize again.  Kristov reached over, pressing a finger to her lips, "Do not apologize again, Little One.  I am grateful he is such a capable guardian.  He will learn it is not necessary when I am present - I protect what is mine"

"Excuse me??  I think you misunderstand something.  We just met, I am not yours to protect or defend." Jair declared hotly, pulling back abruptly.

"Did you not say you were *my* OIC?" Kristov replied calmly, possessively emphasizing "my".

Jair giggled, "I didn't mean it like that.  I don't belong to you!  In fact, you belong to me.  I am the Officer in Charge of you.  So if anyone belongs to anyone - it's the other way around, Honey!"

"If it amuses you to believe this, so be it."  Kristov slowly traced his thumb across her bottom lip. "The end result is the same." He whispered as he gently took her lips with his.

Jair thought of pulling back, of asking him to leave.  She even managed to think of two reasons why this was a *bad* idea, before he leaned over her, pressing her down into the mattress, as his hand slid slowly up her leg, his fingers lightly brushing the back of her knee.  As the myriad of sensations flooded through her, the swiftness with which the feelings built up shocked her.

Jair quickly convinced herself this was merely a continuation of the dream she was enjoying earlier.  She just did not *react* to near strangers like this.  It was not her nature to be instantaneously turned on.

<That's it!  Kristov was the Mystery Date.  And that makes this the absolute most bizarre dream I've had in years!>  Jair thought with a snicker.  Ignoring the little voice that told her she could feel entirely too much of this "dream", Jair decided to enjoy the "dream" and stop analyzing it.  If it wasn't real then there wasn't any reason why she couldn't just "go with the flow" and luxuriate in this entirely too realistic dream.

<Dreams never hurt, right?> she thought to herself as Kristov's mouth drifted down her neck.


Waking up the next morning, tangled up with a strange Russian, sort of blew the whole dream theory to pieces.

<He's not a "stranger" anymore! >Jair thought to herself giggling.

Slowly untangling herself from him, she choked back a loud laugh when he snorted and gurgled at the same time before rolling over and going back to sleep.  Padding softly to the closet, Jair pulled out a pair of jeans and a hockey jersey.  Grabbing some sock and underclothes, she headed for the downstairs shower, not wanting to wake him.

Showered and dressed, Jair decided she was too chicken to go back up stairs and see if Kristov was still there.  She let the dogs out, and went to the fridge to grab a Mountain Dew.  Sitting down on a stool, she blew her bangs out of her eyes.

<Now what am I going to do?>  She wondered.  Jair had never been woken up in the middle of the night by someone she barely knew and proceeded to have mind melting sex with them.  It wasn't that she hadn't enjoyed it, far from it in fact.  The "activities" had been most pleasurable.

<That is a slight understatement! > Jair conscience interjected.

<Shut up - no comments from the peanut gallery right now! > she answered herself.

Fun or not, Jair didn't really know Kristov.  More to the point, she knew he had spent several hours in the holodeck reenacting some ancient war between Russia and Napoleon.  Jair knew that level of violence had probably left Kristov in a "stimulated" state of mind.

<In fact,> Jair mused, <I'll bet I'm the only female he's met in SIM City yet.  He didn't really have anywhere else to go.>

One night stands weren't her normal mode of operation.  Jair generally preferred a certain level of emotional attachment.  This attachment did not necessarily involve any kind of commitment, nor did it need to mean a monogamous relationship.  She just preferred to have sex with people she knew and loved - and Kristov didn't fall into either category, even if he had been fun.  And she had no intention of being used like this each time he visited the holodeck.

<And just how do you plan to communicate that little tidbit to him?> Jair's conscience interjected sarcastically.

<Hmm, good point.  I don't really see myself actually telling him I know he only came over because he was aroused by the violence and didn't know anyone else...  All the same, This can't be repeated under those circumstances.>  Jair answered herself.

Finishing up her Mountain Dew and letting the dogs back in, Jair decided that all the thinking in the world wasn't going to accomplish much right then.  She had no intention of going back upstairs as she had absolutely no desire to discuss the situation.  That left only one sensible reaction - to avoid the whole thing by leaving.  Jair grinned as the shelving and filing that needed to be done at the Library suddenly became tremendously appealing.

~ End of Misdirected Passion ~ <

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