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Detours (Part Two)

Detours on the Path to Revenge (Part Two)
By Jair
(note:  this is the continuation of something written before I joined any lists and intended to be my "first" posted fanfic.  I chickened out.)


As the sun started to go down, Kronos stopped at a bend in the path.  With a shrug, deciding this was as good a place as any to stop for the evening, he reached back pushed her off the horse.  She hit the ground hard, and instantly jumped up.  Looking around wildly, her blue eyes settled on him still astride the horse.  Kronos watched her closely, waiting for that instant where comprehension flooded her face and fear replaced all other emotions.  It never came, instead, she grinned sheepishly, her face turning red with embarrassment as she mumbled something he again didn't understand.
"I fell off didn't I?  Was I snoring?" As she glanced around, and it became clear to Kronos she was familiar with this place.  She shrugged smiling up at him.

"Oh well, this it is a good place to stop for the evening.  Come on, I'll show you a comfortable place we can rest for the night."

For the first time, Kronos cursed him inability to understand her words.  Kronos watched, his fury mounting as she turned and walked into the woods.  Her smaller body moved through the undergrowth much quicker than he and his horse could.  By the time he caught up to her, she was making a fire in the center of a much larger clearing.  A small stream flowed through one end of the clearing.

As he entered the clearing, she looked up from where she was crouching and smiled brilliantly at him.   He paused, taken back by her reaction.  She rose and called out.

Come Kronos, you can bath in the stream if you like.  It must be hot wearing all that dark leather.  Do you know how to catch fish?  I could make us fish for dinner if you like. "

When he didn't' move any closer, she walked over to him, taking the horse from him, and leading it to the stream, where she let it drink while she removed the blankets and set them near the fire.

Kronos watched her intently.  She went about her work with a familiarity that disturbed him.  Questions about her flowed through his mind, but he silenced them all with a shake.  It did not matter what she was, she was  his now to do with as he pleased.  This thought echoing in his brain, adding to his already heightened awareness and tension.  His eyes traced her graceful movements as she gathered some berries on the edge of the clearing.  When her hands could no longer hold all she collected, she raised the hem of her robe to create a pocket.  Kronos' eyes were drawn to the small ankles and shapely calf revealed by the raised hem.

Finished gathering berries, the women strode up to Kronos, a smile on her face.  Eyes twinkling with excitement, she opened her makeshift pouch and leaned closer to Kronos so he could see that she had filled her robe with a variety of nuts and berries.  Looking down at her, eyes took in the gentle curve of her breasts beneath hr robe, the golden brown gleam of her hair curling around her shoulders.  The hair seemed almost alive as it moved with her, and Kronos wanted to feel it wrapped around his hand.  The woman had full lips, that seems to be always smiling.

Before his thoughts could turn to action, she turned and skipped closer to the fire.  Carefully laying the food on the grass, she scooted over to her bag and pulled out a chunk of bread and a wine skin.  She looked over her shoulder at Kronos, and seeing he hadn't moved, she jumped up and lightly ran over to him.  Grabbing his hand she started to pull him towards the fire.

Instead, Kronos yanked her into a rough embrace.  Grabbing her hair, he pulled her head back and took her lips in a grinding kiss.  Her mouth tasted of sweet berries and Kronos devoured it.  So involved was he in his exploration, Kronos did not at first realize she was not fighting him.  He became aware of her breast pressing against his chest as she clung to him.  Startled, Kronos pulled back and looked down at her.  When she opened her eyes, he noted they were clouded dark blue with passion.  Tilting her head to one side, she smiled languidly up at him and then asked him a question.

"This is what you want?"

Again, he cursed not being able to understand her.  He stared fixedly at her, trying to fathom her game.  Suddenly, she leaned against him, sliding up his body to plant a tentative, whisper of a kiss on his lips.  Kronos answered with brutal force.


Jair lay on the ground watching the leaves fade from dusky green to black shadows shivering in the gentle breeze.  The sounds of  evening grew louder as the sun set further.  She realized she was getting chilled and was struck anew with the remembered heat of her body just a short while before.  The other women in the village either flat out lied to her, or had no idea what they spoke of, for they had told her this would be painful experience.  According to them, it was a duty a wife must bear, but it was not enjoyable.

With a disgusted snort, she rose and quickly went to the stream.  It had hurt for a brief moment, but after thatů in the name of all the gods, how could those twits have it so wrong?  There was nothing to compare the fire that had burned through her.  Each time he had touched her, her skin had tingled with little ribbons of pleasure that spread out and wrapped around her until nothing but his touch existed.  Chuckling, she wondered how they had managed to missed such feelings?

/They must have been lying./

She rose from the stream, still lost in her thought, then froze as she was pulling her robe on.  How was she going to explain this to mother?  For months, her mother had been threatening to marry her to whoever would have her.  This was one of the many reasons Jair left for days at a time.  Out of sight, out of mind seemed to apply to her - so she stayed out of sight as much as possible.  All the same, when her mother finally did arrange this match, the loss of her maidenhood would be discovered.  That would not be good, and Jair had no delusions about being able to remain unmarried forever - much as she would prefer it.

For the first time in her life, Jair was truly terrified of what the future might hold.  With crushing certainty, Jair realized this night had changed her life irretrievable, and she had no idea what that changed entailed.  She only knew, the life that awaited her in her mother's village was most definitely not the life she wanted.

Kronos' mood fared no better.  His mind spun with the event of the evening.  It was inconceivable that a slip of a girl had caused him to so completely lose control.  When she had kissed him, something inside had snapped.  After that, he had only hazy recollections of intense sensations.  Her smooth skin beneath his fingers, her soft lips yielding to his, her tight warmth wrapped around him had all combined into a need so strong that he had lost all awareness of the world around him.  He had forgotten everything - his quest for Methos, his intentions to use her then sell her - all other thoughts had vanished.  Not since his time with Methos had he been so completely involved in physical pleasure that he could not even think.

What was even more mystifying was her response.  She had not fought him, as he has half expected, but rather she had given herself to him.  Yet she had been a virgin.  Women made little sense as it was, but that was one thing they all seemed to guard ferociously.  So why give it up?  His eyes narrowed dangerously and Kronos laughed, a harsh bitter laugh.  It mattered not at all why she responded.  She was his property, and he would do what he pleased with her.  When he tired of her, he would sell her or kill her - whichever was easiest at that moment.  Either way, the primary goal was to find Methos, not worry about this girl.  She was nothing.  Having re-convinced himself of this, Kronos returned to camp.

The girl had added more wood to the fire, there was a mug of water, and a small pile of berries on a leaf near his blanket. What a thoughtful little slave, Kronos thought darkly.  Jair was stretched out on the other side of the fire.  Her skin seemed to gleam by the flickering firelight.  She was using her bag as a pillow, one arm thrown casually over her face.  Her hand tangled in the curls that seemed almost alive as they wrapped themselves around her fingers.  Kronos grinned to as he realized she was snoring again.  Crouching over her, he added one small detail to the tantalizing picture she presented.  With effort, Kronos forced himself not to wake her, and went to lay on the other side of the fire.


Jair woke slowly, feeling stiff.  As she went to stretch, she realized something wasn't right.  Opening her eyes, she first saw Kronos, crouching casually beside the remains of the fire.  He was staring at her, his gaze was intense, and vaguely disturbing.  Rolling over to sit up, Jair discovered her hands were bound together.  Confusion flooded through her as she looked up to Kronos.  At his smile, she knew he had tied her hands, but still could not figure out why.  She held them up to him, expecting him to undo them, starting to get a little irritated at his obvious pleasure.  This joke made no sense, and it was too early to be funny.  Instead though, He grabbed her wrists and hauled her too her feet.

It was then that she noticed he had already prepared to leave.  Without any explanation, he dragged her over to the horse.  She couldn't help but be impressed with his fluid grace as he leapt astride.  This faded rapidly when he roughly hauled her up and threw her over his lap.  Grunting a bit from the force of her landing, Jair struggled to sit up, only to feel him solidly spank her as deterrent. It hadn't hurt tremendously, but Jair stilled in confusion.

/Well, maybe worrying about explaining last night is the least of my problems./

They rode like this all morning, and Jair quickly became bored with nothing to do but watch the ground rush by underneath her.  A dull ache had started in her head, and her stomach felt like one tremendous bruise from all the jolting up and down.

/How could something that is so enjoyable sitting up be so rotten laying down?/

Jair didn't try to sit up anymore.  Her bottom had finally stopped stinging from the last try.   The wouldn't forget that lesson soon.  How could she when his hand was laying on her butt, the soft pressure an ever present reminder.

/How I wish I could understand him... What is he doing?  Where is he going?  Why are my hands tied???????/

A frustrated snort escaped and she quickly looked up to see if he heard. Jair had tried singing to amuse herself earlier, which had earned another swat.  The man seemed to take an evil pleasure in it, and she had decided not to encourage him further. Still, it was hard not to squirm, she had yet to relieve herself, and her bladder was full... all the jarring wasn't helping any.  As far as she could tell from her upside down view, they were still heading in the general direction of her village.  They should reach the fork in the trail my mid-day. Her village was along the west branch, and Jair was surprised to find herself hoping he would go east.  For all that this morning was unpleasant, going home would be worse now - especially if she arrived bound and slung over a strangers lap.Jair was so lost in thought, she didn't realize they had stopped until he yanked up, pulling painfully on her shoulder and twisting her hips awkwardly.

"Owww!!  You don't need to break anything here - I'm more than capable of sitting up on my own you know!"  He actually laughed at her!

/Ahh, there is spirit in this one... /  Kronos thought as his laughter subsided to random chuckles.

He lowered his prize the ground. Her attempts to sit up had been entertaining, but he was rather disappointed when she didn't struggle further.  Her singing had not been unpleasant, but Kronos had found his thoughts straying to memories of last night instead of plans to catch up with Methos, so he had swatted her again.  She had stopped without any further struggle, and Kronos had began to wonder if he had imagined the passion and fire of the night before.

Jair stood before him, shifting from foot to foot.  She really needed to go relieve herself, but wasn't sure how to communicate this to him.  Apparently, he had the same thoughts though, because he strode into the trees off to one side of the trail.  Grinning in relief, Jair quickly made her way behind a tree on the other side.  When she was finished, she wandered over to a berry bush nearby.  Breakfast hadn't been part of whatever plan he had this morning, so she quickly started stuffing berries into her mouth.  The edge had been taken off her hunger, and she had started to gather a handful for him (she didn't remember him eating at all last night) when she heard rather loud shouting coming from the trail.  Sudden panic and fear surged through her.

 /What if somthing had happened to him?/


Kronos came back to the horse, only to discover his slave had vanished.  Furious, he started swearing in every language he knew.  He had not thought to tie her to anything, since he was only going a short distance and would hear her move.  Just as he started to circle the area looking for tracks, he heard a loud commotion in the forest to the other side - something large, running... towards him it sounded like, but that didn't make sense.  Kronos knew she would be running away.  Grabbing he sword, he crouched preparing for what ever it was to come out of the forest.


Jair bolted out of the forest, and barely managed to skid to a stop before running into Kronos, his confusion evident on his face.

"Whooaahh boy!  Big sword!  Umm... you weren't planning on using that on me were you?"

Trying to look innocent, Jair gingerly raised her hands to show him the now crushed berries inside.

"Thought since I was hungry, you might be too?"

A sudden rush of relief relaxed his muscles, and lowering his sword, Kronos stood and walked over too her.

/So, she hadn't "left", she only went to fetch me breakfast>/

Kronos felt a pang of pleasure at her consideration, but her scowled at her.  He knocked the berries from her hand and dragged her over to the horse.

Within seconds, Jair found herself laying across his lap again.

~ End our Detours: Part Two ~

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