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I wait with anticipation as my computer loads up...
are you there ... ???

I wait and listen ..
seems like it takes forever to connect....
And I wonder, are you here today?!

AAAHHHH ... up pops the screen
with the list of names!
With a flick of some buttons the messages are sent!

They bring tidings of cheer
and well wishes to share!
Telling news of today
and announcing I care!

Friendship is a precious thing
You hold it in your heart
It keeps you feeling warm inside
Even when you are far apart.

Some say friendship is forever ...
I believe this is so!
Maybe it's a selfish thing
but I never want to let it go!

You mean so much to me.
More than money or gold.
Your friendship is like
the finest treasure...
One I will always hold dear!

So don't ever doubt
How important your friendship is to me...
Because the warmth in my heart is given
not only today,
but tomorrow, as well...
and will go on for forever!


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