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Total Loss Protection


Covers what your automobile Insurance may not cover if your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident.


The payoff on your loan…


The Gap.




If your car is stolen or totaled in an accident or fire, you could have one!


In the event of a total loss, your insurance company is only going to pay what your car is worth.


The actual cash value.


If you owe more on your financed vehicle than the total loss insurance settlement….


You have a Gap!!!!!


Amount owed on vehicle

-         the actual cash value



What can you do?


You now have a way to protect yourself from what could be a financial disaster of several thousand dollars.


If your insurance company or another party’s insurance company’s total loss settlement is not enough to payoff your loan balance, Gap PROTECTION will pay the remaining balance.


Protection that covers your Gap and your DEDUCTIBLE of up to $1,000.




The odds may surprise you!!!


·        A vehicle is totaled every 18 seconds in the United States

·        One in every three Americans will have a total loss of a vehicle at some point in their lifetime

·        A vehicle is stolen every 19 seconds in the United States

·        Over 500 thousand vehicles are stolen and shipped out of the United States each year


Will Insurance cover your loan balance????


·        50% of the time, the insurance total loss settlement will not pay enough to payoff the loan.


Now you can obtain very affordable coverage to eliminate a potential Gap and it covers your DEDUCTIBLE as well.


As your loan officer for more information on how you can cover your Gap.


This protection is not offered as insurance coverage.

Alliance Leasing Corporation has purchased insurance coverage to provide you with this protection.


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