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The 1985-89 Toyota MR2

A 1986 N/A MR2

The MKI naturaly aspirated model was introduced to North America in 1985. It was a unique design in that the engine was mounted in the rear of the car. The original design came from Lotus and was incorporated into a Japanese car. Toyota used its top selling car, the "Corolla" as the MR2's base. The MR2 recieved many suspension peices and the steering from the Corolla.

The SV3. The MR2 Prototype seen in autoshows in 1984

The Naturaly asprirated model was available from 1985-89, and it came packed with a peppy double overhead cam 4 cyl. engine (the 4-age)that produced about 115 hp and red-lined at 7500 r.p.m. This gave the MR2 most of its inner charm. Its upright seats and "snug" cockpit made it a joy to race around corners and put a smile on your face. No other car made you look so good or smile so much!

My 1986 Toyota MR2
It was sold in the Fall of '98

In 1988-89 Toyota produced a supercharged version of the MR2. It had most of the same characteristics as the naturaly aspirated, but its engine (the 4-agze) now put out a 145 Hp and a nice kick at the 4500 r.p.m. range

A 1988 Supercharged MR2

In 1990 the MR2 got a whole new look and new engine. Click here to read about the MKII version.

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