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Why dogs sniff each other. . .

The dogs they had a meeting,
they came from near and far.
Some they came by buses,
and others came by car.

Before each little dog,
was allowed to pass inside and look,
He had to take his butthole off,
and hang it on a hook.

And when they all were seated,
each mother, son and sire,
Some dirty little yellow mutt,
announced and called out, "Fire!"

And when they all were running,
and heading out for home,
Each dog grabbed an butthole off the hook,
and wore it for his own.

And when they all had left,
and headed out the door,
Each dog found it made his butthole a might bit sore,
to wear a butthole he had never worn before.

That is why you'll see a dog,
leave a juicy bone,
to sniff another dogs butthole,
in hopes he'll find his own.