If you wanna join Nation Of Nimrods(A Green Day Club then answer these questions and then E-mail me!

1.Your name or whatever you wanna be called
2.Your email address that you want me to use for the club
3.How much of a Green Day fan are you?
4.How many other Green Day clubs are you in?
5.Do you like the name of this club?
6.Do you have any other cool names that you think this should be called?
7.Who's your favorite member of Green Day?
8.What's your favorite Green day song?
9.Are you a guy or a girl?
10.Are any of the members of Green Day your idol?
11.Who told you about the club?

If you agree to be in this club you will get... -Updated GREEN DAY newsletters from me about every week
-Contests... with prizes
-And tons more crap in the newsletters!

Email: trebjmyk@aol.com