The winner of the contest was . She will be getting the Green Day cd called Green Day Live From The 10 Spot.

I left the questions up so you can look at them or whatever because the answers are there.

1. What was the name of Billie Joe’s first recorded single in 1977? Look For Love
2. What does Mike call his daughter Estelle? His Hero
3. How did Billie Joe and Mike meet Tre? They picked him up while he was hitchhiking
4. During the Nimrod tour, during what song does Billie Joe usually take off his pants wearing only a leopard skin thong? King For A Day
5. What’s the name of the good friend of Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre’s that died and Mike wrote a song dedicated to? Jason Andrew Relva
6. What was Green Day’s first single? LOngview(i also accpeted Welcome To Paradise)
7. How does Laurie L. eventually get caught with murdering her parents in the short story in the Kerlpunk booklet? The neighbors dog dragged in her dads collerbone to his owner.
8. How many tattoos does Tre have? One on his ankle
9. What year did Billie Joe and Adrienne get married? 1994
10. Who gave Tre his name Tre Cool? Lawrence Livermore