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The Devils' Christianity

(and Judaism, Islam, and Bahai)

Part of the heritage or the main monotheistic religions is the Pentateuch of the Jewish scripture, and in the beginning is Genesis. The creation story has some interesting and generally unappreciated elements which are of no importance if this story is fiction, a children's story or another old legend. If it is true, these elements require some rethinking of the common theologies.

The humans (Adam, male and female), meet a talking snake in the Tree of Knowledge, eat some fruit, and thus upset Yahweh and other divine powers.

To prevent the Adam from eating from the Tree of Immortality, the divine powers exile them from the Garden. Look at the story closely - they are banished not for sin but to prevent human immortality.

Look again at the snake in the tree. The original serpent in the tree is Draco (among other names). the dragon in the branches of the world tree. He is one of the great powers turning the sky, not a 2 meter reptile nor a fallen angel.

Further the snake has long been a symbol of eternal life at least as far back as the Gilgamesh epic

The story then is not so much of "original sin", but the protection of the Adam and us, their descendants, from immortality and those divine powers that would dare to offer it. It is the will of Yahweh-God-Allah that Adam is to live but a little while then die.

Where then do the Heaven and Hell of modern Judaism-Christianity-Islam-Bahai come from? From the subtle serpent who promises life forever. Those who seek heaven worship at the alter of Draco. Does it matter whether the serpent is a competing divinity or is a sign of the evil one? NO, for either way, God is very, very unhappy.

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