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The 1990-95 Toyota MR2

a 1991 Turbo MR2

In 1990 Toyota completely changed the MR2. The car recieved a newer rounded look that made it look sportier. The interior was changed slightly but it kept much of its inner charm and "snugness". The car was longer, wider and a little bit heavier.

But the biggest change came in the engine. Instead of heaving the older style motor (4-age or 4-agze), which produced 115 Hp N/A or 145 Supercharged, they put in a Turbo Charged engine (the 3s-gte) that produced 200 Hp stock! This realy turned some heads! Being able to produce that much Hp from a 4 cyl. engine is what I think was its biggest attraction, along with the rest of the MR2's earned qualities. There was also a naturaly aspirtated version from 1990-95.

Unfortunately, with the decline in sales for 2 seater sports cars and the rise in auto insurance rates, the MR2 was discontinued in North America in 1995. There are still several around and the MR2 continues to be sold in other parts of the world. Maybe someday the MR2 will return to North America and the legend will continue.

A pic of a 1998 Toyota MR2 from Europe

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