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Birthday Surprises

Chancellor's Surprise
Rated G (depending on what the Chancellor does)
(note: these two stories were inspired by the Chancellor and Basaxl having the exact same birthday. My guys wanted to do somethine for them and here it is.)


The afternoon sun slanted through the stone windows creating wells of light and shadow throughout the room.  Kronos surveyed the room noted the large bed and comfortable desk.

<So this is where the Chancellor sits while reviewing her kingdom.> Kronos thought with a dark smile, his fingers closing around the edge of the chair.  He closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating on the feel of her presence.  There was still a subtle hint of her scent lingering in the air.

<Mmmmmm.. does she wear perfume?  Or is this just the scent of her soap and shampoo?>  Kronos wondered languidly.  Slowly he moved to the adjacent bathing chamber.  The scent was stronger in this private sanctuary.  Kronos wandered aimlessly, touching and smelling his way around the room, trying to get a better feel for the woman he was here to surprise.

Slowly, Kronos became aware of a presence in the outer room.  Irritation over the intrusion consumed him as he stood in the arch searching the room for the source.

"You will leave this room now." Kronos harshly commanded the servant he discovered cleaning the room. "You will speak to no one of my presence in the room, do I need to make myself clearer?"

One look at the brooding man with the glittering green eyes and servant fairly ran from the room.  Kronos strode over to the spot the servant had to hastily vacated, wondering what she might have been doing.

<Ahh.. the fire has gone out.>

Kronos rebuilt the blaze, then removed his boots and lay down on the bed to wait.  Fingers laced behind his head as the Kronos considered the evening.  After the Chancellor was through with the birthday celebration below, she would come up here - and he would be waiting.

Kronos had heard much about this Chancellor, even exchanged a few brief words with her through the computer in Jair's room.  Anticipation grew as Kronos lay on her bed, surrounded by her things considering how this woman would respond to his invasion of her private quarters.

As magnificent as the Chancellor's imagined rage, and subsequent passion were, climbing the castle walls had tired him. As the sunlight faded, leaving only the glow of the fire, Kronos quietly fell asleep.

((( The Chancellor wrote a wonderful and steamy sequel to this.  Email me privately if you are interested )))


Basaxl's Birthday Surprise
Also rated G (depending on Bas's reaction)

"That's a beautiful mare you have there."

Silas gently set down the hoof he had been cleaning, before rising to face the immortal he had felt approaching for the last several minutes.  The big man wiped his meaty hands on his shirt while he studied the man who has spoken.

The stranger was not tall, but he has an undefinable air of authority about him.  Clear blue eyes crinkled at the edges and the stranger smiled.

"You must be Silas.  It is a pleasure to meet one of the famed Horsemen! I am Kristov."  The stranger called pleasantly.  "Is Bas around?"

Silas's face transformed as he returned the Cossack's smile.  While it was small, Silas had noted the brightly wrapped box held in Kristov's arms.  Silas pointed into the barn before turning back to the mare.  He would speak with the Cossack after Kris has spoken with Bas.

Inside the barn, Kristov found Bas cleaning some of the tack.  She was humming as her hands methodically rubbed the leather of the saddle before her.  Intent on her work, lost in the music coming from a small stereo, Bas didn't notice Kris come in.

"Excuse me."  Kris stood quietly waiting for woman to catch her breath.  He had not meant to startle her, but she had jumped when he spoke.  When her eyes lost the wild look, he Kristov continued, "I am Kristov, Silas told me I could find you in here."
The woman studied him silently, making Kristov, the normally implacable warrior, squirm.

"I.. that is Jair mentioned it is your Birthday today.  I brought you a gift."
<It is also the Chancellor's birthday.  Did you get her a gift also Cossack?>  Bas thought, wondering why this man was before her giving her gifts.

The continued silence was undoing Kristov at the seams.  Unable to form any coherent words, Kris settled for handing the small box to Bas.

Bas cautiously plucked at the blue and yellow bow before realizing the lid lifted off the box.  As she pulled back the lid, small smoky ears poked out. The kitten was adorable, a grey strip covered its deep blue eyes like a mask, while the grey ears seemed to frame the cream colored face.  The kitten's little nose was black, but it's mouth was snow white.  Cream fur spread across its back, except for one white, heart shaped spot in the center.  A smoky tail and four smoky feet (expect for one white toe on the back) completed the unusual kitten.  ((((  I actually own this cat - coolest color mix I've ever seen ))))

Bas looked up from the kitten, a smile on her face.  Before she could thank him, Kristov leaned forward and kissed her.  Soft and slow, his lips moved across hers.  Pulling back before Bas could form a reaction, Kristov smiled.

"Happy Birthday."

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