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Screen Shots

Game Specs
Release Date 9/9/99
Platform Dreamcast
Memory Blocks One
Players 1 or 2
Controllers Dual Shok™ or   Analog Controller

Game Features

Mortal Kombat Gold is the final port of MK4, slated for release on SEGA Dreamcast.

  • As stated by Ed Boon himself, Mortal Kombat Gold will deliver the exact same graphic quality as the arcade version of MK4. With more than 3000 polygons and running at a full 60 frames per second, Mortal Kombat Gold will look and feel like no other MK home game.

  • In Mortal Kombat Gold you can choose from all the characters from MK4 plus a plethora of old favorites from MK2 and MK3. Also, some of the familiar backgrounds from MK2 and MK3 will make their apperance in a full 3D glory.

  • Mortal Kombat Gold will be released on 9/9/99, along with the release of the next generation SEGA system SegaDreamcast in the United States.

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