**Club News**

*** It's been a long time since I've done anything with the page. I deleted all the past club news because that was all point less stuff that I wrote. I'm trying really hard to keep the club going and to fix the page. I need help though. So if anyone wants to help me out a little and if you have experience with Angelfire please E-Mail me.***

** I'm not going to be sending anymore newsletters anymore unless there's big things happening. I have a lot of reasons for it besides just the fact that it takes too much of my time. It's mostly just my problems right now and if anyone has a problem (which I highly doubt) with me stopping this then you can talk to me anytime. But one good thing is that I will keep the page up and updated as much as possible. I know was all excited a month ago because I finally got my act together with it but now things have changed. So count on the page still being up and still count on updates about Green Day from me.**

Email: trebjmyk@aol.com