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A Restless Night

Christmas Celebration: Part 2 - A Restless Night
Written by Jair and Sharon
Rated R


A loud groan of frustration rumbled from beneath the pillow as Jair realized all her restless thrashing has managed to thoroughly tangle her feet in the sheets and blankets.  Several minutes of enraged kicking and cursing followed as Jair struggled to free her self.  Stomping out of bed, the Pathfinder admitted that sleep was further away than she had hoped.

<Probably didn't help that I fell asleep in the bathtub.>  Jair thought with a rueful shake of her head.  She looked around the room for something to do, but nothing appealed.  With a small shrug, Jair decided to go walking.  She grabbed a robe from the chair, and pulled her unruly curls back into a loose pony-tail, deciding that no one would be about in the middle of the night so getting dressed wasn't required.  Satisfied that she was at least not "indecent", Jair headed for the stables, hoping the soft light, low wickering of the horses, and warm smells might sooth her spirit.

<I should check on the horse Tom loaned me anyway. >

The stables were predictable empty.  As soon as she stepped through the heavy doors, Jair could feel the calm of the night time stables wash over.  It was like entering her own private world, just her and the nearly 50 horses housed in that particular section.  Most of the horses were asleep, but Jair spoke quite greetings to those that weren't.  Eventually she found the horse she had borrowed.   The horse was gleaming - freshly bathed and brushed.  There was a full basin of water, plenty of hay, and straw so thick the horses hooves weren't visible.

"So much for taking care of you." Jair thought morosely as she hopped up to sit on the wall between stalls.  Her horse didn't even acknowledge her presence, but a giant of a horse from the next stall leaned over. Impatiently, the huge horse butted Jair's back.

"What?  You want some company?" Jair asked the beast with a smile.  She swung her legs over the wall and turned to inspect her horse's neighbor.  "Wow - you are a big fellow.  I'll bet you belong to one of the knights."

The black horse grunted at her tossing his head towards his empty grain bucket.

"Not a chance fella." Jair admonished him. "I'll bet he's got you a special diet or something.  Ahhh, come here bud, your mane has a few tangles."

The horse was huge, and no matter how much Jair reached, she couldn't balance on the wall and still untangle the horses mane.  She jumped down and hopped out of the stall in search of a brush or a comb.  The straw bedding was prickly on her bare feet, and the horses towered over her.  Jair considered the problem for a moment, then gingerly, she climbed up the wall and slowly settled herself on the giant's back.  The horse didn't seem to object, so Jair set about combing his thick mane.

Sir Patrice gave final instructions to the Guards at the Gate before heading back to the stables.  In the back of his mind, he was still trying to figure out what he might have done to so greatly upset the Pathfinder early.  It had seemed as if Jair were afraid of him, but he was certain they had not met before today.  The thoughts and questions jumped around in his mind, but Sir Patrice could find no answers.  As he reached for the stable door, Patrice shrugged, deciding tomorrow he could look at the situation from a fresh perspective.

The sound of low singing, and the swish of a brush floated through the slight opening in the stable door.  Patrice paused to listen to the feminine voice.  It was unusual to find anyone in the stables this late at night.  A smile crossed his face as Patrice located the Pathfinder sitting astride Agravaine's Monster, as the rest of the knights called the horse.

The lamplight glistened on Jair's copper curls.  She was wearing a short robe, but it had ridden up her legs exposing a smooth expanse of creamy skin from her tiny feet to her firm thighs.  Patrice was momentarily mesmerized by her soft voice and graceful movements.  As the song came to an end, Patrice watched Jair sigh deeply, then rose to stand on Monster's back. The lamplight behind her silhouetted her body as she nimbly stepped across to the wall separating the stalls.   When Jair reached then end of the wall, she looked up before jumping down and Patrice got his first glimpse at her deep blue eyes.

"Lady! Pardon me, I came to check on my own ride, and ..... please excuse my interruption." Sir Patrice lowered his head, and took half a step back, then looked back up into Jair's steady blue gaze. "Lady? A question if I may?"**

Lightly Jair jumped down from the wall.  The Knight was the same one from the gate.   Now, relaxed as she was, Jair was able to suppress her initial reaction long enough to study the knight before her.  His face was the same as Kronos', but his hair was different and his eyes lacked a certain herd edge to them that Kronos had.

"You can ask, but I can't  promise you'll like the answer." Jair said with a teasing smile.

Patrice blushed, but continued before he had the time to decide against rousing her fiery temper once again.

"Lady, I uh... I noticed you seemed almost ,,, why did my appearance upset you so? Did I do something to anger you? For if I did, I must surely apologize."

As he spoke, Patrice moved a couple of steps closer, so that he could better see her in the dim lamp light.  He noticed how her eyes shifted color, blazing steel blue at his question.

Jair's took a deep breath as she considered his question.  It touched a nerve inside her, coming to close to the tangle of emotion that Kronos had caused.  Jair was not ready to try sorting that knot out, even if the Knight's question was a legitimate one.  Her behavior had bordered on being rude, but that didn't mean she was going to explain it.

"Don't apologize.  I should never have been so thoughtless and rude."  Jair's eyes misted as she couldn't help but think again of Kronos, images of him smiling next to her in bed battled with those of him holding a knife to Efram's throat.  Words just tumbled out of her mouth, slipping off her trembling lips. "It's just that you look like someone else I know.  Same face, same voice - but you aren't the same person, and I just need to try to remember that.  It surprised me a bit.  I will try not to let it happen again."

Suddenly tired again, Jair's shoulder's slumped a bit and she started to turn away from the Knight.  Without thinking, Patrice stepped forward and gently held Jair's elbow.

"Please Lady Jair, talk to me. Perhaps I can help in some way. I know there are many here on this island that look like me, and it is sometimes very overwhelming." His green eyes were soft, and almost pleading as he looked at her, almost welcoming the opportunity to have someone else to talk to about it.

Jair tilted her head back and slowly rubbed her eyes with the heels of her palms, as if trying to rub out a vision.  She sighed as she lowered her arms to hug herself.

"You're right again, Sir..?" Jair head tilted to one side as she glanced up at the knight, "You know, I don't even know your name."

"Patrice."  He supplied softly.  He felt somewhat responsible for shift in her mood.  She had not seems so sad when he first entered the barn.  Perhaps if he could keep her talking she would be able to set aside whatever troubled her.

"Patrice" Jair repeated softly, tasting the name.  "Mmmm... yes.  There are many people who look like you, like him.  And I need to find a way to deal with this.  I know you aren't the same just because you look alike.  But it is just so shocking.  Right now, I want to forget him, and it seems like every time I turn around, he's standing there.  Even after I realize it isn't really him, I can't help but think about him."

Jair stopped for a moment, helpless against the onslaught of memories.  Some small sound snapped her out of her reverie, and she glanced up at Patrice again.

"It can't be easy for you - having look-a-likes running around."  Jair asked quietly.

Patrice smiled warmly, and moved his hand as if to adjust one of Jair's wayward curls. He hesitated, but then did it anyway, he just wanted so badly to touch her beautiful hair. He tucked it slowly behind her ear, then let his fingertip slide lazily around her earlobe before pulling his hand away. Clearing his throat, he shuffled his feet before he answered her.

"It was quite a shock the first couple of days. For it was not only the appearance of so many of me, but the fact that one minute the castle was one place, the next it was here!"

Then with a sudden thought, his eyes lit up. "Do you like Dew?"

Jair had not expected his gentle caress, or the tingling response of her body.  When he had stopped, Jair was surprised how quickly her body ached for his touch to return.  Her mind was still trying to process the reaction, when she heard the magic word - "Dew".

"Mountain Dew?!" Jair laughed excitedly.  "I live on the stuff.  Why?  Do you know where there is some?!  I haven't had any in days!"

Sir Patrice's eyes fairly sparkled as he took her hand and excitedly led her to a small tack room. Inside was a neatly made single bed, a dresser and clothes closet.. in the corner was a 'Thermos' cooler.

"This is where I stay a lot of the time, since I am now head of the gate guard." With pride he motioned for Jair to be seated on the bed, the only place in the room to do so, and with a flourish opened the cooler to reveal a case of 'Dew' on ice. "It is such a strange drink, with the bubbles and all, but I have really begun to like it!"

Then, as the gentleman he is, he opened one, and handed it to Jair. A mile size grin on his face.  A brilliant smile spread across Jair's face as she glanced lovingly at the green can before taking a drink.

"You know, I could fall in love with you for this."  Jair teased, before savoring a second drink. "You have to have one with me now, or I will feel guilty about invading your private stash."

Jair looked around the small room curiously.  There wasn't much in the way of personal memorabilia.  It was just a neat tidy room, cozy and comfortable.

"You need a radio."  she said with conviction, as she leaned back against the wall and curled her bare feet underneath her butt. "Some music to dance to and some books to read after the horses are asleep."

Greatly pleased with himself at making the lady happy, he dove into the cooler and took out a Dew for himself. Popping the top, he took a drink- wrinkling his nose at the bubbles, and grinned.

"A radio?" he queried. "You must explain this to me sometime." Then with conviction and determination, he set his can down on the floor, and knelt before the chest at the head of the bed. Opening the lid, he reached in, and tenderly retrieved a book. It had a leather cover, cracked with age and use.

"This is my family's record.  It was handed down to me when I became a Knight. My family's entire history is in there." His eyes went soft again, with just a hint of sadness. "It is now all I have left of them." Turning the cover to face Jair, he gently laid it in her lap then sat down on the floor at her feet.

Gingerly, Jair's fingertips caressed the book.  She was thrilled that Patrice was willing to share something so personal.  The book was a treasure all it's own, and Jair could not believe she was holding something from Camelot.

<Some things about this island I will never get used to.> Jair thought with awe.  Then she realized just what Patrice was saying.  <Oh my goodness!  His family is gone!  As in not on this island, as in he'll never see them again.>

"Patrice, this is beautiful!  Tell me about it."  Jair did not want to ask directly about his family, but she hoped that if he explained about the book, it might ease some of his loneliness.

"That's sad, Patrice.  I hadn't realized that not everyone here was 'happy' to leave their home."

"You were happy to leave?"  Patrice asked incredulously.

"Very much so..."  Jair said softly before she shook herself.  "Come on - this is getting to depressing.  You wanted to know about a radio.  I want some music.  Since there is one in my room, if you come back with me, we can kill two birds with one stone."

"Kill two birds with one stone, Lady?" Patrice looked at her with questioning eyes, then smiled and shook his head. "Another question, I am sorry lady. Sometimes all of this," he gestured with a sweep of his arm, "is just way to much for this old soldier to comprehend."

"Lady?" The questioned word was soft, as he raised up on his knees bringing him level with Jair's face. "Must we go to the castle?"  His hand rose once again, his open palm against Jair's cheek, "Could the music wait? Could you stay here with me, just a little longer?"

His callused palm was both hard and soft against her cheek.  She couldn't keep the small voice in her head from reminding her Kronos had never touched her in exactly that way before.  She stared into his eyes, trying to see something, but smiled when she couldn't find it.

<This man really isn't anything like Kronos.> Jair thought as her gaze focused on Patrice's lips, so close to her own.  She wondered what his moustache would feel like against her lips.  Slowly, Jair leaned forward, closing her eyes just as her lips touched his.

Patrice was pleasantly surprised as Jair leaned into him but more than willing to join the adventure. His hand slid behind her head to hold her to him, then he wrapped the other behind her, sliding her body toward him to the edge of the bed. The warmth of her body under his hands, and her soft lips against his, lit a fire he'd not known for such a long time. Oh he ached to have her, to feel her bare skin against his, but he slowed allowing her time. Knowing her 'problem' with those who looked like him, although he had never met this Kronos, he dared not chance pushing her further than she wanted to go.

Jair couldn't help noticing that everything about Patrice was different from Kronos.  From the way her held her to the way he kissed.  Each difference calmed her fears and uncertainties, while adding fuel to the fire building within her.  As Patrice's arms enfolded her, Jair brought her hands up to caress his chest.  The body was the same but it reacted differently, rippling under her touch.  The moustache that had so intrigued her, seemed to tickle and burn at the same time, sending little jolts of desire through her body.

Jair quickly realized Patrice was letting her set the pace, waiting for her to be comfortable.  A heady sense of power rushed through Jair.  She deepened the kiss drawing the Knight's tongue into her mouth, sliding her own along its length.  At the same time, she wrapped her legs around the Patrice's powerful torso, pulling him closer to her.

When Jair deepened the kiss and circled his body with her legs, a thrill rushed through him. A heady, dizzying excitement. He could feel her heat through his breeches, and realized she wore nothing underneath. A moan escaped his lips as his member throbbed with need, and he began to tremble in her arms.

"Little one, don't let me frighten you, but I desire you." The words tumbled out between kisses upon her neck and lips.  "My body cries for you. Will you allow me to take you this night. Allow me to show you a gentle love?" He continued to kiss her, and now his hips ground against her unbidden with crazed need.

<Oh my God, he's asking my permission!>  Jair thought.  It was such a beautiful and sweet and touching gesture that Jair felt tears sting her eyes.  With a lopsided grin, Jair raised her glistening eyes to stare into his.

"If you stopped now, I would have to hurt you."  Jair said in mock seriousness.  To emphasis her point, she reached down between them and boldly ran her palm over his swollen length.  She continued firmly, "I will have this before this night is through."

Slowly, Jair lifted the Knight to his feet, caressing his sides and chest as she raised his tunic up over her head.  His chest bared before her; Jair bent her head to lightly lick his nipples.  Gently, she took turns biting, then soothing them until Patrice was moaning before her.

Patrice's trembling was beginning to make it difficult to stand, and he hooked his fingers under Jair's chin, raising her face to him. Kissing her, he whispered on her lips, "Lady, I would like avoid bodily injury." His eyes twinkled with delight.

Gently he pushed her robe off her shoulders, allowing it to drift to the floor. With a tentative look in her eyes for permission, he then unbuttoned the gown allowing it to join it's mate on the floor. When she stood naked before him, he pulled her to him, brushing her cheek with his beard before tasting her lips once again. "You are lovely, little one. I will take care."

Lifting her, he gently laid her down on the cot, then stood up. Removing his breeches, the lacing refused to budge and he jerked it apart kicking the garment to the side. He paused a moment, watching Jair's eyes hungrily search his body, his manhood jerking in response when her eyes rested there. With a smile, he lowered his body to hers, slowly moving up between her legs, kissing and nipping gently as he went. "You are a wonderful festival table, set just for me little one. I will be nourished well this evening."

Jair sucked in her breath, twisting the sheets between her fingers.  A moan slipped through her lips as Patrice's lips and moustache grazed her sensitive  inner thigh.  Her stomach muscles fluttered and spasmed in anticipation, as Jair lost her self to the incredible sensations the Knight's lips, teeth and tongue were creating.

A small cry echoed in the room when Patrice's tongue touched that most responsive bud.  In no time, Jair was writhing wildly beneath the Patrice's skilled mouth.  Gasping, she sat up, struggling for some level of control over the escalating tide.

"Please ...  I need you inside me." Jair whispered raggedly as she pulled Patrice to her.

"You're wish is my command Lady." Patrice said with a smile, but slowly worked his way up her body, stopping to suckle her until her nipples were hard with desire and her moans drove him to continue. Leaning down to kiss her, he allowed his shaft to rub against her wetness causing him to shudder with anticipation.

"Are you ready for me then my little one? For I want to feel your heat surround me, to surge to your depths." Holding both her wrists over her head with one hand, he slid his other under her buttocks lifting her to meet him.  Patrice entered her only half way the first time, then slowly withdrew. When Jair moaned and moved under him, he thrust again, filling her as only a Vim can do.

With her arms held above her head, Jair felt her body stretch beneath Patrice's hard body.  Instinctively, her back arched pressing her aching nipples against his chest.  Patrice's lips found her neck as Jair wrapped her legs around his waist.  Jair held him still for a moment, savoring the fullness.  She raised her head to capture his lips as she slowly flexed around his thick shaft until she felt his moan rumble across his chest. Jair broke the kiss, drawing back to look at him with passion clouded eyes.

"Conquer me now, Sir Knight."  Jair moaned arching and thrusting beneath him.

With a lusty growl, he nipped her neck and began even , slow thrusts. "Ah, Lady. You feel so wonderful, you thrill me to the core. I could want you again and again." Soon his motions had increased and he released her wrists and brought his arms under her shoulders, holding her close to him.

Frantic fire built within Jair with each thrust of Patrice's powerful body.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on to him.  She reveled in the closeness of their bodies as they moved together, kissing his broad shoulders.  He tasted of salt and passion as Jair kissed her way towards his face and lips.  Before she could capture them, the tempo increased, and Jair lost all sense of direction, sacrificing her goal to the raging tide within.

Patrice could see in Jair's eyes, and sense her body's wild motions telling him he had reached his goal, he would bring the Pathfinder to ecstasy this night. As his manly pride swelled to bursting, so did everything else. Patrice sensed Jair reach her peak, her body tightened about him, as his coming burst forth filling her with his seed. It came in endless waves until Patrice was sure she would be full to over flowing before it ended. His breath came in gasps as he kissed her over her face, her neck and cupped one of her breasts.

"Lady, I have filled you with all that I am, in return for the great pleasure you have given me." Then with a sly smile as he ran his tongue around a yet sensitive nipple, "I hope I have changed your mind and feelings toward my face."

The light flick of his tongue send shudders rippling through her body.  Jair caught her breath at the lingering intensity, still not completely coherent in her thoughts.

<Two can play at that game, Sir Knight> Jair thought with a wicked chuckle as she clenched her muscles in rapid succession, squeezing his spent member.  A fresh round of shudders wracked her body, but Jair was rewarded with a moan from the man smiling so smugly above her.

"You face?" Jair asked innocently.  "Oh, yes - your face is just fine now.  But you know.. I think I need to work on your body yet tonight."

A small giggle slipped past Jair's attempt at being serious, as she reached behind to lightly scraped her nails across Patrice's firm cheeks and up his hips and sides.

"I'm sure there is more to you that I have yet to discover..." Jair licked her lips seductively, holding Patrice's gaze, "...  to taste."

~ End of Restless Night ~

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