To see old Green Day news from 9/24/98- 9/21/00 go here:Old Green Day News

10/3- Green Day's new album "Warning" came out today. I'm sure everyone got it and loves it! There will be a lot of announcements for shows they will be on and eveyrthing so stay tuned!

10/3- Green Day was on letterman tonight. They played "Minority" but they didn't even talk or anything. It was still good though. I missed them on Howard Stern.

10/4- Tonight Green Day will be playing at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. I did win tickets but I can't get a ride there so I can't go.

10/6- MTV is broadcasting a show called "MTV Presents Green Day Live Without Warning" on October 14 at 10 pm. It was previously recorded in Seattle on October 10th.

10/12- If you have AOL then on the first pop up screen you will notice that Green Day is band of the month of October. There's a bit of information if you go to it. This address may not work for everyone. AOL Band Of The Month

10/25- Green Day is on the latest issue of Guitar World magazine. Well, Billie's on the cover and there's a acticle about them. And a cool poster. Check it out. I will also be sending the pictures of the cover out soon to everyone.

1/24- The video for "Warning" premiered on the 22nd and now we're trying to get it on TRL. Go vote on MTV's web page for it or call TRL and vote as many times as you can!

3/16- Green Day was on MadTV last week, on 10th. I'm not sure if it was a re-run or not but I don't think it was. They played "Warning" and it sounded really good.

3/16- I heard that they're going to be making a video for "Warning". I don't know anything else about what happened with their lawsuit for he song but I'm guessing it ended.

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