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Simple Operating System Robot Library Database System
The purpose of this program is to 

model the interrupt hardware of a 

machine and a very simple operating 

system.  With this machine and 

Operating System, we will simulate 

the execution of a single user program. A robot is a software program that is 

used in search engines. When given 

a specific HTML document as an input, 

the robot retreives it, indexes it and 

stores it in a database for future 

This software package provides for 

authenticating remote users against an

LDAP server and enabling them to

access resources on on-line electronic 

journals, and databases that are run by 

database vendors.

This package was developed in C++ 

and ASP. 

The system is currently in use by the
Binary Search Tree
University of Oklahoma Libraries.
This program implements a binary 

search tree using arrays. The operations 

available are add, remove, global 

rebalance etc.
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Search Engine
Search engine is a tool for locating 

information on the Internet.

A basic search engine consists of two

parts, a Robot part/program and a 

Search part/program. The Search

engine takes as an input the

information the user is looking for and 

returns the result of the search as

its output.
Linked List Data Structure
This is an implementation of a Linked 

List Data Structure using arrays. 

Linked list is a collection of nodes with 

certain properties and operations like 

addition, removal etc., being 

performed on them.
Matrix is a simple mathematical structure 

with its elements ordered in rows and 

columns. It is also widely used in Computer 

Science for storing of and performing 

different operations over a set of data. 

The following program constructs a matrix 

with a finite set of operations over its 

Simple C++ program
Thisis a simple program performing a 

limited number of arithmetic operations 

on a set interval of data. 

Operations include addition, subtraction,