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About me...

Andrew Ward (aka- Ughdenn Splitskull)

This is about me, my interests, hobbies, friends, and my life..... I have devoted other areas of my pages to two very special "persons" in my life, my dogs Moose and Squirt. Be sure to check out their pic's.

I was born on Feb. 22 1981 at Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany Ga. Until I was 2 my family lived in Hawaii. My Father died there when I was two, so we moved back to Ga. I dont really remember my Dad, but I have alot of pict.s of me and him, I was allways smiling so I guess I liked him. From age 2 to 9 I lived in Albany Ga. and went to school at Sherwood Christian Academy. At age 9 my Mother remarried to a great guy named Glen. We moved out to Dawson,(20 min. away from Albany), in a blue house way out in the country. At 9-10 years I started Terrell Academy--WORST ACCIDENT IN HISTORY-- I hated it there, the teachers and students all gave me a hard time. They still do. . .

All my life I have loved animals. Since I was 9 I ventured out into the nearby woods looking for wildlife, especially snakes. I have a great bit of knowledge about snakes now, I want to become a Herpatologist (study of reptiles & amphibians). At one point I had 17 different snakes, mostly grey rat snakes, kingsnakes, red-belly watersnakes, garter snakes, Ball Pythons, ribbon snakes and Coachwhips. I also have had two emperior scorpions and a rose hair tarantula, which an old friend of mine (Daniel Brown) had found in his front yard. Rose hair tarantulas are native to Chile, South America, so I have no clue how it ended up in his yard way up here in Ga. I currently have three horses: Cody, Carrie, and a filly(carrie's). I have a cat,"booger",that I rescued from the side of a dirt road when he was about 2-3 weeks old. I have a wonderful dog named Moose. He's really my best friend (sorry Matt, your second in line to "The Moose") he will be 3 yrs. old this may. There are a set or two of his "glamor shots".

Last year I started going to Randolph Southern School, I love it! Its 10 times better and Terrell Academy!(I would not suggest attending TA, based on personal experience) If you want to know more about me, e-mail me... (Ughdenn Splitskull)

p.s. the name "Ughdenn Splitskull" is my Dungeons and Dragons character name... I am usually a Half-elf, Chaotic good, male, Fighter/Mage/Theif. (I like multi classes)

p.p.s. The role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons has nothing what-so-ever to do with demons, satan, evil, ect.

taken 3/27/99