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Cossack Meets Grigori

Cossack Meets Grigori (Part A)
By Jair and Lilly

Note:  This is sorta part of Christmas and takes place the day Methos and the Cossack's arrive at Camelot - which would be prior to that little Jair bit I posted recently...


The dark Cossack, Radzin, stood off to one side, keeping a watchful eye on the horses and his friends.  Kristov, the leader, was talking earnestly to one of the Knights - more than likely about Rad's two golden chestnuts.  The horses were the largest in the small herd, towering over the other horses, and were attracting a lot of attention.  Vassily, the third Cossack of the group, was flirting with some woman, as usual.  Grooms were coming out to lead most of the horses into various stables to be brushed and fed.  While the courtyard was still a little chaotic with sporadic greetings, it was good to finally make it to the castle.  Radzin had heard plenty about the splendor of Camelot from Jair.

<Speaking of Jair...> The giant Cossack rumbled to himself. <Wonder where she is hiding.>

Looking around, and then up, Radzin smiled as he caught a glimpse of the Pathfinder high up on one of the walls, her white tee-shirt and copper curls an easy contrast to pick up against the stone walls.

<That woman must have some crazy death wish to love heights as much as she does.>  Rad stomped the ground once, testing it's firmness.  <Yep - much nicer here on solid ground.>

A slight breeze stirred through the courtyard, blowing a few strands of the Cossack's shoulder length black hair into his face.  Rad twitched his nose as the hair almost made him sneeze, then turned his face into the breeze.  He closed his eyes, filling his lungs with the light wind.  Slowly he opened his dark eyes, smiling contentedly.  Directly across the courtyard, Radzin saw a radiant flame-haired woman looking back over her shoulder.

The woman seemed to shine, as if the sun shone only on her, sparkling through her fiery locks.  A rich green dress seemed to flow from her shoulders, tiny white buttons leading his eyes on an inviting trail from the low neckline to the hemline swaying above her trim ankles .  When she turned sideways, Radzin's heart fell as he caught a glimpse of the tell tale swell of her unborn child.  The smile on her face was for the silver haired man coming out of the castle behind her.

<Now there is one lucky man to walk beside a woman like that.>  Rad thought a touch enviously.  He pushed off from the wall to move a little closer to the couple, hoping to hear her voice.

"Joseph, I can't help it," Lilly laughed softly over her shoulder.  "I am drawn to horses.  I always have been.  And don't worry.  I won't get stepped on.  These are Cossack horses, the smartest in the world!  These horses are incredibly well-trained, even the
ones that seem wild to us.  No one will let me come to any harm."

Joe shook his head, but turned and walked back towards his new pub, leaving Lilly to weave her way through the people and horses.  One horse in particular caught her eye.

"What a beauty!"  Lilly enthused when she saw the giant chestnut.

With a coat like honey and a mane and tail like creamery butter, the thickly muscled horse stood tall and proud, occasionally tossing it head showing off the flow of it's mane.  Lilly was mesmerized.  Despite how the great horse towered above her, Lilly stepped up to it, reverently touching it's velvet nose.

"Aren't you fine!"  she cooed to the beast.  "Oh God, how I wish I knew how to ride."**

Radzin was entranced.  The woman's voice was so musical it seemed to wash over him.  A flush of pride rippled through him when she singled out his horse for her attentions.  Bell was one of the golden chestnuts attracting so much attention, and one of the first stallions Radzin had developed.  Bred for both strength and gentleness, Bell was meant to double as a work horse and a riding horse, however his fluid gates and tremendous power allowed him to function both as a hunter and a war mount.  A possibility not lost on the group of knights studying the horse enviously from the other side of the courtyard.  With a chuckle, Radzin watched as Bell lowered his head and wuffled against the lady's chest.  Even his horse liked this woman - a good sign indeed.

"He's looking for a treat, my Lady." Radzin offered softly, walking up on the other side of Bell. "His name is Bell.  Here, you can give him this."

Radzin handed the lady an apple from his pocket.  When the lady hesitated slightly, Radzin walked around Bell to gently hold her hand out flat.  Standing behind her he raised her hand, holding it steady as Bell took the apple daintily between his giant teeth.

When the giant horse took his treat, Lilly gasped at the flash of huge teeth
and bucked back against the Cossack.  He took the blow like a cushion and it calmed Lilly to feel his muscled chest behind her.  Indeed it made her feel like turning and snuggling into him, a thought which startled her.  Fortunately, it was that same moment that Bell took the apple.  Lilly prayed the brawny Cossack would think she was reacting to the horse's soft touch on her hand not his touch.

"That's incredible," Lilly breathed as she watched the apple disappeared in a bite.

A thrill of excitement rippled through Lilly, but not all of the feeling was due to Bell's surprisingly dainty attentions on the apple!  Unabashedly, she leaned back against this man with the velvet voice that for some reason reminded her of melted chocolate.  Lilly was tall, but this man was taller still and it made her feel protected to have him so close.  He smelled of the mountains, fresh, wild, pine, and wood.  She loved how her hand fit inside his as he helped her feed Bell.

Still pressed up against Radzin, she turned her head to smile.  Lilly knew she should step away from him.  She could feel his breath on her hair, and she knew if she turned her head towards him, their lips would only be a breath apart.  Trouble was, she just couldn't make herself take that step away from him.  It was as if some magnetic force was holding them together.

The soft warmth of Lilly pressed against him caused an automatic chain reaction in Radzin's body accelerating his heart rate and breathing.  Blood sped to all sorts of places as the warm spicy scent of her hair filled his nostrils.  Her hand was so soft in his palm, and she fit so perfectly against him, that Radzin could not fully suppress the wave of desire that raced through him at her touch. Bell forgotten, Radzin watched Lilly, surprised that he was hoping she might turn her head back and he might feel her silken lips brush against his  ...   Radzin shook his head softly.

<I should not be having such thoughts about a woman not mine for the wanting. It is a good thing the Lady cannot read minds.> Radzin thought as guilt flushed his face red.  With a near groan, Radzin forced himself to let go of her slender wrist and step back.

Lily felt strangely cold when the big man moved away from her.   A deflated feeling lingered in his place, until she was overcome by a flash of strong feelings from his mind.  Her quick intake of breath and light blushing should have told the Cossack that the lady could, indeed, read minds, but Lilly never intruded on a person's mind unless bidden.  This man had not asked her inside, and yet, his heart seemed opened to her if she cared to walk through the door.

"He would not harm you, my Lady."  Radzin said somewhat unsteadily, still struggling with his surging passion.

"He's one of the most gentle horses in all of Pavlovsk.  Only his dam has a more steady temper."  Radzin boasted proudly.  The neutral topic helped to calm the Cossack's nerves. "I heard you wishing to ride... if I may be so bold - it is not such a difficult thing if you have the right horse to learn with.  I would be pleased to help you with some lessons if you wished."

<How can this be?!> Lilly wondered, wanting to be close to the Russian again.  Stepping towards him extending her hand, she continued, "I am Lilly, the Gatekeeper.  I have the rather mystical title of Lady of the Portal.  It was my power that brought you and the horses through, my Lord....?  I'm afraid I don't know you're name though I feel like I should know you."

The woman's identity took him by surprise.  Lilly was the Grigori who made his life here possible.  It was to her that he owed a debt of gratitude.  Radzin's friendship and loyalty belonged to Kris, while obedience and support belonged to the Chancellor.  However, within minutes of arriving in this world, Radzin had pledged his life and soul to the Grigori who made this place a reality.  Now he was finally meeting the wondrous woman that had brought him here.  Lilly was more beautiful and desirable than he could have imagined., and a new wave of desire flooded his body.  Blindly he held out his hand, reveling in her soft touch once again.

"I am Radzin, Voiskavoi to Kristov.  I am honored to meet you, Lady of the Portal."  Solemnly Radzin bent into a deep bow, lightly brushing his lips across the back of her hand.

"My life is yours." he said simply, struggling against the urge to turn her small hand over and taste the palm of her hand. Her slender fingers felt cool against tucked into he meaty paw, and Radzin longed to feel them running through his hair or scraping along his back.

"I am very pleased to meet you, Lord Radzin," Lilly said sincerely, "and I would be  thrilled to have one of the greatest horsemen ever known teach me how  to ride.  The Cossacks are legendary in many Universes, my lord."

As he started to rise, a groan of pain slipped between his clenched teeth as his still broken ribs grated together in spite of Methos' binding after the raid.  The Cossack's pain lanced through Lilly's side like a sword piercing both their bodies at once. Lilly  whimpered and grabbed her side as she sucked in a deep cleansing breath to help her release the pain. Slightly alarmed, Lily realized she was somehow connected to this man because she could feel his pain in spite of having refused to enter his mind earlier.  Lilly straightened up and rushed over to Radzin.

"My Lord Radzin, you're hurt!  Let me help you," she soothed as she wrapped one arm around his waist and placed on hand over the exact place where his ribs were broken.  Lilly struggled to keep herself from snuggling up under his chin.

<What in the world has come over you, lady?> she admonished herself.  <You act more like a tavern wench than an admired member of this society. The man is wounded!  Be ashamed and focus your mind on that  task which God has most created you for!>

"My lord, relax into my arms.  I am stronger than I look." Lilly whispered, trembling as she looked into his wonderful dark eyes,  "Hear only my voice."

As Lilly's hand began to glow, Radzin could feel a comforting warmth penetrate his body.

"Your pain is my pain," Lilly's voice droned from far away.  "Your body, my body,"

Radzin felt like he was floating.

"Feel the pain seep out as the bones straighten and mend.  Bruised muscles receive a rush of new blood, flushing away the damage and bringing new oxygen and new life to torn and strained tissue.  Feel the swelling retreat.  Feel your body strengthen with new vitality."

Radzin's trance was broken by Lilly's cry.

"My Lady!  You are hurt." Reflexively, Radzin's brawny arms circled around Lilly's small body, effortlessly scooping her up to cradle her against his chest.  He could not help but be amazed at how much better he felt, but her cry had scared him.

"Where can I take you to lay you down?  Is there a doctor around here?" He asked her worry making the words come out rapidly.

Lilly laid her head on his shoulder and allowed herself the momentary luxury of snuggling into his beard.  Then she lightly touched his cheek.

"My lord, I thank you," she smiled weakly, "but the pain I feel is your own.  It will pass in a moment; but I wouldn't mind if you would sit me down in a quiet place where we may talk some more."

"That is, if you don't mind spending time with me.  I realize you have come with your comrades and maybe even your family?"  She looked at him shyly.  "I wouldn't want them to worry where you had gone."

A flash of regret and concern shadowed the Cossack's face as Lilly explained that it was his pain that hurt her.  Radzin would rather have bore the pain himself than let this tiny woman hold even the smallest portion of it.  But, what was done, was done, and Radzin could not help but be impressed with the Grigori's strength, courage and compassion in taking on his pain just to heal him.

"Kristov will not worry, and Vassily is too busy flirting to notice." Radzin chuckled, "Besides, I am a big man and known for holding my own in about any situation."

"I have only been bested once." The Cossack growled involuntarily at the memory, before recovering and smiling, "Still, this place is new to me, and you must direct me where to take you.  I would be pleased to spend some time with you, milady."

Lilly blushed with pleasure.

"Well, if Bell can take care of himself for a little while as well as his master, then there is a garden right around the corner here from the courtyard.  If you put me down, my lord, I shall show you the way."

The feeling of her warm body curled against his chest, her long hair tickling against his arm, was not something Radzin was ready to give up.  He smiled down at her before looking over her head, searching for a groom.

"Bell can take care of himself, but if I am not here, the grooms will not be able to move him."  Radzin finally saw one of the stable boys walking some of the ponies to the stable.  "You there, please bring the ponies over here for a moment."

The young stable boy led over two small pony's with long slender legs and sharp, refined heads.  One was dappled grey and the other was a bright chestnut.

"My Lady Lilly," Radzin began, still not setting the Grigori down, "I hope this does not offend you, but it is obvious you are with child.  We brought the Caspian ponies is the as gifts for the children to be born.  You and the Chancellor will have to decide which is which, but one of these is rightfully yours."

"Oh my Lord Radzin, thank you!" Lilly gasped.  "They are both too perfect for words.  Please, you decide for me."

"I know I can speak for the Chancellor, too, when I tell you these gifts will be treasured."  Lilly continued before leaning up to kiss him gently on the cheek.   "Thank you!"

Tears stung Lilly's eyes as her voice dropped off to a whisper. She was so touched by the gift. Lilly was also near to being terrified.

<Dear God, she wondered as she looked into his eyes, <who is this man that in a matter of minutes after meeting him, I'm in his arms, aching to kiss him, and feeling such joy like a part of my soul that had been torn away has finally been returned to me?!  And what must he think of me and my forward behavior? Yet, I  can't stop!  He feels like he  belongs in my soul.  What is happening to me?!>

Pleased to make the Lady smile, Radzin hugged her even closer as he told the stable boy to take Bell first, and come back for the ponies.  Looking down at Lilly, he grinned wolfishly, his white teeth standing in contrast to his neatly trimmed black beard.

"You said the garden is this way?"  Still not willing to relinquish the warm body pressed against him, Radzin slowly turned and carried Lilly in the direction of the garden.

Lilly was loving every moment in his arms.  The pain had faded long ago but her body clung to him like life itself. She wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled into his hair, letting her breath tap dance across his throat.  She wanted to see if she could make him tremble like he made her.  For some reason, it was very important to her.

As Radzin slipped her through the decorated archway into the garden, sparkling with its Christmas lights, Lilly asked him an odd question.

"What is your favorite flower, my lord?"

The question was a welcome distraction from her gentle breath on his neck.  Each soft exhale had reminded him how close her lips were to his skin.  Such thoughts were making it difficult to do simple things like putting one foot in front of the other.

"I have never much thought about it ... Lilly."  Radzin savored her name on his tongue, drawing it out. "I think though, that I would have to say ... a dandilion.  Have you even noticed how strong they must be to be able to grow in between rocks even?"

They had reached the garden, but Radzin walked past several benches, wandering instead until in found a secluded alcove covered in soft grass.  Tenderly, he laid Lilly down, stretching out next to her.

"Why do you ask?" the giant Cossack rumbled softly.

Lilly smiled and brought forth from behind her back a bouquet of dandilions.

"Strong the little lions are, indeed, my lord," she beamed down at him, "and when made into a hearty soup or soothing tea, they can bring relief and health as well."

As she handed the astonished Cossack the gift, she rubbed lightly against one of the flowers.

"See, my great Cossack, how the little lions capture the sun and bring it's rays down to stain our fingers.  Like having the sun in your hand."

Lilly looked deep into his eyes again.  She felt herself aching to lean over and kiss him.  She licked her lips slowly, trying to think of something else to say to him; but all she really wanted to do was to give in to the delicious temptation to feel him wrapped around her.

"Radzin..." she let his name play on her lips let a caress, "I can't thank you enough for the pony.  Did you know my child will be a boy?  Which pony would *you* choose for him?  I have no knowledge of horses... only the love of them, and the child's father... ahhh, he, well, he has no more use for me.  He would not be interested.  But *I* am interested," she said, straightening a little, trying to let the Cossack know that she was not ashamed of her son.

"I really would love to learn to ride -- to sweep over the plains -- across the sands -- with the wind whipping my hair, my body one in motion with my steed."

The Grigori's golden eyes took on a faraway look.  Suddenly she blushed and bit her bottom lip as she glanced at the mighty Cossack.

"I have heard, my lord, that you learn to ride before you can walk.  Perhaps riding no longer holds the fascination for you it does me.  You must think me a silly woman."  Lilly blushed again, but this time she felt the sting of tears.  She realized it was very important to her that this stranger think well of her and yet she hadn't a clue as to why.  She only knew the bond was there and it would take more magic than she possessed to break it.

Radzin had watched her fingers caress the dandelions and wondered how they would feel tracing the contours of his body.  Then her tongue had slowly slid along her lips and it had taken all the will power he had not to lean over to capture it.  But when the woman had described riding a steed across the windy plains, Radzin's body had hardened to a point of pain.  Dual images of this beautiful woman sitting proud on a dark stallion, firm thighs gripping  its sides as the wind whipped her fiery hair behind her, and her riding above him, impaled on him, her creamy breasts displayed for his appreciative eyes and mouth were more than the Cossack could take.

Slowly, Radzin reached out with one of the dandilions, tracing the petals across her bottom lip.  Her lips parted and Radzin slid the flower down her chin swirling around her neck and chest before tracing the scooped neckline of her dress.

"I do not think you silly at all, Lilly." The Cossack breathed huskily.  "I think I should leave now...  You are not mine for the wanting, yet my body would convince me otherwise."

The Cossack could not resist tracing the flower slowly around the now erect nipples of her straining breasts before looking up at her, intending to apologies for his unwanted actions.

Lilly moved so fast, Radzin didn't see it.  One moment her golden eyes were mesmerizing him, the next her lips were on his.  Lilly slid up close to him and moaned into his kiss as his shining beard tickled and curled around her mouth as if Radzin was caressing her even in this unusual way.  Her tongue tapped needfully on his lips, begging unashamedly for entrance.  Her mind was a swirl or emotions.  Her body tingled with need and something more.... with joy; joy as if finally it had found a missing piece that it had long sought but never quite found the exact match until now.

"My lord, please, open to me!  Open to me, Rad," she begged as her Glow began to seep out of her body.

Under her surprise kiss, Radzin trembled, fighting to keep himself in check, not wanting to take more than she was willing to give.  Lilly's body pressed tight against him and he throbbed in response.  At her cry, all his control shattered.  Unable to restrain himself, no longer caring if she belonged to another, Radzin pulled her roughly against him,  answering her kiss fiercely as the last barriers in his mind silently fell away.

Radzin's mouth trailed down Lilly's neck, licking and kissing as his hands came up to encircle her breasts.  He lifted them both, supporting their soft weight in his palms while his rubbed in tantalizing circles around her nipples, dragging the fabric of her dress just enough for the added friction to send shivers down her spine.  Gradually, his mouth replaced his thumbs on first on nipple, then the other; breathing through the fabric then firmly flicking her nipple with his tongue before gently nipping with his teeth.

One broad hand stroked the length of Lilly's body reaching for the hem of her dress to slowly pull it up, letting it caress the long lines of her calves. Radzin's demanding lips never stopped their erotic ministrations to her breasts. When the hem of the dress reached mid-thigh, Radzin let his callused palm slide against the soft skin of her thigh, pushing the dress up further, and reaching behind Lilly to press her against his rock hard manhood.

"Aahhhhh Lilly," Rad groaned, "I have not wanted anyone this strongly since my wife died years ago.  Can you feel what you do to me?"

He moaned into one of her breasts, before looking up at her with pleading eyes as he rasped out, "I will not be able to stop this if we go much further.  If you insist, I will leave you be now, but I beg of you, please share a small portion of yourself with me."

Lilly moaned and shivered.  Her eyes came open slowly as she looked down at him.

"Raaaadzin!" the way she said his name sent new shivers down his spine.  Her voice touched his very soul.  "It is you, my lord, my love!  Can you feel what you do to *me*?!  I am hypnotized!"

"What power do you hold, Cossack?  Who are you that you can come into my life and do this to me?!"  She reached out and grabbed his face with both hands, pulling his lips to hers.  "Is it possible?  Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Radzin, I don't know what's happening.  I only know I have to have you in my life.  Please, Rad, please!" she begged again, squirming and bucking underneath him like a wild horse.

With a deep shudder, Rad buried his face against her beast, drawing a breath to steady himself.  He drew back and slowly, reached down and undid the top button of Lilly's dress.  He leaned down to kiss the exposed skin of her chest, lightly sucking each bit of  skin exposed by the undone buttons, until he gradually freed Lilly's breasts.  Plump and heavy, they hung before him invitingly, and he could not help but slide his hands around them appreciatively.  the skin was warm and soft to his touch, and a wolfish grin spread across his face as he bent to draw one nipple into his warm mouth.  His tongue rasped against the captured nub, while his hand rolled the other breast, rubbing it's hard nipple against his beard.

Lilly's shuddering moan urged Radzin to lay back and unlace his breeches.  His dark eyes never left Lilly's golden ones as he peeled off his clothes.  Rad was so hard, his engorged member rose above his dark curls.  Again he reached for Lilly, sliding his callused hands up her thighs and across her bare buttocks, pushing the dress above her waist. With a moan, Radzin settle between Lilly's welcoming legs, careful not to let his weight rest on her rounded stomach.

Gently he rubbed his swollen head against Lilly's welcoming wetness, teasing her until she cried out.  Finally, Rad could restrain himself no longer, plunging into Lilly in one powerful stroke.  Radzin kissed her deeply to give her a few minutes to accustom herself to him inside of her.  She was so exquisitely warm and tight, he thought he might explode just from being so deep inside her.

Capturing her mouth, Radzin plunged his tongue into her, demanding and obtaining entrance.  He kissed her fiercely, holding her tight against him until his breathing was some what under control again.  Radzin rolled over pulling Lilly on top of him.  The sight of her impaled on him, just as he had imagined earlier nearly sent him over the edge.  Raw passion raged though him and he drew his hands around her sides, gliding over the swell of her pregnancy, before reaching up to support her full breasts in his palms, savoring the heft and weight of them as he capture her nipples between his fingers, pinching and tweaking them until she moaned again.

"I want to watch you ride me, Lilly.." Rad called out, bucking up into her, pleased to hear her gasp at his even deeper penetration. " I want fill you until you can't hold anymore and your world shatters into a million fiery pieces, throbbing around me."

Radzin punctuated each thought with a thrust of his hips, smiling fiercely at each shiver and tremor that wracked Lilly's slight body.  She was beautiful, the sun in her hair, her skin glowing, but the thing that made Radzin nearly spin out of control was the intense passion that radiated from her eyes.  It's power seemed to reach out for him, engulfing him and carrying him further into the thundering wave of fire that was building between them.

Lilly screamed her delight and then looked down at him.  The fierce passion in her golden eyes nearly  undid Radzin's thin thread of control.

"Behold my lord," she gasped, "what it means to hold the soul of a Grigori in your

With that she tossed her head back, extended her arms, and suddenly engulfed them both in a blinding light.  Radzin froze for a moment, but only until he realized his eyes weren't hurt and then Lilly's face came into view.

"I love you," she told him.  "I don't know how; I don't even know why.  I only know I do!" and she took his lips in the most rapturous kiss Radzin had ever experienced.  His body felt like it was floating as Lilly wrapped her legs around his waist and impaled herself on him to the hilt.

"Forgive me, my love, but my need for you is so great.  Come with me, come now, please Rad!" Lilly begged as she wiggled and trembled upon the giant Cossack's manhood.  He knew she was close as her walls milked and stroked him.

A shuddering roar tore from Radzin's throat as he grabbed Lilly's waist, guiding her movement up and down his thick shaft in time to his forceful thrusts until he exploded into her.  Lilly's threw her head back in a frenzy of rising passion as his seed surged inside her, pushing her over the edge, shattering her world as Radzin had promised.  Spasms of pleasure wracked both bodies, until the Grigori and the Cossack were spent.

It was several moments before the Cossack noticed the cool sensation on his back.  At the same moment, he noticed a distinct change in the ground beneath him.  Slowly, the Cossack turned his head to see what had changed.  The first thing he noticed was the leaves of the trees next to his head.  A frantic grab beneath him, accompanied by a musical laugh from the vixen still astride him, confirmed Radzin's worst fear - he was no longer on solid ground.

'Woman, the only reason a Cossack's feet leave the ground is to mount a horse, or a woman.  Best you put me down *now*."

"My giant Cossack - a Grigori has mounted you this day, surely that was worth the trip?" Lilly giggled as she gently lowered them back to the ground before kissing him in reassurance.

Once back on the ground, Radzin sighed his relief before he teasingly growled, "Mayhaps it was, mayhaps not - the only way to find out for sure it to try it again, on the ground this time!  Would you care to assist in the comparison?"

Lilly smiled back when she couldn't think of a single reason to disagree with the burly Cossack.

~ End for now ~