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Harsea Seabolt line

Solomon Seabolt b.1803 married Catherine Flowers on June 10,1824 in NC


John Westley Seabolt, Henry W. Seabolt, Jame H. Seabolt, Martha A.Seabolt, Francis L. Seabolt, Jackson (Andrew) S. Seabolt, Pernissia Seabolt, Wilson C. Seabolt, Elijah Seabolt, Elisha Seabolt, Thomas G. Seabolt, Mary A.J. Seabolt

Information submitted by Terri Kimmins,

Solomon Seabolt b.1803 m. Catherine Flowers


John Wesley Seabolt b.1827 GA, Henry W. Seabolt b.1832 Ga, Francis Lafayette Seabolt b.1832 Ga, James Harrison Seabolt b.1836 GA, Martha A. Seabolt b.1838 GA, Andrew Jackson Seabolt b.1842 Ga, Pernissa E. Seabolt b.1844/46, Wilson C. Seabolt b.1846 GA, Elijah H. Seabolt b.1849 GA, Elisha Seabolt b.1849 GA(twin to Elijah), Thomas George Seabolt b.1850, Mary A.J. Seabolt b. 1853/54 GA

Francis Lafayette Seabolt b.1832 m. Mary Elizabeth Lunsford


Mathew Lafayette Seabolt b.1864 GA, David Solomon Seabolt b.1866 GA, Joseph C. Seabolt b. 1870 GA, Robert Lee Seabolt b. 1871 GA, Francis Catherine b. 1872 GA, Elizabeth L. Seabolt b. 1874 GA, Martha b. 1876 GA

David Solomon Seabolt b. 1866 Ga m.(1st) Edith Louise(Lovie) Gilreath


James Francis Seabolt b. 1888 GA, Rebecca Noma Seabolt b. 1890 GA, David Oscar(Ross) Seabolt b. 1892 GA, Dovie Elizabeth Seabolt b. 1894 GA, Robert Ernest Seabolt b. 1896 GA, Ona Fannie Irene Seabolt b. 1898 Ga, Walter Herbert Seabolt b. 1900, Cleo Pauline b.Nov 1902

David Solomon Seabolt b. 1866 GA m(2nd) Dora Alice Passmore


Leolar Mae Seabolt b. 1903 GA, Fred Mathew Seabolt b. 1905 GA, Della May Seabolt b. 1906 GA, Rufus Leonard Seabolt b.1908 GA, Willie Edward Seabolt b. 1908 GA, Joisy Velma Seabolt b. 1911 GA, Jessie Lillian Seabolt b. 1913 GA, Lottie Muriel Seabolt b. 1915 GA, Lester Solomon Seabolt b. 1917 GA, Grady Earl Seabolt b. 1919 GA, Gracie V. Seabolt(twin to Grady) b. 1919 GA, Dreyfus McDonald Seabolt b. 1921 GA, Lena Virginia Seabolt b. 1922 GA

Dovie Elizabeth Seabolt b. 1894 m.Tom Kimmons


Dorthy Lee Kimmons, Troy Lee Kimmons, Chester Lee Kimmons, LLoyd Kimmons, Orvill William Kimmons, Leroy Kimmons, J.P. b. 1923 OK Willie Ervin(Billy) Kimmons

J.P. Kimmons b.1923 m. Helen Kathleen Gustin


Jimmie Paul Kimmons, Teri L. Kimmons(Me,KAUFFf)

Information supplied by Mary V. Park

Seabolt Misc. Information


William Seabolt m. Elizabeth Baker, March 6, 1828, Washington Co Tn

Delitha Seabolt m. Francis Clark, Feb 16, 1826,

Washington Co Tn

From the records of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Lehigh Co

Pa. 1750-1764:

Magdalena widow of Sebold m. Jacob Weber, April 5, 1753. Vol 1., Pa Vital Records

Jennet Sibbald marriage license to Dominick Joyce, June 21, 1776, Vol 11, Pa Vital Records

Elisabeth b. March 29, 1816, Union TWP,Union County Pa, born to Christophel Sebold and Maria (daughter of Abraham Alfer and Magdalena) Baptised July 28, 1816.

Johannes Sebold and Catharina Lachmund, August 21, 1790, Reformed Church, Falkner Swamp, Montgomery Co, Pa(from "PA Marriages Prior to 1810")

David Seebald and Elizabeth Weichel, June 30, 1771, Lutheran Church, New Hanover, Montgomery Co, Pa

Heinrich Sebalt and Dorothea Mueller, February 26, 1776, German Reformed Church at Philadelphia

Mattheus Seybold and Maria Bonn, April 1/12, 1742, Moravian Church, Bethleham, Pa

John Seabolt and Susanna Horne, August 3, 1794, St. James P.E.(Episcopal) Church, Parkiomen, Montgomery Co, Pa

John M. Seabolt m. Elizabeth Peak, Lic: June 19, 1844 by J.S.Train, J.P.; sol. June 25, 1844, Union co, Ga(Entry #164)

Nancy E. Woody m. Albert Davis, Oct 13, 1850 Union Co Ga

Martha A. Seabolt m. Alexander Teague, Issued March 22, 1852; Sol. March 23, 1852, Union Co Ga #170

Henry W. Seabolt m. Mary Teague, July 21, 1853 (#200)

Harriett Seabolt m. Wm. Martin Nov 29, 1854(#213)

James Seabolt m. Sarah Curtis Nov 25, 1855(#235)

Lizabeth Seabolt m. David Lunsford, May 18, 1861; Sol; May 19,


Mary Seabolt m. James Grezzell May 1, 1887(#47)

Solomon Seabolt m. Louisa Gilreath Jan. 12, 1888(#64)

Andrew J. Seabolt m. Mollie Standridge Jan. 8,188 (#68)

Madison Seabolt m. Millie Garrett Feb 23, 1888 (#68)

Rodie Seabolt m. Henry Watkins Nov. 13, 1899

John Seabolt m. Ira Jones Sept 28, 1899(#84)

J.C. Seabolt m. Rebecca Gilreath May 12, 1901(#124)

John Seabolt m. Ashtine Self Nov 4, 1903(#207)

George W. Seabolt m. Lou Cain Nov 29,1904

J.A. Seabolt m. Fannie Burnett Feb 12, 1904

Joseph Flowers m. Elizabeth Herman, Feb 18, 1830, Lincoln Co NC

Lewis Flowers m. Harriet Long, June 26, 1833, Lincoln Co NC

Elizabeth S. Flowers m. Joseph Akins Oct 12, 1851, Union Co Ga

Thomas Seabolt m. Nancy Heaton March 28, 1869,Lumpkin Co Ga

William R. Smith m. Jane Seabolt March 18, 1883

G.H. Adams m. M.A. Seabolt April 30,1885

Melinda Seabolt m. William Carroll Hudson abt 1837, Newton Co Ark.(Malinda was born April 11, 1817, Newton Co, Jasper, Ark. to James M. Seabolt and Martha )

From the Hertiage of Union Co Ga submitter by Jamesa D. Nelson, Compiled by Patricia Everett


A.J. Everett(9/11/1871 UC-10/4/1938) married Sarah Talitha

Seabolt(6/8/1876UC-3/2/1956) the daughter of Eliga(1849- -) and Ackie


Their children were

Albert (b.9/15/1893

Vesty J.(b.10/3/1895

Thomas E.(b.5/30/1897





Ervin(b.5/18/1906 Married Hattie A. Satterfield

children: MacArthur Everett

Erveline Everett


Loui Mae(b.1/22/1908

Hightower(b.8/12/1910 married Nora Lee Nelson

children: John Everett(twin)

Bob Everett(twin)

Betty Jo Everett married

Edmond Fortenbery

David Everett

Tina Everett

Ira Lee Everett


Willie(2/5/1915 married Dewey Roach(b.8/24/1924

children: Jimmy Roach

unknown child


Dimple(1/16/1919( married Gerald Nelson, Sr.(b.12/1919--9/27/1979

children:1. Gerald Nelson,Jr. married (1) Linda Owenby(b.12/16/1948

children:Tammy Nelson(b.6/14/1967

married Johnny Cook

child:Josh Cook

Kevin Nelson(4/29/1972

married Jemesa Dobbs

child: Dylen Nelson b.8/13/1993

Gerald is now married to Brenda George

2.Linda Nelson(b.1/2/1949

married Dale Kinnersley

children:Timmy Kinnersley(11/29/1967)

Nancy Kinnersley(b.3/7/1975)

3.Ronnie(9/1/1951) married Arllene Garrett.

4.Debbie(b.8/7/1955) married Rex Owenby

5.Jerri(b.4/22/1941) married Charles Rogers(b.5/29/1931)

children:Cindy Rogers(1/6/1963)


Information supplied by Elaine Garrett

Albert Garrett b. April 6,1846 married 1871 Mary(A.J.)Adline Josephine Seabolt b. 1853


Theadocia Garrett b.May 30, 1860 d. 1862

David Grant Garrett b.Oct 4, 1872

James Lewis Garrett b.1875 Feb 16,1949

Henry Gordon Garrett b. 1880 d. 1897

Jud Stevens Garrett b.1881

Marshall Newton Garrett b.1882 d.1902

James Lewis Garrett 1875-1949 married Nelia Allen b. 1883 d. 1947


Arthur Dewey Garrett b. 1900 d. 1976 married Bertie Mae Cruce b. 1898 d. 1987

Jewel Garrett b.1904 d. 1904

Ruby Faye Garrett b.1913 d.Jan 8,1999 married Clarance Simmions

Winburn Garrett b.1917 d. 1943 married Newell Simmions

France Garrett b.1920 married Earnest Giles

Arthur Dewey Garrett and Bertie Mae Cruce


James Lee Garrett b. 1919 d.1992

Jessie Jewell Garrett b. 1922

Harold Dean Garrett b. 1924

Arthur Duane Garrett b.1928

Betty Colleen Garrett b. 1930

Billy Larried Garrett b. 1935

Donald Micheal Garrett b.1937

Francie Carloyn Garrett b.1939

Donald M. Garrett married 1)Jimmie Sue Fagan


Micheal Donald Garrett

James Richard Garrett

Donna Sue Garrett

Bobby Lynn Garrett b. 1960 married Deborah Elaine Beck (me Laine35) b. 1961

Donald M. Garrett married 2) Estal ??


Melissa Garrett

Kim Garrett

Daryl Garrett

INformation by Mavis Gailey


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