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The Revealed Bible:

The Ursa Major Version

The Bible of the Jews (and a part of the Bible for so many others) is a remarkable document, which is sadly very poorly translated. Though I do not know old Hebrew, or any of the other dead Semitic languages, I can read footnotes and commentaries. Great expanses of the Bible are only partly translated, or doubtful sections are rendered with an undeserved confidence. This is my attempt to bring into the main text some of the untranslated words and some of the uncertainties which are left out of mainline translations. I have started with the text of the Darby translation, but have also consulted other translations and references. Perhaps I will fully cite them some day.

Here it starts:

The names of God(s) are rendered as such, names are translated when information is available. The Darby text uses various symbols by the word "god" to indicate which word was actually used. Unfortunately, my text of the Darby was from the Internet,and I am not sure if all the marks were correctly uploaded.
"Name" without comment is the meaning, e.g Abram means Honored father and is rendered Honored-Father
"*Name" indicates that the word plays on the sounds of the name and surrounding text, e.g. Cain means "smith" or "metal worker". but in the "Cain and Able" story, the sound of the name is played against the sound of the word for "acquire" or "get". So Cain is rendered *Acquired
"Name*" indicates the rendering is based on other considerations.
"Name(?)" indicates uncertainty in the meaning. I have made choices as I saw fit, and am quite aware that there are other possibilities.
The "J" text is marked by dark green .I mostly relied on the Anchor Bible, but sometimes went with The Book of "J".
The "P" text is marked by priestly purple.
"E" material is indicated as nose blue.
Other sources are marked boring black.
Underlined text marks brief explanations, material implied by the text, or material which is not included in the common translations. Alternate readings, however are not marked at this time.
The breakdown into chapters and verses is , of course not part of the original material, and does not always follow the structure of the narrative. Sometimes I break the chapters in a non-traditional way, but still retain the traditional numbering.
Due to certain contraints, I have probably made a few errors and have not been consistant with format. Naturally, this work will get better with time.

Genesis chapter 1 to 2:4a
Genesis chapter 2:4b to 2:24
Genesis chapter 2:25 to 3:24
Genesis chapter 4
Genesis chapter 5
Genesis chapter 6:1 to 8:22
Genesis chapter 9
Genesis chapter 10
Genesis chapter 11
Genesis chapter 12
Genesis chapter 13
Genesis chapter 14
Genesis chapter 15
Genesis chapter 16
Genesis chapter 17
Genesis chapter 18
Genesis chapter 19
Genesis chapter 20
Genesis chapter 21
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