This is a review from the recent show in Seattle on October 10,2000.

'Twas a great show. After arriving at the Valley 6 movie theater at 4:45 PM Pacific Time, crowds were already forming around the stage. A large triangular yellow balloon with the symbol of WARNING flanked the stage, which looked well-stocked with guitars and basses. The Drive-in refreshment stand sold popcorn and candy and pizza and all sorts of goodies. At 5:00, the concert was supposed to start. At 5:45, (almost an hour late), A sign started to crank it's way up behind the center of the stage baring out the words: GREEN DAY. Suddenly, amidst a roar of cheers, Mike and tre walked up to take their positions. Suddenly, the man himself, the one they call Billie Joe, arose from the sides. He walked up to the mic and whispered,"Shhhhhh...." Then belted out the song, Minority. When that opening song was over, Green Day welcomed Auburn by asking," Any motherfuckers from motherfucking Seattle, godammit?!" They played another song and finally introduced themselves as Green Day from Oakland, California. Cracking jokes about songs and critically lambasting the despised Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst ("Why don't we play a Limp Bizkit song?" and "Fred Durst could kick my ass, well he could, 'cuz he's a jock!")the band struck up a few more songs, both from newer and older albums. Rain had started to pour in and the cameras of MTV made the audience go wild. Halfway through the concert, BJ decided to lighten things up by getting several members of the audience to play a Ramones song. After 15 minutes worth the "opening band" played and Billie Joe awarded them afterwards with the opportunity to jump into the crowd. A few more songs played, including All By Myself and Dominated Love Slave by Tre. Billie Joe, after regaining control of the mic, announced a farewell to the audience. A glazed, dissapointed look arose from every fan's face. Billie seemed amused, and finally said, "Umm.... this is the part where we walk away off stage and you chant GREEN DAY, GREEN DAY, and we play for another half-an-hour." So, good night. They left. We chanted. Came back and played Platypus (I Hate You). Whoo! Yea!!!! After that, they finally bid farewell, but not without releasing the WARNING balloon and Tre burning his drum set AND Mike's Bass. After that, we went home, listening to Welcome to Paradise all the way.
- Armsgravy


On October 31st, 1999, my friend Michelle went to the Green day concert in California. So for the people that didn't get to go and for the people who want to know what it was like, she wrote a little review for us! So Enjoy!!!!

Halloween night, 1999....I was ever so lucky to get tickets to see green day play for the bridge skool benefit. They played an awesome set, just like a normal performance but acoustic, they very much so rock acoustic. But anyway, after the show, they're part anyway, but i was walking with me friend and we heard some guy in a truck yell he was going back to get some green day of course I watched where the truck went and followed, and stood for an hour and got to see em all come out one by one. Mike came out first, he was carrying all this crap, but he put it in his car and came back to talk and sign shit. I got them all to sign my kerplunk cd cover. I got to snap a pic of him, not with him sadly, then he took off. Tre came out and was in a really big hurry, but I got to talk to him for a little, and get his signature. Then billie joe came out and he hung around for a while, he took a pic with me, and he talked to me a lot I was standing there waiting for people to move so I could get him to sign my kerplunk thing and take a picture...he looked and me and was all, "hey, u want a picture?" guessing he notcied my camera, and we took one and we got to talk. It was very rad!!! Then he left and I watched his limo drive away and over the overpass. and that was it, that was my Halloween last year, and dammit it was and will always be the coolest one ever.

Michelle ( with Billie!