Old Green Day News

This is all Past Green Day news from back before Warning came out.(9/28/98- 9/21/00)

9/28-Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne have another baby:
Billie Joe and Adrienne had Jacob Danger Armstrong on September 12,1998. Jacob weighed 8 pounds 5 oz. Joey, their other son is now previously 3 years old.

10/7-Green Day Movie:
I haven't heard very much about the movie lately, I think the last thing i heard about it was that they asked Gwen Steffani to play a part in it. So if anyone hears any other news or anything about it or any other news just E-Mail me.

10/14-Happy 1 year anniversary of Nimrod being out. The alblum is still going stong and thousands, millions have bought it.

11/11-I heard that Green day will atleast be back touring in December because they're playing with rancid and another band on december 13th in California( of course).

11/20-Tre is supposed to be playing in a Jean-Claude Vandame movie.He's going to be a computer nerd who gets...*sniff Sniff* killed!! Dammit!!! Also people say that the Green day movie should be out by the end of next year.Woo-hoo!! And i guess their license for making videos was taken away so the Nice Guys Finish Last video was put on hold.

12/9-HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TRE!!!! It's Tre's 26th birthday!!! I'm so happy for the cutie. He turned the big 2-6 today...ya gotta be proud. I think i'm gonna cry(just a joke). Have fun celebrating!

12/20- Today was Estelle's 2nd Birthday!! If you don't know who she is..she's Mike's daughter! She was born on December 20,1996. Send her a damn card!

1/2- On News Years Eve Green Day was at the New Years Eve Party in New York City on MTV. Billie climbed a pretty high poll when the ball dropped. It was pretty intresting and the girl that Mike kissed is supposedly Adrienne( Billie Joe's wife)...hopefully!

1/16- Green Day lost to Pearl Jam at the American Music Awards on the 9th! Pearl Jam sucks anyway. Also, Nice Guys Finish Last- their new video has been off and on the TRL top 10. But they played it on the avrsity Blues Premeire party. The song Nice Guys Finish Last can be founf on Nimrod and on the Varsity Blues soundtrack.

1/18- Total Request announced that Green Day are starting to work on their 6th alblum. They have canceled all their tour dates that had been announced so they can stop for a while to work on their new alblum. No dates for the new alblum coming out have been decided.

2/17- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE JOE!!!!! Today is Billie's 27th birthday!....He's growin' up..i tell ya! Okay anyways celebrate and send him a birthday card!

3/4- J Offense told me that he heard that Ozzy Osbourne is going on tour and he two other choices for another band to go with him, either Bad Religon or Green Day! But we're not too sure if it's true or whatever but don't take our word on it because they can always decline because they're making their record if it is true!

3/6- If any of you read Circus Magazine you'd know that they often put Green day in there, even though it's always the same picture of Billie Joe everytime they do but they did win a couple things. In the FIRST ANNUAL JERRY AWARDS Green Day is the runner up(2ndplace) for the best band! Korn is the first of course. But they also won for best punk band. They're also number 4 for Nimrod on the Circus Readers Top 20 Alblums. When Nimrod first came out however they were number 1. If you'd like to check out The Circus Magazine site go to Circus Magazine

4/11-This is kind of old news but Billie Joe helps out former Beastie Boys DJ Hurricane with his new alblum. They sing "We Will Rock You", originally done by Queen. The new alblum is due out this July.

4/15-Green Day's song "Espionage" which was originally on the Hitchin' A Ride B-Side will be on the soundtrack to the new Austin Powers movie called "The Spy That Shagged Me".The movie will open in theatres June 11, and the soundtrack will be in stores June 1.

4/24-Green day is nominated for best song for "Nice Guys Finish Last" for the 1999 MTV Music Awards. To vote for them go to:Best Song

5/4- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!! Today is Mike's birthday and you should all write to him or email him and say happy birthday.

5/20- GDIdiot01(Rika) tells me that there is a Jean Claude Van Damn movie coming out on June 1. It's something called "Inferno". I'm not sure if it has Tre in it though because he has such a small part that wouldn't say it on the previews. But we'll just have to go see it to find out!

6/5- MTV News says that Mike and Arion finally made up and are mutual friends again. Mike and some other guy i don't know if it was Arion or whoever met up at a flower shop because the other guy (Arion) was getting flowers for a friend in his old neighbor hood that got shot in the face. Mike signed the card for the kid and everything and i guess they talked it over. To here more on this topic go to the link below.

6/22- On the alblum "Short Music For Short People" Billie Joe does a short song called "The ballad of Wilhelm Fink". People are now starting to think that Billie's real name is Wilhelm Fink. It is very possible but i'm not sure if i believe it. If you want a full MP3 of the song E-Mail me. And also, the lyrics will be put on the Lyrics Page

7/14- My brother told me that Tre was at the X-Games the other night during like the dirt biking part. I was told that he has a really cool looking go-tee or however you spell it. And he's like friends with some of the bikers and stuff i guess. I'm gunna keep watching for re-runs and i'll tell everyone if it really is him but my brother seemed pretty sure about it.

8/17- Hey! There hasn't been very much Green day news lately. Mike started a side band called the Frustrators. The band includes Jason, Art, Terry, and of course Mike.

9/12- Happy 1st birthday to Jacob Armstrong, Billie Joe's 2nd kid.

10/23- The new Green Day alblum is sounding like it should be out in April , May or maybe in the Summer. There has been no release date yet, but they are taking their time.

1/28- Green Day is up for a Grammy award for best instrumental song for their song "Espionage". You can find "Espionage on the b-side Hitchin' A Ride single or the Austin Powers -The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack. They're up against: Jeff Beck-"What Mama Said"- Moby-"Bodyrock"- Santana feat. Eric Clapton- "The Calling"- and Steve Vai-"Windows To The Soul".

2/7- Green Day has joined the warped tour for 2000. I don't know exactly when it is, i'm guessing this summer that's when they usually have it. Two other bands that i know have joined are NOFX and Long Beach Dub Allstars. I'll keep posting more stuff on the warped tour as i get all the information.


3/9- I finally have the Warped Tour dates. Go here: Warped Tour Dates

3/9- Well, I guess Tre got married again. I don't really know to who or all the details about it. I was told that you can find some of the information in the months Rolling Stone. When I get it and find out more, i'll post more.

4/29- Green Day was on the cover of AP(Alternative press) magazine. There's a big arcticle on them and about their alblum and the Warped Tour. In the arcticle they say the new ablum (due in the Fall) is called "Warning", like their new song. Some of the songs on the new alblum are, "Warning","Fashion Victim", "Blood, Sex, and Booze", "Minority", "Deadbeat Holiday", "Macy's Day Parade", and "Untitled". Also, it informs us that Mike is engaged to a waitress. There's alot of good info and pictures. I will be posting everything too.
Alternative Press Magazine

7/6- It's been a while but I have some more news about the songs that will be on the new Green day alblum entitled "Warning". Some other songs are: "Castaway" "Hold On", "Bob's Your Uncle", "Waiting", "Minority"

7/18- I just saw Green Day on MTV on All Access Week. I thought they were going to show something from Warped Tour but they put on some of the show that was on HBO during the Nimrod tour. But anyways, showed them playing like 6 songs, and that's all. I'm going to Warped tomorrow so I'll have some stuff on that when I get back.

7/22- RadicalPunker94@aol.com gave me the information the the official track list for "Warning" was released by Reprise. It is:
Warning, Blood Sex and Booze, Church On Sunday, Fashion Victim, Castaway, Misery, Dead Beat Holiday,Hold On, Jack Ass, Waiting, Minority ,Macy's Day Parade. Also, "Bob's Your Uncle" won't be on the album. The first single "Minority" will be released on August 22nd. And Mike told me the album is coming out on October 3rd, and it's a little different from their old stuff but it should be good.

7/22- I met Green Day again. if you wanna hear the really cool story it's here : My Green Day Experiences

7/28- I actually got this information from my Dad, he said that Green Day's going to be on David Letterman on October 3rd, which happens to be the same day as their album comes out.

9/9- I just got the new album before it was released. I've been listening to it over and over and it's really good. They changed an awful lot but they still rock. But if you liked their more punk stuff you probably won't go for the album too much but i highly recommend it.

9/14- Today on TRL Green Day debuted their video for "Minority". It's an awesome video so to ahve it on TRL more we have to vote for it. Go Here: TRL-Vote For Minroity

9/19- Green Day's song , "Minority" hit the #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Chart. That makes "Minority" the fastest #1 single in Green Day history.

9/21- On October 1st Green Day will be on Modern Rock Live. When and who does Modern Rock Live near you, you'll have to find out.
Also, there is an MTV First Listen premiering on September 29. I'm not sure what time though.