Green Day's Bio


Mike was born with the name Micheal Pritchard on, May 4,1972.He was born to a herion addict mother who gave him up at birth.He was adopted by a Native American woman and her white husband.They split up when he was 7 and his mom brought home someone new.He met Billie when he was 10(almost 11) and he moved out of his house by age 15.First he lived in his truck then he lived in the back of Billie Joe's house.He then took a job at Rod's Hickory Pit as a chef,where Billlie's mom worked for a long time as a waitress.Mike was in the band Sweet Children(later to become Green Day)with his best friend Billie Joe.He was also in another Berkely,Bay area band called,Crummy Musicians.Mike married his long time girlfriend Anastasia,and they had a daughter named Estelle-Desiree who was born in December 1996.Mike and Anastasia got divorced but they are really good friends and Mike loves Estelle more then anything.He gets too see her all the time and he calls her his hero!(i'll marry his soon enough)


Tre was born Frank Edwin WrightIII.He was born on December 9,1972.He grew up in up in the Macidino Mountains and the closet neighbor was Larry Livermore.He began playing drums with Larry at a really young age.He played for the Lookouts at age 12.Larry wouldn't even let him have cymbals for a while.Tre was given his name by Larry.He later dropped out of school.He got picked up by Bille and Mike while hitchhiking.Then Green Day became...well...Green Day!Tre married his longtime girlfriend Lisea and had a daughter named Ramona in January 1995.They later got a divorce and he's now...SINGLE!!


Billie Joe was born on Febuary 17.1972.He was the youngest of six kids.He never had it easy.His father died of cancer when Billie was just 10,but the goo thing about Billie's life is that his mother got less and less strict with every thats always good.When he was 11 he met Mike Dirnt in the school caferteria,where they disguised song writing.They became best friends.Billie Joe hated school...he thought it was stupid and point less.Billie got his first guitar when he was 11 and he has never let it go.He named it"blue".He says if there's a way to piss him off its to touch blue.He's now married to Adrienne Nesser,since 1994.They have one son named Joseph Marciano Armstrong born in March of 1995.They have another one on the way that's due in September.

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