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3D Software
Official OpenFX - 3D Modeling and Animation - Open Source (Free)
OpenFX - Latest News and Software Releases
Wings3D - 3D SubDivision Surface Modeling - Open Source (Free)
SubDivision Surface Modeling Information - Plus More
Ivy Generator - Grow Ivy over Imported 3D Model (obj) Export Ivy as 3D Model (obj) - Open Source (Free)
Caustics Generator - Liquid Light Patterns - Free
Download Caustic Patterns - Liquid Light Patterns - Free

Wings3D Plug-ins
Wings3D Plug-in Heaven - by ggaliens
Pov-Ray Plug-in - by avariant
Kerkythea Plug-in - by avariant
Wings3D Plug-in Writing Info - by scorpius

Rendering Software
YafRay - Photo-realistic Rendering (Raytracing) - Open Source (Free)
PovRay - High Quality Rendering (Raytracing) - Open Source (Free)
Kerkythea - Easy and Amazing High Quality Photo-realistic Rendering - Free
Convert Kerkythea Files to .Obj Files- Free

Image and Video Software
The Gimp - Image Editor/Creation - Open Source (Free)
Inkscape - Vector Graphics Editor (SVG) - Open Source (Free)
Ghostscript - Convert Postscript to PDF, Etc. - Open Source (Free)
Pstoedit - Add Vector (AI) Conversion Support to Ghostscript - Open Source (Free)
VirtualDub- Video Compression/Filters - Open Source (Free)

Gimp Plug-ins
Texturize - Tileable Texture Maker - Open Source (Free)
Normalmap Plug-in - Open Source (Free)

3D Help/Tutorials
Peter Chovanec - Wings3D Tutorials - Mushroom and Pumpkin
yCarry - Wings3D Tutorials - Pencil and Threads
Puzzled Paul - Wings3D Tutorials - Wings3D Commands Explained Visually
Mobius Tutorial
Diamond Tutorial
Glass Filling Tutorial

Wings3D Articles
Used to fix topology of models in “Hellboy II, The Golden Army”
Review by Andrew Browne at SUBDIVISIONMODELING.COM
Review at UnrealWiki
Linux Magazine Article about Open Source Software
Interview with Bjorn Gustavsson at SUBDIVISIONMODELING.COM
Interview with Mario Ucci (Loganarts) at
ATPM - Wings3D Review

Office Tools
Open Office - Word Editor, Spreadsheet, Slide Show, etc. - Open Source (Free)
Nvu - HTML Editor, Website Authoring - Open Source (Free)
Scribus - Desktop Publishing - Open Source (Free)
FreePDF - Free PDF Creation - Free
Pdftk - The PDF Toolkit - Use with Freepdf to add Watermark Capability -
Use in Dos Window to "Burst" a Multipage PDF into Individual Pages - Free

Sumatra PDF Viewer - Faster, Portable, Free PDF Viewer - Open Source (Free)
7-Zip - File Archiver (including .zip pack/unpack and .rar unpack) - Open Source (Free)
jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor - Open Source (Free)
Fonts - Free

Other Links
Computer Generated Images
CJFA - Artists - The Great Ones

MC Escher

GTRipple Program
Turns Desktop Wallpaper into a Lake

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