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The Chosen People

Through the centuries various sects, populations, nations, races, and other social groups have claimed to have a special relationship with the Divine. Most of these peoples as well as their divinities no longer exist. In other cases, they are still around, but are causing a great deal of trouble. For example the Irish Catholics versus the Irish Protestants. Or the Semites who worship YHWH versus the Semites who worship Allah (who is supposed to be the same divinity anyway, at least according to the Allah worshipers). Let us not forget the Nazis who were out to save the world from those Christ-killing-Jews and from godless communism.

Something is wrong with this picture. The real chosen people can not be a group of savages, petty noisemakers, thugs, or holders to archaic superstitions.

The Great Divine would not have a Chosen People based on the petty, the transitory, or the obscure. Any message the Great Power would send would not be ambiguous or subject to the odd interpretations which lead to the proliferation of sects.

Since all Holy Books are much the same with their miracles, obscurities, and absurdities, and only reach a part of humanity; they can not be the works of the Almighty!

If the Almighty had so chosen, He/She/It would have made His/Her/Its Presence as obvious as the sky, as unquestionable as the rules of mathematics, as undeniable as gravity. This obviously was not done. Look at the thousands of "real" religions, sects, and whatnot! The only clear and unambiguous message is the absence of a message.

This means that the Great Power does not wish to be known, worshiped or acknowledged!

The ones who win Divine favor are those who live as humans are meant to live. The Humanists, the atheists, the deniers of religion and its barbaric effects. Now go take on the day.
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