Reject Of The Week

ThE ReJeCts Of ThE WeEk HaVE BeEn... (AnN MaRiE)
J (JoSh) (StEpHaNiE) (MaRk) (CoDiE) (RaChEl) (DaN) (ChRiStInA) (ViCkY)

HeRe ArE ViCkY's AnSwERs:
1. I am a reject because I listen to Green Day all fricken' day long, I gate pieces of chalk into dust, mix it with water and stir it around for ntertainment, my favorite show is the Simpsons, on which my favorite character is Ralph Wiggum, and we all know how much of a reject he is, I am an obsessed Green Day fan, I keep a journal of pictures of them and all the lyrics to all their songs, I spend all my time online at various Green Day websites-I rarely go to any other sites.
2. There are so many Green Day songs that I love, but if I have to choose-they would be Having a Blast, Longview, Emenius Sleepus, F.O.D., Welcome to Paradise, Hitchin' A Ride, The Grouch, All The Time, and Platypus.
3. I am a girl
4. My name is Vicky.
5. My email address is
6. My favorite band member is Billie Joe cuz he's so damn cool and he's a great musician. Also all his clever lyrics prove him to be a fine songwriter.

HeRe ArE ChRiStInA's AnSwErS:
1. I am a reject because 24 hours a fucking day i listen to green day, sometimes i dont even go to school. Another reason i am the biggest reject is because....ummmmmmm.....FUCK i forgot what i was going to say.
2. My favorite Green Day song is.....damn that is a hard question because i love Do Da Da, but brain stews cool too.........i will just say brain stew because that song relates to me.
3. My favorite Green Day member is Billie Joe......hes cool
4. girl
5. ChRiStInA

HeRe ArE Dan's Answers:
1. I aM a Reject because i'm 22 and i live in a non-punk town lookin' all punk and gettin' stared at....the closest thing to punk around here is friggen' LiT and sugar Ray ...ARGHHHh!! I'm just now startin a band at this RipE olD age..and i've Never PickEd up a guitar Until A YeAr ago...and now i think i'm some RockSTAR
2. My Fav Green Day Song Is Going To Pasalacqua because for the longest time i could only wake up if i heard that song..otherwise i'd be a smellly lazy bastard and stay in bed!
3. my fav green day member is Probably Dirnt cause he's soo should see him in the Pinole High School (5/26/'90) video i have...what a tool..and he gets hurt ALL the time..clumbsy bastard..!!
4. GUY
5. DAN "Punk GUy" Bough
6. Depends..i have many email's """"""""

HeRe ArE RaChEl'S AnSwErS:
1. I listen to Greenday a the time, I watch the Simpsons, I'm a band nerd(play drums), When I'm in the car I stare at the people in the cars around me and laugh at them when they pick their noses, zits, etc., I dyed my hair bright red, I'm a pyromaniac, I have a chihuahua named Poquita, I don't eat meat, and that one song "I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch, Chinese food makes me sick", or whatever, by LFO makes me want to ram my head into a wall, repeatedly.
2.All by Myself, Longveiw, Basketcase, At the Library, King For a Day, Prostetic Head, Paper Lanterns, Do Da Da, The Grouch, and many many many more.
3.Tre' Cool

HeRe ArE CoDiE's AnSwErS:
1.because I suck at everything! Im a nimrod
2.All of them
3.Billie Joe Armstrong

HeRe ArE MaRk'S AnSwErS:
1. i am a reject becuz all the thirteen year old boys are hip-hop moguls and all the thirteen year old girls like the phony Nsync and BSB crap
2.fav songs are Basket Case, JAR, 409 In Your Coffeemaker, 16, Green Day, Good Riddance, Nice Guys Finish Last, Brain Stew/Jaded, Jinx.
3. Billie. i base my guitar style on his. (three power chords!!)
4. im a guy.
5. my name is Mark Krulish

HeRe ArE StEpHaNiE's AnSwErS:
1.Why are you a reject?
I AM NOT A REJECT! AND I AM NOT IN DENIAL! EVERYBODY LOVES ME! I have a rejected hot dog though. I roasted it last night on the grill and then NOBODY ATE IT!! Poor rejected hot dog. Ew, I hate hot dogs...
2.Favorite Green Day song?
My favorite songs? Got time? Stuart and the Ave., Walking Contradiction, King for a Day, No Pride, Having a Blast, 2000 Light years Away, Rest, At the Library, 1000 Hours, etc.
3.Favorite Green Day member?
Favorite member?? DAMN THIS QUESTION TO HELL!! I HATE THIS QUESTION!! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME USE MY BRAIN?? IT'S SUMMER!! Um... sorry about that outburst... I guess if you held a gun to my head and FORCED me to choose, I'd pick Billie Joe, but the question is kind of unfair because they're each different in their own ways and I like each one of them for different reasons... bs bs bs... blah blah blah...
4.Guy or Girl?
"I'm just a girl..."
5.Full name?( Or whatever you want me to use on the page)
mE LLaMo StEpHaNiE!!
6.What's your email address??
You may contact me at, or

HeRe ArE SaRaH's AnSwErS:
1.Why are you a reject? uuuh well cause i said so, all my friends hate me except liz cause shes like the only one of my friends who also likes green day, im not aloud to talk about green day in front of my parents because they told me not to, but i saw my mom press repeat on Basket Case! i'm on to her! i know what shes up to! i won 75 dollars at a bingo game and my mom got mad cause i spent it on greenday stuff.
2.Favorite Green Day song? oh god um The Grouch cause i don't know it is.
3.Favorite Green Day member? i like em all but Tre's my fave hes funny. He probably shags like a minx!
4.Guy or Girl? both, no really i'm a girl i sware!
5.Full name?( Or whatever you want me to use on the page) well uh my reall name is sarah young but my friends call my firecrotch. i wanna change my name to Beer and get a tattoo of Burt Bacharat on my butt!
6.What's your email address? or

HeRe ArE KiRsTi'S(ChRiStIe'S) AnSwErS:
1. OK... i am a reject for several reasons...i am, the biggest green day there is. well, i know everyone says that and there might be a bigger green day fan out therer besides me, but i like to think that i'm the biggest. I love their music soooo much. Everyone at school knows about my obsession with green day. The night of the VMA's when green day won for best alternative video my phone was like ringing off the hook because all my friends were calling to tell me like i wasn't watching or something. This is gonna sound kinda stupid, but i can't be friends with anyone who doesn't like green day. i actually broke up with my last boyfriend because i found out he hated them. I will do absolutely anything for green day...i love them so much. i don't know what else to write since i don't have time to write out all the stupid things i've done in the name of green day, but if u want some stories, feel free to e mail me.
2. I have lots of favorite songs. They are all so amazing it's hard to choose. Right now i'm getting into their old stuff. My favorite songs are Paper Lanterns, (but its better live), at the library, android, one of my lies, christie road, having a blast, F.O.D., stuart and the ave, tight wad hill, the grouch, worry rock, platypus, reject, and take back. i guess that's narrowing it down that much, but it's just too hard to pick just one.
3. I can't pick a favorite member either. I love them all for different things. I love billie joe because he's so amazing. He's got talent, he's soo hot, and he has an awesome personality. Like u know that he would be fun to hang out with. I love the way he dresses too. Not many people can pull off the all black high water pants looks, but he does it well. He also looks great in a thong...(have u ever seen him perform king for a day??) Mike is so sweet. He has a really awesome personality too. I love Tre because he's so funny. He's so wild and willing to do anything for the sake of entertainment. I can watch the same clip of Tre over and over and over and still laugh at what he says.
4. I'm a chick
5. My name is Christie...well actually, it's Kristi but i'm changing it to Christie as soon as my parents agree
6. (of course i have a green day related screen name)

HeRe ArE MiChElLe'S AnSwErS:
1. i am a reject because i suck. no j/k lemme see....i love green day a lot, i do i do...i'm a total nimrod when it comes to green day, i love all the people i know who love green day too because they love me back and i have no friends so it just works out that way.....i just am dammit!! i'm a retard and i can't do anything right! wow...i sure lost my self esteem there....not..
2. i love em all..but i'll say the ones i've been into recently...worry rock, no one knows, umm....ballads, i've been into their ballad-type songs lately, redundant, u know!
3. i love billie joe, but i love them all the same, they are all my favorite!
4. i am a women
5. meeshell is the name....of just plain stupid is fine

HeRe ARe JaSoN's AnSwErS:
1.I am a reject because,I am the biggest green day fan, the whole school knows I'm the biggest green day fan (even most of the faculty)I have 14 green day cds, I smack people if they say green day s**s ( see it's soo bad I can't even type it) In every yearbook I sign starting in 6th grade I always put "LONG LIVE GREEN DAY" and added some little extras like putting green day rules on every page Etc. my mom gets mad if i use my lunch money to buy a Green Day shirt, sticker poster etc. because she says I have too many Green Day stuff already. Green Day's Dookie was my very first CD, and the very first Green day song I ever heard was "Burnout." Oh yeah also because every year for each of their birthdays I throw little parties for them.I just want to be a reject cause Green Day is the best band in the world and I want everyone to know that I am one of the biggest Green Day fans!!!!!!!
2.My favorite Green Day song, well I have lots of them but the 1 favorite one would have to be either "stuck with me,""F.O.D.,"or "when I come around", oh yeah and also burnout cause that was the first Green Day song I ever heard.
3.Well I like all the members of Green Day but I guess Billie Joe would have to be my favorite because he is the singer of the band and he always has the coolest clothes and he is just plain cool.Tre is my favorite too because hey always is wild, and always has the coolest hair cuts and he is basically what my personality is like. I like Mike because he is the coolest bass player, and is like the quite one most of the time and he's "Kind of" what I'm like at times but not that much.Well I guess it's Billie Joe.

HeRe ArE JoSh'S AnSwErS:
1. I am the reject of the week because my love for Grren Day forced me to go on some nationally syndicated radio show done by some uppercrust conservitive and tell him on national radio that green day was the best band ever and that they deserved there own stamp for the year 2000 . How you like that : )
2.Favorite Greenday song ? I don't see how there could be just one ? Well if I must I must , um how about Scattered ?
3. Um Billie Joe is really awesome , he reminds me of me.
4. I am of the male variety of idiots.
5. my full name is Josh Offense.
6. My e-mail address is J or for those aol users it's J Offense
HeRe ArE HeAtHeR'S AnSwErS:
1)i am a reject because my friends reject me for being so obsessed with green day and punk rock in general. I talk about them constantly-even with my mother. I once tried to explain to her why i liked them so much and my explanation was so long she walked out of the room before I could finish!
2)I like Hitchin' a ride but I also like rotting, desensetized, J.A.R., and dominated love slave.
3)My favorite member of the band has to be Mike because he is the best bassist in the world! he also seems to be a good father and is a great songwriter.
4)I'm a girl
HeRe ArE RoBbIe'S AnSwErS:
1.I am a Reject cause the only shit i do is play music all day! 99% of it is Green Day(every once in a while I will listen to The Offspring or KoRn or anything!)
2.I love almost all the songs! Let's see...80, Christie Road, Who wrote holden Caulfield, One of my lies, Sweet Children, Android, Longview, Burnout, Welcome to Paradise, She, When I come around, F.O.D., Armatage Shanks (hehe), Geek Stink Breathe, Walking Contradiction, Brain Stew, 86, Reject, Desensitized, Rotting, I wanna be on TV, Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin' a Ride, Grouch, Platypus, Haushinka, Walking Alone, Take Back, King for a Day, Good Ridance and MANY MORE!!!
3.Favorite Green Day member?= Billie Joe
5.Robert (Robbie) T. Deitz (Deitz is for short!!!!)
6.GDnReject ( )
HeRe ArE RaChEl'S AnSwErS:
1.Why are you a reject?- Because I am completely obsessed with Green Day. I have over two thousand clips of them, 15 posters, 8 shirts, 10 movies, like a bazillion patches/stickers, uhm omg everything about greenday, you name it I probably have it. I think Billie Joe should be president...hehe...and I am just a total nutcase...
2.Favorite Green Day song? "Hitchin a ride"
3.Favorite Green Day member? Billie Joe
4.Guy or Girl? I am a girl :)
5.Full name?( Or whatever you want me to use on the page) Rachel
6.What's your screen name? GRnDaYgUrI (that's a i)
HeRe ArE AnN MaRiE's AnSwErS:
1. I am a reject because i like alot of cool bandslike Green Day so everyone thinks i'm crazy cause they all like stupid backstreet fags.
2. My fave song is FOD and Take Back and Basket Case
3.Billie Joe!!! He's sooooo cool!
4.I'm a girl
5.Ann Marie
HeRe ArE CaRoL's AnSwErS:
1. why am i a reject...hmmm...well, other than the fact that i call myself that all the time...i guess its cuz im such a big green day fan and so damn proud of it, ive rejected a few things sometimes i think i shouldnt(homework, etc) cuz i wanna hear their sweet music...
2. my favorite green day song would have to be paper lanterns, it h elps me get through the day, every day.
3. oh yeah, as if no one didnt already know this one. my fav member is mike. i love him, hes very talented, and it seems as if hes very sweet (the way he treats is daughter...). hes accomplished so much even though his childhood sucked so much...
4. i was a chick last time i checked...
5. you can just call me ms. carol dirnt, or mikie, whatever ya prefer
6. my screen name is mikiedirnt.
HeRe Are BrYaN'S AnSwErS:
1. Cause I would do almost anything meet green day and I act just like tre! and I have a bunch of friends that think i'm to obsessed and think of it as a sickness.
2. Hitchin' a Ride!
3. Tre Cool cause he acts so funny.
4. Guy
5. Bryan "Tre" Passione
HeRe ArE BeC'S AnSwErS:
1.Why am I a reject? Cause this is my default e-mail but I'm actually in the club from the address. Apart from that my pants are always falling down and I'm a general idiot(and an official one too)
2.My fave green day songs are all of them but esp. J.A.R, Going to Pasalacqua, Dominated Love Slave, One Of My Lies, Pulling Teeth, 86, Brainstew and King for a day. (see I can't count either)
3.Tre, or Billie Joe, or Mike is my favourite member. I'll get back to you on that one.
4.I'm a Girl.
5.My full name is Bec Cool
6.I don't have a screen name.
HeRe ArE ErIn'S AnSwErS:
Why are you a reject? not just a reject, because i could think of plenty of reasons, but a green day reject. last nov. me and some friends decided our homecoming themes at skool were really lame, and i suggested a green day homecoming at my house. dress code was that no one was admitted unless they had a green day shirt on. once there we had the homecoming football game (the razorbacks vs. the kings for a day i believe) and the homecoming court ( i was the jester if i remember correctly). the room was decorated with posters i took down from my room, we only listened to green day, and my friend even made cookies that said "green day" in green frosting. and to top it all off we videotaped the whole thing. sure it might be psycho but you can never go too far for green day.
Favorite Green Day song? stuck with me
Favorite Green Day member? they are all lovely but i would have to say billie joe
Guy or Girl? female
Full name? erinlynn
What's your screen name?
HeRe ArE JeSsIcA'S AnSwErS:
I'm a reject because i'm the only person that wants the title "reject of the week" really, that'll higher your self-esteem!
My fav. green day song is either J.A.R. or Walking Contradiction...but i do love every green day song!
My favorite Green Day member is Billie.
I'm a girl
My name is Jessica.
My screenname is RockGrlva4, but my email address is

HeRe ArE RiKa'S AnSwErS:
Why am I a rejct? Whoa!! Slow down, it's a little too deep for me...
My favorite Green Day song, well, I like, when I come Around, Time of Your Life, Jinx/Haushinka, Nice Guys Finish Last, Basket Case...........
I like Tre Cool very much. He's an obsession of mine.
I am a girl.
My name is Rika Renee Hood.
My screen name is SwimJM63. Dont send me any chain letter crap because I don't even look at it.

I have currently decided to take off Reject Of The Week, because it proved to be stupid. So sorry!

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