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The Help Desk Metaphor for Discipleship Training

A technology, that is, a body of knowledge applied to achieve a practical objective, is more generally adopted if enhanced by good user support. A "help desk" is a loosely defined network of functions which provides a point of contact and resolution for technical support requests from users of a technology. For instance, both internet service providers and software vendors need to have a web-based help desk to effectively and efficiently operate in the modern world.

In a sense, the AAB-DK books may be considered a set of instructions for prospective spiritual disciples. These books contain a "source code" to set loose the Good, the Beautiful and the True among those already prepared to gradually unlock the mystery of life and thus serve the world. The teachings conveyed may serve as a "software application" to be (voluntarily) self-installed in the minds (and hearts) of aspirants to discipleship. However, by the time an individual comes in contact with the AAB-DK books, s/he has probably established his/her "operating system" fully integrated with the brain processor ("hardware"). Therefore, there is a need for "technical," and thus "impersonal1," support to successfully install and apply the code contained in them.

AAB envisioned the need for a "school" whose purpose was not to teach but to "train" by providing "personally impersonal" user support for those who decided to apply esoteric teachings to life. Unfortunately, the terms "school" and "training" were only meant to imply "point of contact" and "support," respectively. Therefore, it is mistaken to believe that any "school" actually exists today providing "training for discipleship." At best, any such school would facilitate self-training to aspirants. In fact, the training school for would-be disciples is the world at large, and the "class mates" are the members of the New Group of World Servers. Of course, while AAB was in charge of the Arcane School, she -a world disciple herself-- was able to assist in providing Ashramic training for discipleship. But since her transition, the teaching "schools" which train would-be disciples are accessible only during the hours of sleep. And this will continue to be so until the restoration of the Mystery Schools of Initiation in the 21st century.

Therefore, the present challenge is to coordinate efforts in order to provide a web-based "help desk" function for present and prospective conscious members of the New Group of World Servers. Several service groups have already established their internet presence and are, consciously or unconsciously, collaborating in this Hierarchical project. Each electronic contact, each e-mail exchange, each link to other bona-fide web sites is part of this world wide experiment in the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We welcome your suggestions, questions and efforts towards this service activity on behalf of the New Group of World Servers.

1. Impersonality: In the 1990s, no one needs to become a student of an "esoteric school" to experience "impersonal" services. The government and the corporate world provide abundant opportunities to interact impersonally, many times to the detriment of the interacting souls. The challenge of modern help desks is to interact in more humane ways by transcending, not negating, personalities. It is probably better to use the term "transpersonal" to refer to the true "personal impersonality" that AAB so well taught and kindly practiced.

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